Economists do not recommend office workers stock analysis: What is the office worker stocks?

At a program on August 10, such as the Dean of the Financial Research Institute, Qingyou said that it is not recommended to buy stocks in office workers.

经济学家不建议上班族炒股 分析:上班族炒股为啥难赚钱?

It clearly said: \”I can tell you very responsibly, (in stock market), you are really hard to make money. More people need to put the first as soon as possible Barrel gold accumulates enough, there are more, richer expertise, then use your first bucket of gold to brush your future investable assets, use the leverage, use a moderate lever to achieve our wealth value added And rapidly rolling the snowball \”

From the recent market situation, the words of the Qing Friends are not empty.

At the past July, A-share interpretation of structural market, and many people have great differences. Especially the \”Double Reduction\” policy released the sale of market panic, and the A-share market has also adjusted after the market is adjusted. Throughout the July, the Shanghai Index opened from 3600.55 points from the beginning of the month to the end of the month, and the monthly decline was 5.40%, the monthly oscillation exceeded 8%.

The stock market fluctuation rate is significantly enlarged, and the three major stock indexes are distinctive. As of the end of July, the GEM has a increase of 15.98%, and the Kongchuang 50 rose 14.22%, while the Shanghai Composite Index fell 2.18%, and the Shanghai and Shenzhen 300 decreased by 7.68%, and the big fell 400 points. The industry is also the case, with new energy vehicles, semiconductors, non-ferrous metals, and CXO, the total A-share increase is only -2.76%.

In the previous statistics, the data of the stockholders in the first half of this year also showed that 30% of stock market investors recorded losses in June, that is, they can easily defeat 3 wells. . This also once again verified the words of the old life – the market is risky, and it needs to be cautious in entering the market.

Office worker stocks can also make money

Another expert believes that the office worker stocks are difficult to make a lot of difficult to keep up with the market rhythm, short-term hype is lacking, but the office workers will not make money through stocks, follow The big industry sector and the performance of the glory are still a certain amount.

经济学家不建议上班族炒股 分析:上班族炒股为啥难赚钱? In the composition of the retail investor, in addition to a small portion of professional investors, most investors are office workers, they are difficult in the trading period. It is also difficult to pay attention to the stock market, and the short-term buy and selling points are also difficult to grasp. Investors cannot get listed company burst information and new news from the investor interactive platform in the previous time. Therefore, the office worker will always slowly take a step in the process of stocks, and the most important means of small and medium-sized investors against institutional investors is that the ship is good. So the slower is very disadvantageous for short-term traders, which is also an important reason for the factory stocks.

In addition, the office workers have no sufficient time to supplement investment knowledge. Professional investors’ everyday work is to study listed companies, study stock market trend, but go to work.The family has their own daily work to do, it is very tired after get off work, some people have to overtoc to work every day, for them, it is difficult for them to make people to learn stock new knowledge when the body is exhausted, so these The office worker did not have time to study the stock option, and I don’t know if the transaction rules of stock index futures are even more unclear. How is it too expensive, and how is it a reasonable investment value.

In this regard, there is no time to charge the disadvantages caused by the investors to the investors. Although the convenience of the first time trading is lost, investors can trend on the market. After more in-depth judgment, it will be traded again. For example, investors can study the next-day trading strategy in the evening, and then delegate a limited price during the day or in advance, so that it can do two incorrectly, but the key is the rational judgment of the evening and constant Knowledge supplement.

In fact, the rhythm of the rotation between the A-share sectors is now faster and faster, and it has also increased a lot of difficulties to the office workers. Most of the office workers can only look at the market, and the hotspots that may be discovered are military workers, and therefore, I bought a standard, but it may be converted to solar or other sectors in the market, so the office of the office is really Difficulty.

What should I pay attention to when the office worker stocks need? The first is to abandon the short-term transaction, enter a relatively long-term band transaction, then choose the national industrial policy, have a certain investment value, the stock price is not high, etc., the stock price is obviously exceeding reasonable value At the time, the top feature, when the stock price is in line with the head characteristics, the time preparation stage is waiting to go out of the high-level large yin or star, such as selling the signal, so the office worker can still have a certain amount.

But this mode of operation is relatively lonely, and the homework that the office worker needs to be outside the stock market, many investors are difficult to do. In the past, some people have said that stock markets are not as good as stocks, and they are not as good as Tibetan stocks.

Source: Securities Star, Beijing Business Daily

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