Grain harvest!Food station is 1.26 yuan, the driver!Winner clerk is 1.05 yuan, sell it?

Online, there is such a sentence, saying the fact, but let the national farmers feel very sad! – What is expensive era, but only food is worthless!

a pound of rice, a two-hairy five, a pound of corn sixi seven, one pound of rice, a two-hair six, farmers, hard work, a year, but there is no one to change, now how to change this era What is this?


Some people say that mineral water can have no, cost two points; food is essential, cost 1 yuan to sell 1 yuan!

Now, the cheapest mineral water on the market is \”Ice\” a bottle of eight cents, while the other mineral water is in 2 packs, even higher.

However, the market can stably sell a piece of grain, but it is really not much.

Then, it is more sad that although food prices have no mineral water, the cost of food is far more than mineral water than the cost of cost, while profits don’t have to be said.

Once, Huang Yanxin, deputy director of the Ministry of Agriculture, said in a conference: food is not as good as mineral water, which is unfair, and is unreasonable. He suggests that the state should increase the minimum acquisition price of food by year. 粮食丰收了!粮站一斤1.26元,排长队!粮贩子一斤1.05元,卖吗? But we haven’t waited!

Twenty years ago, a pound of rice sells a pen or so; twenty years later, a pound of rice still sells a pen.

And the most let the farmers feel desperate, the food price is low, it can be sold out, but now I can’t sell it!

In recent days, the peasant daily reported an article, and it is a matter of selling grain in the South Luoshan County of Henan Province. 粮食丰收了!粮站一斤1.26元,排长队!粮贩子一斤1.05元,卖吗?

Li Fuguo has turned more than 1,000 acres of land in 2013. This year, due to the weather is sunny, plus management science, Li Fuguo’s rice has achieved harvest.

However, the joy of harvest is difficult to resist the reality of \”selling food difficulties\”, starting from early October 2018, when the rice in Henan Province is basically harvested and entered the purchase and sales season, the market is early in the market. The quotes of late rice continue to be sluggish, and there is still seven or 800,000 kilograms of rice left.

It is understood that there are two choices for farmers selling food, one is sold to the grain station, the price can sell 1.26 yuan / catties, but it needs to be queued, sometimes row It is not necessarily sold for several days. Another is sold to a grain broker, which is a grain divusion, but only sells to 1.05 yuan / catties.

Although this phase is only 0.21 yuan, it is not enough money to buy root spicy, but for farmers, a pound is 0.21 yuan, 10,000 pounds are 2100 yuan, and for Li Fuguo, this It is 168,000 yuan.

So, even if the team outside the food station is longer, as long as there is a hopes, the farmers will wait outside! 粮食丰收了!粮站一斤1.26元,排长队!粮贩子一斤1.05元,卖吗?

According to the authority department: since October 16 Japonica rice (national standard three, etc.) The minimum purchase price is 1.30 yuan / catties, and the level difference between adjacent rating is 0.02 yuan / catties.

The biggest reason for most farmers’ food sells and sells no price is because the quality of food does not meet the standard.

For most farmers today, the grain is to fall in the ground, although this can make the food get a better harvest, but it is the fertility of the land, will only let The variety of land is getting worse, and the light field is deteriorated!

粮食丰收了!粮站一斤1.26元,排长队!粮贩子一斤1.05元,卖吗? What should I do with farmers?

To tell the truth, I am not eligible to recommend food to the farmer. After all, I have not placed food, but I have read many experts on the Internet, and I found that most of them are nonsense. There is nothing. usefulness!

So, I hope that if you have any good ideas, you can leave a message in the comment area, give the peasants a bright road!

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