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As of December 31, 2021, A shares The market ushered in a beautiful ending, the annual turnover has a high innovation, and the Shanghai Composite Index, Shenzhen, the GEM, has achieved a three-year growth.

Especially the GEM, 2021 rose by 12%, and the Shanghai Composite Index, Shenzhen has also rose 4.8% and 2.67% respectively.

However, it seems that the market \”Puzzle\” has a large year’s fluctuation. It is basically adjusted for a year, and many ordinary investors have tossing for a year, but only turn off the lights.

Of course, there are also investors earn a pot in 2021.

Typical is like investing a variety of new energy \”net red\” shares. However, some people have \”boring big fortune\”, such as in the first half of 2021, I bought investors in Hubei.

According to \”Daily Economic News\” report, Hubei Yizhi this low-key stock, 2021 annual increase of approximately 566%. 2021年A股,人均赚5万!你为什么没赚钱?

Seeing others to earn more than 5 times, not the most uncomfortable, making people more difficult to accept so-called average.

WIND statistics show that the annual market value of A shares in 2021 is 91.2 trillion, an increase of 11.5 trillion than 2020, and the number of stockhouses is about 190 million, interesting is to see according to the average. All-year shareholders have earned more than 50,000!

However, the cruel fact is that most people have not made money, even lost to tears, and even the ground.

For example, the whole industry has experienced \”big vibration\” in 2021, even if the social examination is enthusiastic, the public education has become the largest stock of the A-share market, and the decline in last year 77%.

Many investors in early 2021 were all confident into the stock market.

In the second half of 2020, in the second month of 2021, the stock market is good, not only the people of stocks, not only the stock market funds are also popular.

For example, Zhang Kun, Liu Yanchun, Glan, etc. Some fund managers have even have their own fans. 2021年A股,人均赚5万!你为什么没赚钱?

However, investment should make money, it is difficult to win, and it is usually \”more people will step on people.\”

The various big bull stocks and star fund managers have been out of fire. In March 2021, many of the big-hot stocks and funds began callback. Since then, they will fall, all year round. Maximum return10%, 15% or even 20%, 25%.

The stock market never lacks hot spots, new energy, carbon neutralization, Yuan universe, etc., the fuff is not listening, but to oneself On the account, it is often a piece of green oil.

For ordinary investors, it is important not to get rich, not how stable slowly.

In fact, this is a simple probability problem. Vesence is a large number of capacity, ventilated investors or institutions. For most investors, the focus is to do a big probability.

For example, do the basic asset configuration, 3-6 months of living and emergency funds, deposits, insurance, bonds, and stocks in proportion to their own situation, it can come to attack.

In stock investment lacks energy, time and ability, it is better to do the most basic debt + division mixed fund + stock fund configuration, or just configure different index funds, hit it, It is easy to have a long time to be safe and long-term. Of course, this investment is very flat, it is difficult to have the material of bragging, and there must be patience to have a return. But it is certainly better than the wind or listening to the lecture, being \”cut the leek\”. 2021年A股,人均赚5万!你为什么没赚钱?

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