Guangdong Cai Trust, China Airlines Trust \”Trust\”, involving nearly 1.4 billion yuan

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Trust Company involved in Baoli whirlpool has increased.

On the evening of October 13, Middle Tour High-tech ( released an announcement, recently, the company adopted China Securities Registration and Settlement Co., Ltd., I learned that the company’s controlling shareholder Zhongshan Runtata Investment Co., Ltd. (referred to as \” \”Zhongshan Runtian\”) Some of the shares of the company have added judicial freezing and waiting for freezing.

The specific situation is that Zhongshan Runtata has recently been breach of contract due to the debt of Guangdong Cai Trust, 5.55 million shares who have been freeze-held by Guangdong Cai’s trust, freeze 21 million shares; debt amount 7.2 100 million yuan, corresponding to the intensive measures are 26.55 million shares of Zhongshan Runtian to Yue Dongcai Tourism.

Corresponds to this, China’s implementation information disclosure network shows that on September 29th, the Shenzhen Intermediate People’s Court filed a case, the case number (2021) Yue 03 was 7630, Zhongshan Runtian as an executive, executed The standard is 725 million yuan.

In the supplementary notice, the torch high again explained, Zhongshan, Guangdong Finance Trust and Junta Borrowing beginning 720 million yuan for the January 8, 2021, the maturity date on January 7, 2022 Japan, is the reason of default control provisions breach the cordon.

the torch high, said: \”As of the announcement day, Zhongshan Junta held the torch high shares have been pledged in / mark judicial / judicial freeze / waiting frozen state, there is to be liquidated or forced transfer of shares . the risk \”

the torch high also said:\” Zhongshan Junta attaches great importance to and actively and steadily resolve the shares of listed companies pledge to freeze risk is planned to be achieved in the Junta Zhongshan December 31, 2021. Zhongshan proportion Junta pledged shares dropped to below 80%. \”

combing company announcements can be found as early as the end of 2020, in order to supplement working capital, Zhongshan Junta put 2100 million shares held the torch high shares pledged to the Guangdong Finance Trust. If the company stock price volatility or close to the cordon line, Zhongshan Junta will take response measures, including but not limited to, supplemental collateral, early repayment and so on.

did not think that the start of the year ushered in the high stage of the torch high, after the January price break 70 yuan / share, followed by face is the \”yo yo\”, until September in mid-share price has fallen below 30 yuan / share, the recent share price rebounded slightly, the latest closing price of 33.50 yuan / share, compared to a year has been \”cut.\”

stock price continued to fall, Zhongshan Yun Tin can only continue to add pledge. May 7, 2021, Zhongshan, Guangdong Finance Trust Junta to supplement pledged 149 million shares, May 10 supplement pledged 150 million shares, June 24 pledge to add 20 million shares, July 9 supplement pledged 90 million shares, August 4th supplement pledged 146 million shares.

It is noted that the high torchThe new announcement not only involves the borrowing of the Guangdong Cai Trust Trust, but also refers to another debt default for the Trust Company in Zhongshan Runtian.


In September 2019, AVIC trust borrowed 1.05 billion yuan to Zhongshan Runtian, and the improving program is a pledge measures such as Yoshenghua. Up to now, although the borrowing expiration date is October 31, 2021, China Aviation Trust has applied for the presupplication of the loan contract dispute. Zhongshan Runtian still owes the book of 630 million yuan.

Wang Huaotao, director of the New Ancient Law Firm, told the interface news reporter: \”There may be a cross-default provision, accelerate the expiration terms. It means that the debtor is overdue in other cases, and it is also a contract in this contract. , Expire in advance. The contract of financial institutions often has similar agreements. \”

Wind data shows that Zhongshan Runtian is established in 2015, the registered capital is 2 billion yuan, which is the whole of Shenzhen Yoshenghua Co., Ltd. Sany Company, is also a shareholder of the two listed companies, the shareholders of Nanbang A (000012.SZ), and the actual controller is Yao Zhenhua.

Baileng is a contract, the people’s livelihood trust, Chongqing Trust, China Railway Trust, Shandong Trust, and many other trust companies are involved in it, and the amount is more than 10 billion.

In the face of such a debtor, how is the Guangdong Trust and China Airlines Trust? Interface News Interview with Guangdong Cai Trust, as of the press release, no reply is received. A person who is close to China Aviation Trust said that the company has prosecuted Zhongshan Runtian.

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