Foreign media comment: China’s construction of non-cooperative payment

Source: Reference Message Network

Reference message network January 8 report According to the AFP, Kenya Mombasa reported on January 6th, China State Councilors and Foreign Minister Wang Yi said in Kenya on Thursday that China did not Let Africa fall into \”debt traps\”. Wang Yi is visiting Africa, and he will visit China’s participation in infrastructure projects.

In Kenya Coastal City Mombasa – China is here to participate in a new terminal in the largest port of East Africa. Wang Yi said that China-African cooperation is South-South cooperation and is mutual support assistance between developing countries. He refutes \”debt trap\”. He said: \”This is the ‘Discourse Trap’ that does not want to see the forces made by Africa. If Africa is really ‘trap’, it is ‘poor trap’, is ‘backward trap’.\”

The Minister of Foreign Affairs of China held a talks with Kenya President Ken Yatta.

Kenya Foreign Minister Rachel Omamo said: \”This visit proves to deepening the relationship between the two countries.\”

reported that Wang Yi also announced that China is willing to appoint Africa in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs The corner of the special envoy, which indicates that China is willing to have diplocation in this area that is suffering from conflict. He said that China will \”make unremitting efforts to the peace and development of the Africa\”.

US diplomatic website issued an article on January 7th, as the German Mo Tato China Institute of Helena Lateda is found in its study, China’s special envoy is working hard in various mediation efforts Plays an important role in it. In addition, Wang Yi has repeatedly mentioned concerns about the safety situation in Africa, so there is reason to believe that appointment of new special envoy is China’s efforts to help mediate the prelude in the region.

The article said China has been adopting more specific measures to help African countries have peaceful, but their efforts are low-key and often indirect, so often overlook. Political scholar La Du La Ben Abdul, USA, USA, USA, believes that in addition to the traditional security cooperation form, China is still providing \”non-traditional cooperation, such as capacity-building projects and human resources development investment\”.

Abdul Rachim Lama, Montreal, Canada, wrote in 2019: \”Recent China has shown an unprecedented will, (at a certain extent), willing to help Africa to deal with a round of round Insensus and unstable efforts. \”

The article said that China’s\” African way \”has resolved conflicts and opposes\” external forces \”interference. No matter when China is appointed, we can expect this diplomat to try to promote the existing peace efforts in Africa, rather than proposing a new suggestion.

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