Fantasy Westward Journey to Money Project Sharing

Today, I share a small project that is moving brick today. It should have a certain obsession with the game to make money. I think about playing games.

There are also many studios to have some games to hang up and make money. Tens.

If you are still busy, throw it into artificial, electricity, and earning almost and paying.

Simple relying on gold, making money is really tired.

Today, I will talk about some tips to make money, and I haven’t played for a few years. I don’t know what the game I feel late. Make money than mobile games.

But there is no way, now playing the game.

My method is actually suitable for any game. Let’s take a fantastic Westward Journey. The method will pass anything.

A civilian player who just started to play, especially without charging, such as Fantasy Westward Journey, the most is the same as other games, do everyday tasks, and then high-level task 啥Can’t do it.

The whole process is basically hang up. I feel that I feel the dream or team, the other is hang up.

We can create a self-help, many players are recommended to gang, if there are not many gangs, every day, every day, can get vitality, vitality is In the world, it is the news you sent throughout the entire district.

Insert a sentence, it is best to choose a female role when selecting the character. Everyone should know, what game, female characters are more fragrant, even others chat, love to find a Women with many gangs.

This is a method of gang to pull people, who pulls people, or with chatting form, you can pull them all to WeChat group, what is convenient to team, and so on.

After pulling into the group, there are several simple realization methods

Let others know that you are playing more. A person hangs a lot, because this game can turn gold coins, gold coins can buy everything in Fantasy Westward Journey.

More open is for the transfer of gold, occasionally occasionally hair every day, interested, will definitely find you.

As for where the script comes from, there are many workers in the game.The studio, often pay attention to the news, or the list, you will see some.

Find those studios, you can buy a hang-up script, there is a month card, year card, etc., you can buy a month card first, then go to a treasure to find someone to develop a software , Then you can sell unlimited.

If you don’t want to find someone to develop, you can also earn an intermediate quote. But the profit is definitely not so big.

If you customize the script, you can also pick some hosting tasks. Many of the so-called bosses in the game, there is no time to hang the game, find someone to do everyday.

The most basic 300 months, daily is simple daily, up to 1 hour. If there is a script, it is basically a hang-up operation.

The brick is really too tired, and it is far from making a service.

This is a price of others selling scripts. It is basically more open, and 5 counts. No., even if you buy the lowest month card, buy 5 is 190 yuan. And this is super high.

Don’t worry that others are not available for a month, playing this game will have a long time to play, don’t play, let alone, he still bought a script, more obsessed.

A customer single script, a month to give you 190 yuan. It is really simple to find 100 customers. 1-200,000, if the customer is open, let’s earn more.

Selling scripts, selling hosting, this is the easiest, do not need to understand the game market, no brain type. It can do it.

is to register the fantasy Westward game number to create a gang, pull people will be full, the game has a lot of districts, the general new district is more fire, the old district, you can find it to see which fire can also . But still recommend a new area better.

Creating a gang first is to pull people, and the other is to let others trust more.

For a while, familiar with the game, familiar with the game market, can rely on the game account, all agree, so it is formal.

Can be a mediation, it can be sold, directly earn a difference, fantastic Westward Journey, never lack the boss, rushing tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands of people If some people don’t want to play, or if you want to change the area, you will choose to sell.

Although this game comes with Tibet Pavilion, some rich or idle trouble will choose to find someone to sell, simply straight.

Then when you have a small size, just as I said, you will do it.

A disciple is 2980, beautiful.Can you make money?Of course, can I go back?Even if you won’t do anything, you can make it in accordance with what I said.

The biggest highlight of the project is like me, many people want to play games, let alone targeted game.

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