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Peking University \”Uncle Uncle\” day is more painting

\”Teacher classmates have a good mood every day, I am satisfied\”

or A simple and warm text, or a piece of colorful painting, a small electronic screen in the school campus in Peking University, every day, there is a different surprise and touching waiting for classmates to learn life for them. Add a touch of interest. And these cure paintings are all from the hands of Peking University, and he is the \”Uncle Uncle\” in his classmates, but also \”Guanghua Sweeping\”.

He is the security talents of the Beijing University Guanghua School of Management College. Recently, because of the \”outline\” and \”People’s Daily\” and other mainstream media in the electronic screen, the title \”The day of the Northern Big Security is more romantic\” once rushed into the heat Search.

\”Good to cure, there is beautiful, people who have love in my heart, can express this beautiful\” \”As long as they have the heart, it is beautiful\” \”\” People who live with heart, life will not live up to you \” \”A warm heart is very warm in the winter, very warm; work with heart, emits the quality of the creator, very rare\” … netizens have gone to cure themselves to cure themselves. However, for their accident \”popular\”, the master was frequently mentioned in the interview. \”I just painted, I have never thought about it.\”

I am a Puttong’s workman

Just want to diligently earn some money

In the afternoon, the sky was clear, the cold wind moved, and the dead leaves on the ground were hit with the wind. Xu is to facilitate the students to enter and exit, the glass door on the first floor of Guanghua College has been open, the cold wind blows in with the people, and the cold lobby exudes a silkwater.

When I entered the door, I can see a few lines of words on the display on the right side: \”It’s a life, it’s a day, forced out. Life. \”This is a\” soul chicken soup \”seen from the shake from the shake. I feel very suitable for mothers, and immediately share it on the electronic screen. The orange-yellow font is hung on a gray black background, which is extremely conspicuous. On the desktop below the screen, a glass bottle inserted in a bundle, that is the ginkgo blech leaves that talented from the autumn campus, and there is a stone with a goose egg in the unknown lake.

At this time, the talented master is standing on the front desk on the left. Under the glass desktop of the front desk, the student’s lost student card, U disk, key and other small objects are placed. \”Some objects are coming back when patrolling, and some are students to send.\” The master said that everyone is accidentally lost, and he will collect, and it is also convenient for the owner to find it.

\”This is the best profession in Peking University. From here, students are very strong.\” When you say this, the master’s face revealed full of pride. \”It can be security in the best college in Peking University, and friends can be envious.Mu. \”Talents have to travel between the floor, want to find quiet and one. The seating area on the corridor is full of students, or read the book, or writing, everyone is busy with their hands. [123 Not long ago, there is always a student to run over the mobile phone to run over and tell him \”master, you are hot.\” He frankly, he was a general working man, just wanted to pay diligently to earn some money.

Talent Master said, then he didn’t know \”hot search\” at that time, I don’t know Weibo. What is. However, there are more and more people who say that he is very curious. So, with the help of the students, he also downloaded Weibo on the mobile phone. \”Oh, it turned out that this is Weibo hot search. \”The Master saw that the main media such as\” People’s Daily \”has reprinting about his report. There are hundreds of messages in the comment area. He recognizes each content. Among them, a message that is the most impressed by the Master. Writing \”I have to go to Northern Big, Beida Out\”, which makes him feel extremely touched. I can’t answer. \”The school that has not completed when you have become the biggest regret in his heart.

The painting and classmates learn is the same, as long as you use your heart, you can do it

Your own painting skills, the master said that he never learned to learn, the painting level is very general, it is just painted when there is a paper in hand, but it is not saved. \”Draw this, and classmates The same is, it is to be careless. You can draw it with your heart. As long as you use your heart, you can do it. \”

In fact, the time of the master’s painting is not long. At the end of 2019, the epidemic began to spread. In order to prevent the epidemic, there is a multi-function display in each building, which is convenient for entering and exit. Students in the teaching building have a face temperature. At first, the students of the Guanghua College first wrote some small animals on the display. \”I am thinking, the students are very good, I also draw. When I went, I painted it. \”

From then on, the master took advantage of the students to create on the display. Just beginning, he just looks for some beautiful pictures from the mobile phone, probably three or four days It is possible to come to copy. Sometimes, work is busy and updated, teachers students have entered the door every day, \”There is no new work today.\” Talents have to explain that today is not painted today. \”This display is now It became the surprise that they were most expected every day. \”

Although the complex buttons on the electronic screen, the type of function key is concerned about us,\” Letters \”, but for the 50-year-old talent, smart devices like electronic screens The difficulty of painting is not low. \”There are many paintings that have been drawn before, and they don’t know where to save. Pity! \”Talents straightWords are not very skilled in the use of electronic screens, and it is far from college students. Said, talented master opens the \”desert\” who carefully draws the previous few days, and starts to demonstrate the painting process.

The eye is a work that is very pleasant. A round of righteousness, coming with the margin, Huangsha mapped orange light, the mountains in the distance rolling, the row of rows of branches in the foot of the mountains are full of red flowers, only a red yarn skirt The young woman is rushing to front, the long red yarn is flying behind her.

\”This is my favorite picture. I just started painting only the desert, but I always felt less than something, I thought about painting a red woman holding a yarn.\” Talents pointed to the pen, rubber, clear, shape and other painting tools below the works, and after selecting the brush, it can be adjusted according to the painting demand, even if it is wrong, it can be rubbed off. \”There are many colors in the brush to choose. The color of this picture is my own.\”

However, occasionally accidentally encounter the \”clear\” button on the screen, just painted the draft Gone. The talented master is very regretful, those who accidentally deleted it, I can’t find it, I have the most satisfactory picture. During the demo, the students who have passed by there have always been passing through the talents. When I looked at the student recorded by the mobile phone, I was so smiled. \”Master, your painting is really good.\”

\”In fact, I never thought about it, because I just A ordinary workman. \”After the major media reported successively, the master also gave a lot of arrogance. Many students will take the initiative to say hello to him on the road. \”I will always draw, because there is a student to see if there is a new work every day. If I don’t paint now, my classmates and teachers are very lost.\”

When talking and Peking University security talents, The master was rushed: \”I have heard of a security self-study exam before I have come, and finally returned to my hometown. People have a strong than me, or people have perseverance.\”

a day patrol Eightjiu paintings are just amateur activities

A blink of an eye, this is already the 5th year of talents in Peking University.

Before coming to Peking University, the master is a laid coal mine worker. Because of the pain of learning, after he drills, he follows his parents working in the coal mine of Jilin hometown. \”The five people, my sister and your brother are graduated from college. I have a bad study, no culture, can only go to the well.\” Master said that because parents are the official workers in coal mines, at that time, the living conditions at home were actually not bad. It’s just in learning, parents are also hind to hen. \”As long as I study hard, I can take school, they will be willing to sell iron,\”

After the coal mine worker, the talents were mainly responsible for maintaining and repairing machinery and equipment in mines, helping the first-line worker undergoing mining coal mining. Every morning eight nine points, the workers began to line up the \”well car\” under the well, each car can stand three rows, a row of station 5Personal, the next well takes 15 minutes. \”I can’t see the sun next day. When I go, my face is normal color. After coming, some workers don’t laugh, you can’t see his face.\” The master recalled, at that time, it was dirty every day. Life is very bitter. \”I don’t listen to it, it is 3 stone clips. It is at the foot, and the left and right are stones.\”

The mineral maintenance work is simple and boring. Talents will end the topic. But talking to the father in the coal mine, but he is endless, and the look is difficult to cover. \”My dad is very powerful. At that time, I had to take the tutorial certificate, my dad took the first place, I sent a big red book, and I wrote the ‘The Technician Card of the People’s Republic of China.\” Master said, although the coal mine was later Also organized the technician exam, but no longer issued a certificate, the certificate is now put in the present, and there is also a gold.

From the young boy to the year, the master is a year for 28 years, until 2016 Coal mine accident, eventually shut down. More than 3,000 coal mine workers were unemployed, and the master is also one of them. After the \”idle\” is \”idle\”, he came to Peking University to start the security of the younger brother. Just a few days, he was proud to report to the family. \”I didn’t think I can come to Peking University, and it is the best Guanghua Management School of Peking University.\”

Northern Guanghua College, Building 1, a total of 4 people, mainly responsible for fire protection work in the building and facilities, usually a group of two people, a month, 24-hour rounds, Every two hours is patrolled once, you have to visit eight or nine, and the five floors patrol a 25 minutes. \”It is also two hours in the evening. It mainly looks at whether the socket of the teacher’s office is closed, whether there is a safety hazard such as sparks.\” The master said that in the evening, he was in the sofa in the house. \”But you can’t sleep, you always worry about where there will be safety hidden dangers. Don’t want to go home from get off work, nothing to think, lying down, sleeping down.\”

Every time, the master is always Will walk through the unknown lakeside in the morning, the morning fog, the Bo Yat Tower, in the 路 路 灯 灯 衬 衬 衬 衬 衬 衬 衬 衬 衬 衬 衬 衬 衬 衬 衬 衬 衬 衬 衬 衬 衬 衬 衬 衬 衬 衬 衬 衬 衬 衬 衬 衬 衬 衬 衬 衬 衬 衬 衬\”Can’t drive here, rain is not in the rain, and you can walk in the campus when resting.\” The talents are straightforward than the coal mine work, and the mood is more comfortable.

Although it is loved painting, the talented master of love will only be created after the student is in the class or in the evening. This is the most comfortable and relaxed one day. He can do not evil In front of the screen, you will be carefully drawn. It takes half an hour in the shortness of the short, and the shortage is three or four hours, but the teacher is not tired.

\”I have written it to my classmates\”

In the eyes of the students, the teacher is more than just a dedicated security guard, but also the \”Uncle Uncle\” who uses card and calligraphy. . His drawn paintingNot only can I decorate the college hall, but most importantly, I can bring surprise and movement to my classmates in a busy study life.

\”Take a holiday, go to the beach, see the sunrise.\”

\”Classmates, I met you, is the happiness of my life.\”

\”Life is not necessary to pursue those There are physical health, health, no disease, no life, peace is a biggest blessing. \”

Although these messages or paintings on the electronic screen is not original, but this is him The best blessings and hopes of the students. \”I wrote to my classmates, I think I will write it.\” The Master said that the students came to the classroom very much, and they were very hard. So I want them to pay attention to rest and take care of the body.

In the eyes of talents, students thought simple and cultural, and they listened to the ear. The master said that he is a very good person, and it is very good to have a relationship with the student. Because it is always sitting at the door, it is occasionally sleepy at noon, and goes out. The careful classmates have seen it, and they will give him a cup, \”Master, Cup of Cup of Coffee, mention God.\” There is also a classmate to buy oranges and give him two or three. \”They will think, the master is standing here every day, very hard.\”

Today, he is already \”good friends\” in the eyes of the students. Not long ago, a classmate chased a painting for him to create a friend who was about to live birthday. The master asked her \”painting.\” \”I will think about it. Since the classmates have already said, then help her paint.\” For winter, the master will simply draw a snow scene, and then painted it on it. \”Give others a birthday, gathering to eat, the cake is not important, mainly to use the heart.\” Talent master said.

After \”out of the circle\”, many enthusiastic students suggested that the master opened a picture or a portrait, and some people took the initiative to teach him to open a timeline to make a lot of money, talented master one by one Refuse. He said that he didn’t think so much, and he would never think about painting. \”There is a lot of paintings. If you have a lot in my heart. If you can make the teacher and the students get a fresh feelings, I have a good mood, I am full of heart.\”

Text / this reporter Wang Wang Quiet

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