Hand turning the book burst network!Painted nearly a million fans with a pencil, behind the profit is so big

手翻书爆火网络!用一只铅笔画出近百万粉丝,背后利润竟这么大 Hand over the book, I believe everyone has played

But you don’t know

[123 The hand has such a big market behind the book

There is a blogger on a short video platform (123]

is what we are well known


This very ornaable \”paper dance\” can be seen as a simplified version of the cartoon

You can call it the most original cartoon

[ 123]

The principle of visual stay is useless

The principle of the book is very simple

It is also very simple

It has a special drawing board bright light drawing plate


placed in the drawing plate

You can make a stroke painting

, in particular the loaded content is very rich and diverse

[123 No matter what animation, animation, live people can

and the performance effect is very good

There is also a lot behind this business. Market

There are many little couples

They want some creative marriage marriage


So, there are people who book this creative marriage proposal

There are now many templates that can be printed directly in bulk

[ 123] 手翻书爆火网络!用一只铅笔画出近百万粉丝,背后利润竟这么大 The hand is finally a space, and there is a ring in the inside

Like the book for the carrier

Welcome to young people

I have a friend in Guangzhou

He is a written worker

The studio has a book to paint this

Children who often give the kindergarten

手翻书爆火网络!用一只铅笔画出近百万粉丝,背后利润竟这么大 There are also some collaborative primary schools to paint Guide

Or some extracurricular expansion activities

bring a richer experience to the children

It is also very good, profit is also very visible

Can you see a big market in the offline online

This kind of artwork for this very simple


and there are still many exhibitions or some business activities

will also use this hand to turn books [123

I have a friend is a show

He gave each customer for five to ten seconds in the show [123

Then it was made in the form of a hand

gave customers


[123 】 It is equivalent to a time-made ceremony

In this form of hand, it is used as customers and the company’s Contact

I think this combination is the best thing is

手翻书爆火网络!用一只铅笔画出近百万粉丝,背后利润竟这么大 Hand is a very long storage period

Most people will not lose this companion ceremony

Potential to increase your contact opportunities for you and customers

Finally, there is also how to make hands to make a book

, especially and short video platforms Combination

Can be directly openedBroadcasting teaching and belt

Because his shooting cost is relatively low


Do not have to have this shooting skills [123

can be carried out in line


As a drawing course, the value-added service brought

If you have commercial resources

[123I can also turn it into a creative point

giving you more customersThe choice

In short, the hand can be used as a creative attachment 手翻书爆火网络!用一只铅笔画出近百万粉丝,背后利润竟这么大

for many aspects

I am Jia Xiaole’s entrepreneur, continue to share the guidelines for all industries!

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