Extra creation of computer installed

Since the working computer industry from October 1, 2007, the computer industry has experienced too much change. From the end of 2012, they will leave the computer industry into the catering industry. If there is any mobile phone maintenance industry, I have been insisting.

From that era, technicians who engage in computer installations have known another way of increasing income except for salary, it is to install their own exclusive promotion software. After the customer uses it for a while, we will produce income, From the previous average one or two to the current five or two, if you install a lot of systems, this will bring a lot of benefits to you. Today, we will focus on the common two-in-sales benefits. software!

The main benefits come from 2010 to 2012

电脑装机的额外创收方式 First: 2345 Ace Alliance, the common decompression, view software, office software, Browser, computer housekeeper, etc. have income software, all of which have 6.9 yuan

, 360 rich alliances, software types are basically similar, all of the benefits are probably about 5 yuan!

I have been using the first paragraph. This is very friendly for people who can install different computers. Yes, I share this money, because you can help with my link. I have finished the task get rewards, the code words are not easy, I hope I am interested in the link to sharing the link!

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