Going abroad to go to Japan and South Korea OUT.

In the current changing current international economic structure, now in overseas, which country has the most salary? What technology is most popular?

New Zealand, Australia and other countries have begun to introduce Chinese craftsmen in recent years. Because urban development and new residential construction are in progress. Australian population is serious, so the technical workers in all walks of life are very exciting.

出国打工去日韩OUT了 发达国家劳务永不过时

New Zealand

In addition to construction workers, New Zealand’s demand for technicians such as traditional Chinese medicine massage and nursing is very large. At present, New Zealand is more recognized by acupuncture and massage. Chinese workers go to New Zealand will have a three-month trial period. From New Zealand abroad, tile workers’ income is higher. New Zealand stipulates that the porcelain tile is charged per piece, and it can earn 140-240 yuan a square, and the skilled worker can earn more than 40,000 yuan a month. Technology is too strong, the higher the proficiency, the higher the income will be. In Australia, the laborer’s income pay is expected to be around 300,000 yuan a year, with an absolute advantage compared to the country.


Dubai is in the city of Chinese workers in recent years. Dubai developed tourism, star hotel, duty-free shop, luxury shop decided to absorb a large number of service personnel. Most of the Dubai is a college, university business, a graduate of liberal arts, and work is two-year gold plating. There, the salesperson and the hotel manager have basically incorporated 20,000 yuan per month.

出国打工去日韩OUT了 发达国家劳务永不过时

Investment with Australia, New Zealand and other places in the formation of the Chinese workers in the formation, Japan, the foreign laborers have continued to decrease for many years.

With the improvement of domestic economic level, the wages of workers have grown rapidly, while Japan and South Korea’s salary growth is slow. If the gap between salary is narrowed, it is not as big as the attraction of everyone.

Australia and New Zealand not only have an income, but also local welfare treatment also attracts more people to choose immigrants. Working in New Zealand for two or three years, you can apply for green cards, and many Chinese people working overseas are there. Many blue collars to Australia can apply for employers to guarantee immigrants within two years by applying for 457 visas. If you are hospitalized in local children, the children’s basic education costs are all exempt, medical, education and other welfare are very good. Many blue collars go to these countries because they look at the immigration policies opened in these countries, so long-term considerations.

Of course, there is a high threshold behind high income and high welfare. Going abroad to Australia, in addition to certain working years, it is necessary to obtain the qualification certificate, and the requirements for English are relatively high, so workers must make a course in advance. 出国打工去日韩OUT了 发达国家劳务永不过时 Labor is in development

In fact, high-end abroad is also a development trend in recent years. In Japanese workers, the heat of the skill intern after working overseas will continue to decline. More and more Chinese want to get international business technology and knowledgevisa.This technological high technology, working nature is between ordinary workers and managers, and development prospects is better.

The speed and proficiency of Chinese workers are far better than foreign workers, and the hardworking spirit is more competitive than Thailand, India and other places. As long as they pass the language, they will use basic.Technical terms and life terms are very popular in foreign labor markets.

Existing job seekers, not all people can participate in overseas labor.Part of the reason is that its own technical level and insufficient English ability, some people have insufficient economic capabilities, concept conservative, and is not willing to be deceived by black intermediary.More people don’t know how to work overseas.

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