Employed military control review, buy ratings, \”secret unconduct\” film and television hidden rules were exposed

The TV drama has not yet been broadcast, there is a five-star praise. The female starring has no debut, and there is a question of its acting. A drama income is more than 90 million to buy a ratio … Recently, related \”water\” The Army Controlled Remarks, the ratings of ratings and falsification reports have triggered a broad discussion in the network. These have always been questioned in the public vision, the objectivity and ratings of the platform. Nandu reporters noted that the relevant departments have issued multi-regulations for the provision of compassion, ratings, ratings.

收 视 造, 造 评 评 争 争 争 争 争 今天 今天 今天 今天 今天 今天 今天 今天 今天 今天 今天 今天 今天 今天 今天 今天 今天 今天 今天 今天 今天 今天 今天 今天 今天 今天 今天 今天 今天 今天 今天 今天 今天 今天 今天 今天 今天 今天 今天 今天 今天 今天 今天 今天 今天 今天 今天 今天 今天 今天 今天 今天, Trigger attention.

According to the rule of law, Li Xuezheng, the director and total issuer of the \”People’s Name\”, said that a TV series he participated in investment was broadcast in Satellite TV in April this year. This drama sold 1 Ten million, but spent 90 million yuan to buy ratings. \”All the money is full of flowers.\” Li Xuezheng pointed out that \”more than 90% of the TV dramas have the case of buying ratings, the ratio fraud is a big toxum in the film industry.\”

At yesterday (December 14), CCTV survey exposed the hidden rules of the film and television drama \”Water Army\” control, pointing out that the two film and television dramas have emerged in the absurdity of prior review.

On December 1st, the official online time of a costume drama was nearly an hour later than the original \”official Xuan\” time. However, in a short-term score area of \u200b\u200ba well-known score platform, there is a large number of scores in the original online time concentration, these short comments present a star and five-star two-polarized state. In a suspense web drama in the first broadcast on December 5, the first two episodes of the female starring have not yet debuted, and the online social platform has emerged on time, and the argumentation and one star comment on the truth.


The news is a hot discussion. Some netizens pointed out that CCTV exposure \”a well-known score platform\” is Douban, and the two dramas that were previously reviewed by the water army are \”the wind Luoyang \”And\” Who is the murderer \”.

Currently, # 图片 未 剧 未 评 # # # 则 则 则 话 话 话 量 量 量 量 读 读 读 量 量 量 量 量 量 量 量 量 量 量 量 量 量 量 量 量 量 量 量 量 量 量 量Netizens have been unreasonable, and there is a high praise of comments.

雇水军控评、买收视率,“秘而不宣”的影视界潜规则被曝光 The incident also caused attention to the Shanghai Consumer Protection Committee, and pointed out the phenomenon of \”Water Army\” to the film and television drama brush, led to the user to see the score to pit.

On the evening of December 14th, the two episodes of \”Who are the murderers\” \”Who is the murderer\”, @ 瓣 电影 will respond to its official Weibo, And give the score and short in the entry of December 1st, \”Windlings Luoyang\”The relevant monitoring data of the evaluation content. 雇水军控评、买收视率,“秘而不宣”的影视界潜规则被曝光

Douban monitors the score data of \”Style Luoyang\” on December 1. 雇水军控评、买收视率,“秘而不宣”的影视界潜规则被曝光

Douban monitors the score data of \”Style Luoyang\” on December 1. 雇水军控评、买收视率,“秘而不宣”的影视界潜规则被曝光

Douban movie response, targeting the increasingly evolving water army attack and simulating real user using mode to try the behavior of the score, the algorithm of the Douban background, the identification process, the \”non-normal score\”, \”non-normal Users’ strategy has been updated and evolved in real time to ensure the normal score. Douban business has never, there will be no cooperation related to the score.

The credibility of the ratings is questioned. The Radio, Television State Administration will rectify 雇水军控评、买收视率,“秘而不宣”的影视界潜规则被曝光

In the film and television industry, the ratings of ratings seem to be a secret \”hidden rule\”. Guo Jingyu, in September 2018, said that he directed the film and television drama \”Niangdao\” who did not want to spend money by the TV station, while the cost was as high as 72 million. As a result, the credibility of the ratings is widely questioned.

In order to rectify the odds of ratings, the State Radio and Television Administration has played a \”combined punch\” from 2019. At the end of 2019, the National Radio and Television General Council’s programs were comprehensively evaluated, and the massive data collection model, with \”all network, all-mode, big data, cloud computing\” features, and more applicable to the current TV program viewing method, New trend of diversification.

雇水军控评、买收视率,“秘而不宣”的影视界潜规则被曝光 In April 2020, the State Radio and Television Administration issued the \”Statistical Management Regulations on Radio and Television Industry\”, emphasizing that the competent department of radio and television should rely on large data statistics system, coordinating the auditivity (click rate) statistics work, Data collection, release supervision. Any agency and individual may not interfere, destroy the statistics of the audio-visual listening rate (click rate) of the radio and television authorities, and must not create false ratings listening rates (click rate).

Controlled evaluation behavior or suspected of violating anti-unfair competition law, illegal business crimes

In addition to fake, TV drama evaluation, the vicinity of the TV drama has been sick. The CCTV reporter found that a \”Water Army\” sent a single group of people to issue information about the recruitment of part-time brushing. Industry insiders pointed out that the price of a 1 yuan or even a few corners can attract a large number of \”Water Army\” to control the accumulation, and this has broken the basic rules of \”first look\”.

In February this year, some netizens in the official website of the National Market Supervision Administration: \”Whether TV drama control review is legal, only leave a good evaluation, completely regardless of facts, send some objective evaluation of the barrage It will be deleted for a long time. \”In this regard, the relevant departments represented that\” control reviews \”is suspected of violating the anti-unfair competition law. It is recommended to submit adequate evidence materials to report to market supervision and management departments of the county-level market supervision and management departments suspected of violations of laws.

For questions suspected of violating anti-unfair competition law, Zhu Wei, deputy professor, deputy professor, is explained in the interview with CCTV, and the \”Water Army\” control has affected the rights of operators, another one Attention is the legal right of consumers. So, for the control review, consumers’ legal rights are shown in the perspective of the interest and free evaluation of the right to evaluate, so from these two perspectives are the \”anti-unfair competition law\”.

雇水军控评、买收视率,“秘而不宣”的影视界潜规则被曝光 Zhu Wei also pointed out that in the process of control evaluation, these \”Water Army\” They are engaged in some illegal business things, and the surface looks at him to infringe the normal dissemination order, market management order, serious words. He may involve a criminal law special crime called illegal business, may also have criminal law to regulate.

There are currently many regulations to regulate \”brush control review\”

In recent years, the National Internet Information Office has issued a number of regulations, and the network \”Water Army\” has been controlled. The behavior is regulated. In February this year, the Nets Office launched a special action of the \”Qinglan Spring Festival Network Environment\”, one of which is the focus of rectifying brush control evaluation behavior.

In August 2017, the Nets Office issued the \”Regulations on the Administration of Internet Filsen Review Service Management\”, which requested the website to implement the real name system, and may not provide the non-certified real identity information to provide a post comment service. . The third is to establish a first-review system. Require the website to be a good time to comment on the post, maintain a good ecology, strengthen the barrage management, and prevent illegal violations in the barrage.

The \”Regulations on Ecological Governance of Network Information Content\” in March 2020 clearly, network information content service users are civilized interaction, rationality when participating in network activities in posts, reply, message, and barrage. Expressible, no illegal information is issued. Network Information Content Service Platform, should focus on establishing and improving user registration, account management, information release review, follow-up review, layout page ecological management, real-time inspection, emergency disposal and network rumors, black industry chain information disposal, etc. System.

In January 2021, the issuance of the \”Internet User Public Account Information Service Management Regulations\” is implemented, and the 12th statement, the public account information service platform should establish a public account monitoring and evaluation mechanism to prevent account subscriptions, users Concerns, content click rate, forwarding matters such as reviews. Public account production operators must not manipulate multiple platform accounts, batch to issue minimal information content, generate false traffic data, and manufacture false public opinion hotspots.

Nandu reporters noted that these of the Nets Office have highlighted the management responsibility of the \”Water Army\” control review, requiring platform to do content \”to close\”, information review, monitoring and other work .

In this regard, Zhu Wei also said in an interview with CCTV.What is the \”Water Army\” evaluation, which is the freedom of the people, which is an insulting, the evaluation of words with defamation, and for the platform, it is possible to achieve the resolution effect.Many small, \”Water Army\”, there is a credit joint punishment. He has a violation, and the permissions of the speeches should be reduced, and even more stringent, such as the title.\”

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