Fantasy Westward Journey: Novice investment 5000 play dreams, spend 15 hours a day, how much is the monthly income?

For other online games, Fantasy Westward Journey is not only a hottest combo online game, but also a very valued game. Whether it is the game character or equipment, their value is quite high, and there will be no big fluctuations in the short term. In addition to equipment props, players can also make money from the game, hard work, monthly income is not more than moving the film. But as a no-lifted newbie, just in contact with the game, it will invest 5,000 yuan and spend 15 hours a day, how much can the month income?


The player has always been moving in a hand tour, now inadvertently touching the dream of dreams, so I plan to put a little money in my dream. Tile inside. His plan is like this, the budget is only 5,000 yuan, get up at 6 o’clock in the morning, start to play at 12 o’clock at 7 o’clock, a total of 5 hours, one hour at noon, start playing at night 22, point 10 hours, then one hour After dinner, take a break, sleep at 24 o’clock in the evening, and plan for 15 hours a day. How much can you earn a month?

梦幻西游:新手投资5000玩梦幻,每天花费15小时,月收入有多少? If the investment is only 5,000 pieces, the 150-level Datang took a tapping baby to play, the cost is about hundreds, getting 2 The one is playing, and then the five opens to practice the business. Manual run 1 dollar 1 vote, single open Treasure map, 5 open business, 5 open business a day, 20 votes, a total of 100 votes is 100 pieces, playing the 2 card full of dozens of pieces.

If the number of the number of the number of people can not be 2000, the help of the runner does not cost, and the number of others will not be blocked, 10 hours a day, 150 pieces should be easier. The problem is that there is no big name is not good to run, and if you pick up from the second trafficker, a few fur money, the cost performance is low. You can also get a Dragon Palace D5 to practice your baby to level 30. Of course, 5000 groups can also buy a group of garbage 109 five open, only grasp the ghost or challenge the ring task, slowly. The loss is definitely no loss, but the income is slow.

Runner does not need, don’t use it, it is basically a pure leg, the empty number can be done from a gang task. If there is no large guarantee, it may not be better. 109 Refugee Five Opening is to do the task selling game currency while upgrading his own number, the light selling game coins can be 1000-2000, and the number will be stronger, and you can earn some money.

梦幻西游:新手投资5000玩梦幻,每天花费15小时,月收入有多少? If you really want to play five open, it is recommended to play 109 five open without bottom caves. It is best to buy a number of life skills, physical energy can go back to card. The pasture also has to have a nowest, so that this can improve the money, don’t expect a month, don’t do it. .

Of course, because the budget is too low, this budget should not be selected. The proportion of the old district is basically more than 10,000. What is the number of one thousand numbers, and the most is 109, and it is not a baby equipment, and the efficiency is also slow. Directly rushing a set of new districts five open, in the early stage, two or three are built in the old district, pay tuition fees, zero level began to run red dust, and there is an ordinary copy of the simple plot. With the team, two or three active scattered people, more exchanges, do not understand, slowly playing for ten and a half months basically simpler.


At this time, go to the new zone. Combined lineups are selected from 5 fixed injuries, 4 + 1 or 221 mode. Choose your favorite homework, and you will run red dust to thirty. After the zero double hanging scene plus gang. Two students studying medicine, three school cooking. Cooking black demon can be 65, the drunkenness and three drugs of the previous cooking. It is always in the North to use the Dragon Cave in the North. At that time, D5 dog valued money, and ninety, hang D5 grasps the vampire. Such a group of five open numbers, a month’s income should not be less than 2000.

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