Hangzhou street, mother is dead, hugging his son!I left the home for 6 years, my mother and son saw him, but he didn’t know …

6 years ago, my son was retired from home; in six years, the husband and wife have left the hometown, while working on the money, listen to the son trace while listening. Over time, the debt is also clear, but the son is still ignorant. Until July 29, 2021, the couple received a phone from Hangzhou …

The wandering guy had contradictions due to debt problems,

left home for 6 years without contact [ 123]

For more than three years ago, the wandering is near the street of Shiqiao, according to the residents of the Jurisdiction, Zhang Wei often stays around the Harbor and Yuan Du Xinyuan River in the Huazhong Community. And often scare passers by strange behavior. Since this year, the community police in Shiqiao Police Station received a policeman alarm to the community workers to go to the scene to persuade the wandering Han Zhang, hoping to accept the government’s help to help the rescue station, but they were refused by Zhang Wei. He insisted that he can live, no need to help others, only say that he is northeast, the hometown is no longer, and the other is not willing to talk.

杭州街头,母亲死死抱住儿子!离家出走6年,母子再见他却说不认识…… On the eve of July 23, the Typhoon is coming, and the community police Lu Jueming learned that Zhang Wei was still wandering in the jurisdiction, and then went to the gazebo to persuade him to visit the temporary anti-Taiwan resettlement point, but Zhang Wei Still not cooperating. Zhang Yizhi’s excitement has caused Lu police’s alert, this tramp is a bit different, there should be a story behind. Only every day, in the jurisdiction of the anti-Taiwan flood prevention work, Lu police officer will travel to Zhang Wei near the Chinese community. After many times of talking, Lu police officer learned that the tramp is in the Northeast Heilongjiang province, the exogenous waves are due to the contradiction between the debt problem, and have left the home for six years, and I don’t want to contact my family. After understanding the basic situation, in order to contact Zhang Yizhen as soon as possible, the police Lu Tudami use the public security police station \”The White Brain + Hand\” Smart Police Related Business System for inquiry, and I found that Zhang Yuxi and a missing personnel reported by Fuyu County, Heilongjiang Province in 2015. \”Zhang Mou\” is similar. Then I would like to contact the police station of Fuyu County, Heilongjiang Province, seek assistance, and identify Zhang Wei’s identity through the photo contrast. 杭州街头,母亲死死抱住儿子!离家出走6年,母子再见他却说不认识……

Parents came from Beijing to see him to see him tightly 3 seconds, said that they did not know

At this time, Zhang Wei’s parents had already left their hometown many years ago. After multiplayer, the stone bridge police station finally contacted the parents who were in Beijing, and learned that the other have been looking for the son who left home for many years.

As early as July 29, Zhang Han rushed to Hangzhou from Beijing. Lu Ji Ming took the middle-aged husband and wife in Yonghua Street, Yonghua Street. The husband and wife have nervous, and the mother does not shake their hands. Zhang Wei sat by the river next to Yonghua Street, wearing a headset, back the side shoulder bag, and wear a cap. See someone, he didn’t panic.

Father Zhang Han walked to the side, and he asked him if he supported Zhang Wei arm, \”Cognition me?\”

At first glance, Zhang Yu did not repair the edges and Zhang Han almost old. Zhang Yuxi stared at him for three seconds, and then turned his head to the side. Speed \u200b\u200bquickly, \”I don’t know.\”

The mother of the other side is far from the two or three steps. \”You don’t know me, how many years are my parents to find you …\” She cried, and kept helping her son while using her hands.

According to six years, the parents have a long time to meet, and it is naturally easy. \”What do we have? What is money? If we don’t have anything! What is the relationship between others? What is the relationship with us?\” Zhang Han also brought tears, almost yelling, \”she is your mother, I It is your father. We can don’t care about you? \”Zhang Yu lowered his head, his hands on the waist, still tried to break free from the relatives. Parents are crying, their son is in conflict, and the roadside attracted passers-by. Lu Juling saw a decisive to bring Zhang Yun back to the police station, and the love of a family had to sit down and patiently.

杭州街头,母亲死死抱住儿子!离家出走6年,母子再见他却说不认识…… Entrepreneurial failure 8 years ago, Zhang Yun decided to start a business, and opened a auto repair shop at home to raise money, but it was closed for two years due to not good. Zhang Wei, who has no money, returning home, then finding a parent to borrow money, but suffered from his father’s strong accusation, think that he didn’t think about the boss every day, but did not lose his family’s face, after the father and son were quarrel One, Zhang Yi left home, and then I have never contacted my family. The awareness of the son is no longer returned, Zhang Yizhen decided to go to Beijing to worker, one is to win money to pay for the debt, the second is to think that the big city such as Beijing is convenient to explore the son’s news, but I have never thought of this is 6 years … 杭州街头,母亲死死抱住儿子!离家出走6年,母子再见他却说不认识……

The police have suffered from more than four hours of his body, and he finally approached his family. After a few hours, the old father in six years ago, but I persuaded it, I would like to say that my son went home. Seeing his son ignored himself, he had to get angry again.

This kind of heart knot, the parties in both sides can’t be successfully unlocked, Lu Tudaming and community staff see the timing, and it is involved. \”Take a look, how much is your mother? How many people have been played in these few years, how many places have been found?\” \”Successful people, many are four or five years old. You are still young, in the future There must be a chance to successfully prove to see them. \”For more than four hours, Zhang Yizhen was obviously emotionally eased, and his body slowly came to the mother near …

Zhang Yu finally eliminated the heart Keji, compiled with your parents and promised to return to Heilongjiang home. Since then, the wandering is more than 6 years old, finally go home.

Source: Ping An Gongshu, some content sourceState Daily

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