Entrepreneurial class sharing, don’t stupid, try to work for some street snacks to make money projects.

Entrepreneurship classroom sharing, don’t quit others to work on some street snacks to make money project

Has anyone thinks that she works outside for so many years, has always been puddled, I believe many people think about Do something yourself, but I don’t know what to do. Have you found that young people have more and more like street, and these snacks are very delicious, which makes people don’t think! Entrepreneurs also turn their attention to the street snacks, then what snacks can be low-priced? Today, give us several street snack items to see if there is any suitable to operate.

1. Grilled potato

创业课堂分享别再傻乎乎替别人打工分析几个街边小吃赚钱项目 Have you ever eaten such wild flavor? The roasted potato is a lot of soil, but at present, this type of Chinese pizza is rare, but the roast potato has a wind, almost all the gnap potatoes in every snack street, the price is not expensive, it looks Very attractive, smelling, eat more fragrant, deeply affected by young people, this money, I want to know, the potato is cheaper, you can’t imagine, then skew strings, fire roasted, It’s so simple, profitable is very considerable.


The ability to bake the cold surface itself is not high, the raw materials are also purchased by the ordinary vegetable market. This money is also very low. When we do a snack sale, you must choose a place where people are large, and they are not poor than those of the subway station, the bus stop, and the school entrance.

The profit of the cold surface is still very high, cold noodles 3 packs * 10 sheets of money 10 yuan, each cost is 0.33 yuan, egg 4.3 yuan a pound, an egg is about 0.4, plus spices, onions , Oil, add N more water, honeycomb coal, the capital is 1 yuan / part. However, the price is 5 yuan, and it is worth 4 yuan per net in an environmentally friendly environment. Sell \u200b\u200ba few hundred days a day, is not very simple in the month, and work harder than you.


odor bean humiliation ground outside the road, tender, flavor, is a well-known taste of Hunan Changsha. At present, there is also a place where people are from various cities, street lanes, school entrances and other people, can be said to have a very large group of audiences, and the cuisine of men and women, have a very large market, just need to choose Location, appropriate publicity, grasp of food taste, etc.

odor tofu entry door: about 2500 yuan (including learning skill costs), A, equipment (stalls are different from the store, depending on the environment, iron pot, barrel, sanitary tableware, various pieces of seasonings, etc. : 500-1000 yuan; B, rent: 400-800 (depending on the environment); C, turnover funds: 800 yuan. The choice of address is preferably in the school around the school, entertainment venues, vegetable markets, supermarkets, trade districts.

The tofu is very good, but it is also average, but it is only possible to support the family, and finally, how to do it.


Octopus small meatballs are also called small boat chapters, because of a small boat, there is a large exotic flavor, has begun to be popular.But it is still very popular.

After reading these street snack projects, are you drooling?These are very common, in this eating society, as long as you do the delicious food, you are not afraid not to sell.Let us know, let’s start business, don’t see some small projects, I feel that the profit is not high, I can’t see this business, I think you are really wrong, I’m going to sell, such a profile, this analysis,Selling is not imagined, so doing anything, you have to work hard.

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