Grab the new energy automotive industry high point – visit China FAW Hongqi Prosperous Factory

Jilin Daily reporter Huatai

a factory, a city, a new new energy vehicle industry chain. On June 29, China FAW Hongqi New Energy Automobile Factory (Prosperous Factory) was completed in Changchun and became a milestone in Changchun and even the automotive industry development process. It will lead the province’s automobile industry to gallop fast on high-quality development roads.

China FAW New Energy Automobile Factory is located in the prosperous base of Changchun Automobile Industry Technology Development Zone, covering an area of \u200b\u200b7.55 million square meters, with a building area of \u200b\u200b4.35 million square meters. The entire project is planned by the Government of Jilin Province and China FAW. When you are born, it shoulder the Implementation of China FAW \”831\” and \”3341\” action plan to promote red flag business expansion, help Changchun City’s regional economy and social development, which is both a key project of China ‘s FAW Hongkan Development Strategy Layout. Helping an important project of economic development in auto-driven area.

\”In the future, it will mainly produce red flag brand new energy vehicles. It is expected that the year is produced in October this year, and the annual production capacity can reach 200,000, and the limit capacity can reach 300,000, and the annual output value is 40 billion yuan! \”When the reporter walked into a new energy vehicle factory, Zhang Yusong, the Branch of the FAW Group Engineering Department, was involved in equipment debugging, and the speech was full. He said that the FAW Hongqi new energy plant is very efficient from the project to the construction, the project is listed as the key \”three-early\” project of Changchun City, and the \”green channel\” specially handled the temporary construction license, which was officially started on April 15, last year. Implementation of project early 30 days. The completion of the completion of only 14.5 months, and it is expected that the formal commissioning period is 18.5 months.

Huntang Hongqi new energy factory, the revitalization of intelligent manufacturing of the new era. The entire project is under the construction of the world’s leading design and manufacturing philosophy, and it is a key initiative for the Hongqi brand seizes industry system. Based on the 5G era, the factory introduced five workshops such as intelligent central control system, stamping, welding, coating, total assembly, access to millions of data acquisition points, real-time acquisition, monitoring equipment data, and based on artificial intelligence algorithm, Predictive maintenance, can be alarmed in advance before the equipment is faulty. At the same time, massive data exchanges in a unified data middle station, automatically generates data API services, which can be tuned at any time, providing an important reference for manufacturing all aspects. This will be a new idea factory driven by digital \”virtual factory\” and highly automated \”physical factory\”.

Quality, Safety, Technology is the most attractive core elements of new energy automotive products. FAW Hongqi New Energy Factory integrates a large number of new technological and manufacturing technologies, achieving many domestic and even worldwide, is a high-quality plant specializing in the \”new four\” trend of automobiles. The world’s first craft-level automatic driving function test bench, intelligent simulation traffic complex scene, realizing automatic driving output terminal test; the electrical core sorting technology first realizes self-discharge rate online detection, polarity automatic adjustment, and make extreme quality and security. In addition, allA large number of smart robots and the latest automatic assembly technology, automatic high-speed continuous steel aluminum mixing mechanical punching line, can achieve complex mold parts, tolerances less than 0.2 mm; soldering is widely used automated welding and transmission equipment, welding automation rate 100% The delivery rate of 100% in the line is 100% …

\”Green Low Carbon\” is another highlighted feature of the FAW red flag new energy plant. For example, a dry lacquer filtration device, filter impurities in the air to 0.1 mg per cubic meter and then feed it again to the circular utilization of the air conditioner system, the energy consumption is 50%; zeolite wheel + RTO incineration treatment device, VOC removal rate 99%, thermal energy recovery rate of 95%; integrated photovoltaic power generation and ladder battery technology, saving standard coal 94,000 tons per year, 2.37 million tons of carbon dioxide, 864 tons of sulfur dioxide.

At the time of electricization, intelligence, netization, sharing, the \”new four\” trend of automobiles, the birth of the FAW Hongqi new energy factory, marking the \”Jilin Opportunity of my country’s Automobile Industry\” \”I arrived.

After a hundred years of development, automotive products have become a highly integrated system consisting of numerous components, with an average of more than 10,000 parts of parts, have a longer industrial chain. FAW Hongqi new energy plant will generate \”magnetic\” effect on related supporting parts industry, form a huge automotive industry cluster, which has strongly played the strong chain stretching of our province’s new energy vehicle industry chain, and improve our province The status of the product value chain of parts, helping our province’s modern new car and parts industry clusters to \”trillion\” new future, driving the overall level of manufacturing level in the province, accelerating the \”14th Five-Year Plan\” Jilin Revitalization took the lead in achieving new breakthrough.

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