Guess the riddle make money (guess the riddle earning money 20 withdrawal is true?)

\”Everyone is anxious, slowly come slowly\”! At this moment, the restaurant has been filled, the boss Hu Gong has to sustain order, although the restaurant has been blocked, but Hu Da Ge is still a full smile, although the restaurant is only half a year, but Hu Da has earned He is naturally very happy to have it.


First, the background introduction

As the saying goes, \”Everything is life, half point is not from people\”, I don’t believe in these when Hu Gigo is young, but later he Slowly, he was in the same time as a business with a worker, and the coworker was so thin and short, and the brain was not very flexible, but when Hu Da came later, when Hu Da came to meet him, People have actually become the boss of a catering store, and I oppose Hu Bigo I have worked for others.

Is it difficult to be this worker than Hu Gigo smart? Hu Da Ge didn’t think so. He felt that this is life. If people are lucky, it is possible to make money, like him, this kind of person may have a life that can’t make money.

All said that life is tossing, Hu Da Ge’s first half is always tossing, go through the factory in the factory, doing through real estate sales, selling insurance, and even a spa massage, although done There are many occupations, but Hu Da has not earned how much money, and later, he also understood that in the field, it is better to return to the hometown of Jiangxi, at least to take care of your parents.


Holding such a mentality, Hu Da has opened a small restaurant, he didn’t think that this turned out to earn huge wealth, just start the restaurant The business is not too good, after all, there are many peers, competition is still very fierce, and later Hu Da Ge changed the strategy, using the method learned from the Internet in the production of the restaurant, did not expect this time to make the restaurant’s business is hot. stand up.

What kind of marketing method is Hu Da Ge use? Let me briefly introduce it to you, I will definitely be inspired after reading.

Of course, the activity (industry) case here is only a few ways, and there are more strategies for physical stores and \”set\” in my column. If you are interested, you can click Watch to charge yourself.

Second, the program introduction

Hu Da Ge’s vegetable vendure just started to meet a lot of physical stores, it is lacking customers, after all, there is no popularity, this time you need to do it. Involving activities, increase the name of the restaurant.


In order to attract consumers, the restaurant has launched an event, that is, as long as the customer can enjoy discounts as long as the customer can go to the restaurant. Service, of course, is not to say that customers can discounted directly to the vegetation, but need to joinThe customer base of the restaurant, Hu Da Ge will send a red envelope in the customer group, a dollar to 10 yuan, as long as the customer grabs the red envelope, then a few yuan red envelopes can enjoy a discount.

This activity is very interesting, because it is spelling, the customer who grabs the red envelope is naturally a better luck.

In addition to the discount, the restaurant also came up with an event, that is, the cash is free, of course, it is not the customer to go to the restaurant after consumption. Looking directly to Hu Da Ge, according to the provisions of the restaurant, the customer needs to participate in a small game, that is, guess the riddle, the staff of the restaurant will say a riddle, as long as the customer is equal, you can receive 20% of your own consumption amount. Cash . 江西男人开菜馆,利用“免费的现金”,半年赚了60万,方法易学习

These two activities are giving customers, but his goddess is that it will not let the vegetation lose money, at least will not lose too much, let me briefly introduce it to everyone. How is it profitable? Everyone will definitely realize after reading.

Third, the profit analysis

First, although Hu Da Ge will send a red envelope in the customer group, it will only send 10 a day, and each red envelope is basically 7 yuan, 8 Yuan, the customer grabs the red envelope will go to the restaurant to spend, but the vegetation has regulations, wants to enjoy the benefits of discounts, then the number of customers need more than 3 people, so that the customers who come to the restaurant to consume naturally, more people, The amount of consumption will be more.

Of course, even if the consumption amount is much, it is 30% off in the restaurant and 8% off. However, this will not let the vegetation will lose money. On the contrary, there will be partial profit, and It can increase the popularity of the restaurant in this way.

In addition to the first activity, in fact, the second activity is also similar logic. Although the riddle is not complicated, many customers can answer, but in fact, it is also 8 fold for customers.

江西男人开菜馆,利用“免费的现金”,半年赚了60万,方法易学习 Consumers are also people, but as long as they are people, there will be a weakness, that is, for the more and more difficult things, if the restaurant is 20% off directly, then it will not attract To many consumers, but if they are discounted by these ways, then consumers will be very cherished, naturally, they will continue to go to the restaurant.

So, no matter what you do, you can also engage in a similar activity, or find a more suitable marketing solution in the following columns.

\”Small Recruitment\” taken in the case is part of the marketing wisdom included in this column. If you have difficulty running now, if you lack customers, if your product can’t sell it, you may wish to be in columns. Look for the industry to find the industry that is suitable for you, see how the smart people do business.

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