Fruit tea makes money (fruit tea costs)

The nearest weather is changed, or suddenly the rain will cool down, or suddenly you have doubt life. Recently, I have to drink a cup of ice-cold sweet and delicious fruit tea, sell more than 20 yuan outside, it is difficult to buy a healthy and dry fruit tea, often sweet, drink half, I will give up, how can I? Drink healthy and delicious fruit tea?


Today, I will prepare a simple cheap fruit tea approach, especially suitable for newcomers. I often drink fruit tea, you can give your body, brighten your skin, homemade fruit tea can be matched according to your own preferences, drink comfortably and convenient, always meet your own taste, take your weekend, give yourself a fruit tea. , Drink and look good.

饮料别再买了,教你在家自制水果茶,简单几步就能搞定,老毕了 1. Prepare the fruit you like to eat, and tea bag

饮料别再买了,教你在家自制水果茶,简单几步就能搞定,老毕了 2. I use it is Green tea, there is no green tea bag, you can use black tea with red tea, brew it with hot water, cool, cool, ready to use

3. All ingredients are ready, the washing, The peeled peeling. The slice of the slice is then suitably subjected to a piece of sections.

饮料别再买了,教你在家自制水果茶,简单几步就能搞定,老毕了 4. The Xike Cup is put into the lemon pieces, put the honey and green tea soup, ease the uniform

[ 123] 5. All fruit is placed in a bucket, pour it into the mixed tea 饮料别再买了,教你在家自制水果茶,简单几步就能搞定,老毕了

6. Sometimes life requires some feelings, come on a cup of fruit tea, Have fun again. If you look at a little bit, it is really small, the fragrance is full of house, full of happiness.

饮料别再买了,教你在家自制水果茶,简单几步就能搞定,老毕了 Today’s homemade fruit tea is really simple 哟

Are you going to try it? Let’s learn! 123] [123 ]

Tips 饮料别再买了,教你在家自制水果茶,简单几步就能搞定,老毕了 1. Fruit tea, can be used according to their own fruits, don’t deliberately buy, I often have anything in my family

2. Honey Dosage, according to the sweetness of the fruit and the taste of the individual, will adjust

3. Lemon slices can prevent the oxidation of fruits, and also adjust the taste of fruit, and drink more refreshing 饮料别再买了,教你在家自制水果茶,简单几步就能搞定,老毕了

4. The fruit rich in vitamin C is not suitable for soaking in high temperature water, which will release bitter taste and affect the taste of fruit tea. So tea is cool, so it is very delicious after the fruit is added.

5. Summer can be added to the ice, the taste is better

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