Fried futures earn money (the probability of making money in the frying futures)

Principle: Deli (Deli is the world \”eighth miracle\”)

Operation principal: 10,000

Deli number: 463 times

Each profit: 1%

The number of retorated number: 0

After 463 times, the Jinjin 10,000 turned to 1 million lying in the account, reality 99 times Revenue.

The ideal is very full, the realistic is very bone, and it is almost impossible to expand.

We must have a basis for each buy, then to persist and correct it for a long time, do it to know the first, change the model every day, and regret it after buying, then the mind is so late will collapse. Then, the account kept retarding, and finally nine profits, once a big loss returned to liberation.

The probability of rising fell 50:50, one side is a profit of the profit is a loss, can not guarantee that each profit is profitable, as long as the profit is greater than the loss, grasp a wave of rising trend, on the top 9 small opportunities And can save a good mentality.

瓷 哲 学 讲 方 方: Success \u003d enthusiasm + professional + thinking method, here is equally applicable, there is no desire for money, no investment, no enthusiasm, after receiving a second time, I have already quit the household. Similarly, why is it always cut a leeks, that is, because we are not professional, there is no buying basis, it is chasing it, and it will be cut. Things, no technology is really making money too difficult. Finally, I have to have a big concept. I have the main thinking to consider the disk, do it, think on the other side, think about the money, and think about it, it is possible to fail. It is being used, repetitive things are used multiple times, and the number of times is much more, and it is not a summary.

I believe it will see it, I don’t believe that the stock market / futures can succeed, maybe things will be in the development of it. Successful method, find the method, after 10,000 hours of repeated exercises, simple things repeat, as long as the direction is correct, success will be expected.

Welcome to discuss, leave your strategy, discuss, make progress together, earning the first million.

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