Hangzhou’s \”smart big sister\” sister has a good job, and the sisters are making some money to earn some money.

Qianjiang Evening News · Hour Journalist Zhan Cheng opened a newsman Shou Yuping Zhang Chunxia

Morning (October 14) morning, Hangzhou Shangcheng Dinglan Street Baimazhuang Community Changyi Jinyuan 2 Building There is a shop that is hot in the sky.

In the narrow shop, two rows of women workers are sitting neatly, and they are lowered to trim the fabric in their hands. This is the sisters of the Bai Mazhuang Community \”Corders Sister\” Sisters Handmade Square.

Yu Yajun, the head of the hand workshop, packaged in the store. There are also a few new cotton shoes on the table.

\”This is what you have to do. Today, I want to do a few pairs of cotton shoes. After a while, I will send it to the community staff to give a warmth of the old age.\” Yu Yajun said.

The old sisters on the side couldn’t help me: \”Yu Big sister is really good, and the festival is always alleged. Usually high temperature days, rainy days, winter, she saw the sanitation worker sweeping outside I will call them in sitting, I will take watermelon to eat in the summer, I will give them hot water. Everyone is very grateful! \”


Auntie called Liu Guoxiang, 57 years old this year, The hometown in Fuyang, Anhui, started with his son with his son in 2019. The usual Liu Auntie is responsible for picking up the grandson’s primary school. There is no thing in the middle of the holiday.

\”\” like my rural areas, don’t know a few words, go out to work, my son is afraid that I am cheated, only some labor can do, but my son thinks that I am too hard, I don’t do it. Come here or the neighbor tells me, a month, less, can earn 1,000 yuan to subsidize home, I will try it. \”

Liu Guoxiang came over July last year, just starting to start her hand Yu Yajun is patiently taught her many kinds of needlework.

Today, the business of the hand workshop is not limited to the processing of clothing, and there are handicrafts, integrated circuits, etc., sisters, and the horizons are getting wider and wider. 杭州这个“巧大姐”姐妹手工坊蛮厉害,姐妹们打点零工赚点零花钱还挺好 As the influence continues to expand, many communities around the surrounding \”King Sister\” hand workshop model have come to study. After Shi Da Jie, half-mountain, the bridge has also set up several hand workshops.

Yu Yajun’s operations have established since the August 2013, and since the processing is mainly engaged in management, nearly 400 women have achieved employment income and creating more than 4 million economies. benefit. He has been awarded Ding Lan Street towel, entrepreneurial employment base, the district-level towel, civilized post, the founder Yu Yajun also won the most beautiful entrepreneurial leader nomination award in Hangzhou. In September of this year, Yu Yajun took a heavy medal – Hangzhou female red hand demonstration base.

\”Yu Big sister is the Landsman of the soil, and the representative of our Ding Lan street township. It is the enthusiastic public welfare of the community, patrol the river, filial piety, and condolences have her figure.\” White horse Village societyZhang Yan Yu, secretary of the party secretary of the district, to Yu Yajun, unfortunately, praise the words.

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