Han Anzhen’s earning money (How much can Han An 冉 earn more than a year)

\”Han Anji divorce\” triggered the hot discussion of netizens, this topic rose to the microblogging entertainment list in a few hours.


Han Anji’s husband Ma Zexin issued a text on social media, the cause of divorce is not very suitable, and Han Anji’s ex-boyfriend is more suitable for her.

网红韩安冉找到流量密码?在婚姻中“反复横跳”:她和女儿都可怜 Han Anxi sent a small composition to the forefront of the former boyfriend, the text is not looked, and the tang is hysterically, like the stream of education. Han Anji, which has been adulthood and has a daughter, and the attitude towards the feelings is still so naive, and it is inevitable that people feel ridiculous.

The 22-year-old Han An is a \”story\” person, especially her emotional marriage history, simply let netizens look at it.

网红韩安冉找到流量密码?在婚姻中“反复横跳”:她和女儿都可怜 Han Anyu has participated in the \”deformation meter\” of Hunan Satellite TV in 2015, and she became famous in the life creed of \”live to the old, whole to the old\”. It is concerned with her confusion, and her love and frequent marriage.

Han Anji gradually became a net red by the famous scenery, and later she leaned against traffic and continued to fish.

On March 14, 2019, Han Anzhen and Mr. Pigs stepped into the marriage hall, and the netizens also made a big dog food.


The two have daughter small pig sisters. Small pig sisters are smart and cute, long images live version of the bubble mart. But her value, also unveiled the \”shame\” of her mother Han An Yan, and the little pig girl grew like a pig, and the netizen spit is a nose, bucket.

However, this marriage lasted less than a year, two divorced, and later divorced and divorced, the parents of the small pig sisters were all owned by Han An. 网红韩安冉找到流量密码?在婚姻中“反复横跳”:她和女儿都可怜

After this, Han Anzhen and piglets have their own new joy, often on the Internet. Han Anzhen admitted that Mr. Xiao pigs on the Internet and his new girlfriend pockets, it is in order to welcome good belongings.

Han Anji suits the marriage certificate in September this year, and the other person is a net red Mazexin, less than 20 days. This marriage has maintained less than two months, and it is no wonder that netizens have emotion. 网红韩安冉找到流量密码?在婚姻中“反复横跳”:她和女儿都可怜

There are netizens ridiculed: \”Han An 冉 marriage and divorce is fast than my nucleic acid.\” There is a review in the school: \”You go to school, you go to school, you talk to me to go to school, you get married, I am going to school, you divorce, I am going to school, you go to school, you are going to school, you are now divorced, but I still At school. \”

However, Han Anji divorced hot search topic is still in the list, Han Anzhen launches the state in a short video platform, suggesting her to think and Maze Xin.And good, this makes many people who eat melon people, two monks can’t touch their minds.

Have she regards her feelings and wedding changes as their own traffic password? In the marriage, \”repeated jump\”, it is not a responsible mother. 网红韩安冉找到流量密码?在婚姻中“反复横跳”:她和女儿都可怜

Han Anzhen was born in 1999, now only 22 years old, but her feelings have passed through twists and turns, such a plot, the TV series can’t come out.

Netizen is more distressed, is a little pig girl with only 3 years old. The changes experienced by Han Anji marriage, the little pig girls have experienced. Many fans called for Han Anji to think about her daughter, to establish a good example for her daughter. 网红韩安冉找到流量密码?在婚姻中“反复横跳”:她和女儿都可怜

Han Anji often seizes the relationship between Mr. Xiao pig girl and his father’s pig.

网红韩安冉找到流量密码?在婚姻中“反复横跳”:她和女儿都可怜 In a live broadcast, Han Anzheng asked which Dad liked which father, I just started the little pig sister said that I liked the pig’s father, and Han Anzhen said that the pig’s father never cares, and threatened the little pig girl without her. Go to the playground. How can a three-year-old child be with the temptation of the playground? Therefore, the little pig sister later said that I like Jersey (Maze Xin) Dad.

The young pig girl is still not good at expression, but she can feel the change in the living environment. Because the mother’s sake is separated from the birth of the father, I was forced to accept new Dad, and I was very familiar with my new father, and I may face it separately, which will cause hurting the small pig girl.

Small pig sisters are now separated, and they are reluctant to go to kindergartens. Maybe there is a big relationship with Han An Wei’s frequent marriage. 网红韩安冉找到流量密码?在婚姻中“反复横跳”:她和女儿都可怜

In order to obtain concern and traffic, Han Anji has been born from small pig sisters to now, she has been exposed to the public media. The little pig sister was born because the value was sprayed. The keyboard man commented on a baby in a born, although there is a place, but as a mother’s mother, Han Anzhen did not protect his daughter.

In many photos of small pig sisters, netizens can see that small pigs are mostly eye. The daughter has a strabismic problem, although Han An 冉 earned so much money, but she didn’t pay attention to this problem.


Han Anzhen was exposed by Mr. Xiao Pig, and Han Anzhen also admitted this. It can be seen that Han Anzhen is very depleted as a mother.

I don’t know how to grow some of the small pigs. After reading the primary school middle school, how can I face the leisure language of others’ family farce. However, there will be pitiful people.

网红韩安冉找到流量密码?在婚姻中“反复横跳”:她和女儿都可怜 Han Anzhen, which repeatedly jumped in marriage, why is this traitor? This may be traced back to her native home background.

Han Anji’s family conditions are rich, from her to her young and frequently, it can be seen in accordance with the \”deformation meter\” with urban family identity. But she divorced from my little parents, she followed her mother. Later, her mother was married, and gave her a sister of her father. The parents have not care enough for Han An, and did not take into account Han Anji’s feelings.

She grows in this lack of careful environment, step by step, waiting for the parents to find it too late.


From a small deletion and a stable intimate relationship between the parents, Han Anzhen doesn’t know what is true, and it is a new feeling of greed for a moment. Treating emotional impulse, being spit For \”Love Ceremony\”.

Han Anzhen once hates his mother again, so it has become rebellious, and now Han Anzhen is a play, frequent, frequent. Han Anzhen’s face is bright and beautiful, and it is actually a look that I hate I hate it.

Conclusion 网红韩安冉找到流量密码?在婚姻中“反复横跳”:她和女儿都可怜 I hope that Han Anzhen will be enlightenable soon, don’t love it again, you can find a happiness that really belongs to you.

I also hope that she can assume the education responsibility of the little pig girl, establish the correct marriage and love concept, don’t let the daughter have hurt.

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