Enough enough \”multiple hands\”, Gu Jia, earning money, no mistake, Wuli journey selection which is better?

For different use scenarios, cars have different uses, which can be a good helper for home travel, or a good partner that is a business. For example, the journey is a \”multi-faceted hand\” that Wuling Milley to our creation can make money. If you come back, the Wuli journey is worth not worth it. Or which model is more worthy? Today, let’s talk.


Wuli journey currently has a total of 4 models for sale, and the price range is 7.58-9.08 million. Among them, in addition to 2 cars, the remaining 3 models are standard, and 8,9 are also supported. In the case of choosing, it is also relatively rich. Next, the author will picked up the product for you to simply explain the product forces of the Wuxi journey. At the same time, see which models are more worthy of starting. Which of your journey? .

够大够便宜的“多面手”,顾家、挣钱两不误,五菱征程选哪款好? (2 seat windows vehicles)

First, let’s 2 The winding car is obvious that this is a \”tool car\” created for freight and transportation industries. In terms of size, the longity height is 5150/1840 / 1910mm, and the wheelbase is 3180mm, only the main, coiled seat, and the remaining space in the car is created as a container, and is separated from the caching. According to the official statement, the cargo container of 2 windows is 4882L, and the overall volume exceeds 5000L. Obviously, the 2-seat cars of the journey are more suitable for logistics transportation, such as running label, drip freight and others. 够大够便宜的“多面手”,顾家、挣钱两不误,五菱征程选哪款好?


Secondly, we will turn your eyes to another three models, you can find that they are specially created for travel. Household car. Among them, the seven version of the 7-seat version of the manual luxury operand is a separate layout, and the manual comfortable second album is one-piece seat design. As far as 7 version is concerned, the individual feels more manual and comfortable, more suitable for running \”passenger\”, because its side channel is wider, convenient for the third row of passengers to get off and get off, the most critical price is the lowest, conducive to control costs .


(9 luxury)

Of course, If you really want to run \”passenger\” between town and counties, I personally recommend the 9 version. After all, I can carry more than two people, so it is faster; for general business reception, 7 manual luxury In order to meet the needs, the imitation leather seat + rear row independent layout is not only high, and the comfort can be guaranteed. Even if it is used to be home, the manual luxury can meet most of the family travel.

够大够便宜的“多面手”,顾家、挣钱两不误,五菱征程选哪款好? (Deluxe type)

Configuration, on the main / passive security configuration, two comfortable models have the main airbags, and the luxury two models have the main, one-passenger seat airbag. In addition, the journey is standardized with ABS anti-lock, EBD braking force distribution, and luxury operators also have EBA brake assist, ASR traction control, ESP body stability control, etc .; auxiliary / control configuration, the journey is standard after Parking radar, and luxury two models are also equipped with reversing images, fixed-speed cruise and other functions, and excellent quality. 够大够便宜的“多面手”,顾家、挣钱两不误,五菱征程选哪款好? (Deluxe)


够大够便宜的“多面手”,顾家、挣钱两不误,五菱征程选哪款好? Two luxury models have a multi-function steering wheel, a centralized large screen, and also equipped with cortical seats, and the back row is even equipped with independent air conditioning, and two comfort models are fabric seat + radio. It can be seen that the two configurations are more powerful, and the luxury two configurations pay more attention to the experience.

As in terms of power, the individual believes that the Wuling journey is still very good at this point, the whole standard of the car is 1.5T turbocharged engine, the maximum power is 108KW, the equation of the horsepower is about 147 ps, the maximum torque is 250N · m, and there is a 6-speed manual transmission. For the power configuration, the journey is a relatively thick road in the same level, after all, there are mostly self-suction power. In contrast, the process of the journey is stronger, the ramp starts, and the acceleration is also easier.


Generally, Wuling Journey has a distinctive character, but what is more worthy? I think it should be seen in different demand points. For example, if you want to run logistics transport or lam, it is recommended to choose 2 windows cars; and the general manned, running the site, and is a practical manual comfort. Comparison; if you want home yourself, business reception, this manual luxury with separate seat is sufficient; if you want to run intercity passenger transport, or town county passenger car transport, that luxury operator can be referred to.

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