Get up to make money pictures (get up to make money expressions pictures)

Recently, Andy Lau personally kitted the egg toast, triggered everyone’s attention.

Video, Andy Lau wore a simple black small dress, with a white T-shirt, very simple. He crushed the fried egg into the bowl, then add a little pepper, some salad sauce and a little alchemy stir evenly.


Then Andy Lau took out the baked toast, apply the mixed egg onto the toast, and made a egg toast.

60岁刘德华下厨做鸡蛋吐司!大口吞咽一脸满足,嘴角粘上面包屑 Then Liu Dehua took the egg toast and started to eat, and his face exposed a satisfactory expression.

Because it is more rushing, the breadcrumbs are bonded to the corner of Andy Lau. After being pointed out, Liu Dehua did not attract breadcrumbs into his mouth. 60岁刘德华下厨做鸡蛋吐司!大口吞咽一脸满足,嘴角粘上面包屑

And Liu Dehua also gave video humor with Wenyao: \”Is it really delicious? Is my acting?\”



In fact, Liu Dehua did something look very fragrant. He has shared his morning to the netizens, just a small corn. Even if it is just a corn, he eats a bite, the expression is very enjoyable, let people think he is eating a chicken leg.

60岁刘德华下厨做鸡蛋吐司!大口吞咽一脸满足,嘴角粘上面包屑 However, it may be to maintain a good physical condition, and Liu Dehua and his staff are more demanding for his diet. The staff must prepare snacks, and Liu Dehua is looking forward to it is ice cream or other delicious snacks, and the result is just a bowl of rice.

To know that Liu Dehua has been 60 years old, but the state does not lose any little fresh meat, this also lost his strict requirements for himself, not only in the diet There are also on daily exercise. He also has its own hobbies, such as playing billiards, but the play is very general, but it is nothing to do. 60岁刘德华下厨做鸡蛋吐司!大口吞咽一脸满足,嘴角粘上面包屑

From Liu Dehua, he has become a few generations of youth, even now the young people are very admired. We see Liu Dehua’s success and also see his good physical condition, but we have to see his efforts for this. From the last century, the star of the peak, which is not touching, and Liu Dehua is also the case, which is also an important reason why he can become a public idol.

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