Happy one hundred make money (a million yuan of happiness)

Recently, Ping An Trust Employee Chen Gang was sentenced to 15 years in prison for 15 years in prison by the financial consultant fees.

There is a trust industry, said that the first financial reporter said that the rapid expansion of the trust in the past few years, such corruption is not new, almost the \”hidden rules\” of the industry.

There were no shortage of employees to set up consulting companies to collect \”financial consultants\”, with a maximum rate of 5.4%. The involvement of institutions and related personnel are therefore legal penalties.

The first financial reporter has discovered that the trust company that has occurred in similar cases includes a number of institutions such as the International Trust, Shandong International Trust, and Guoshe Trust, and the relevant personnel involve the crime including the duties, accepting bribes, and illegal Loan, etc., some people have been sentenced to life imprisonment.

However, from the public data, Chen Gang’s illegal income is almost the industry \”ceiling\”. A number of industry insiders said to the reporter \”shocking\”, and more than one way is \”this money is so good.\” .

In the case of the recent, the Audit Office is reported in the case of the discipline of the transfer of violations of laws and disciplines, and the principal of the Jiangsu Regional Division, Chen Gang, is suspected. From 2012 to 2016, the loan to the relevant enterprises requested huge amount of money in the name of the financial consultant fee, and the Audit was transferred to the Jiangsu Provincial Public Security Department in January 2020.

In August 2021, Chen Gang was sentenced to 15 years in prison by non-state staff, and was sentenced to 15 years in prison, and the property was 15 million yuan, and the illegal income of 532 million yuan.

According to the annual investigation of the overhead year of the Audit, Chen Gang’s corruption is not a trust industry.

In the case of the most high-inspected case of the Audit Department in 2017, Song Chong, the former deputy general manager of Shandong International Trust, was suspected of using the position in Trust financing in 2012. And accept the money, eventually, in December 2018, the crime of accepting bribes, the crime of duties was sentenced to imprisonment, and the penalty of 9 million yuan was fined, and all illegal income were collected.

Chen Gang, the referee document of Song Chong two has not been disclosed online. The Song Chong case announced in the Shandong Provincial Senior People’s Court showed that its illegal income and interest reached more than 10.2 billion yuan. Among them, using the general manager of Shandong International Trust South China Regional Headquarters, the general manager assistant, deputy general manager’s position is convenient, and the interests of others will take advantage of the interests in trust financing, and illegally accept the property of others from 73.524 million yuan; January 2013 to June 2015 During the general manager of Shenzhen Yong Cheng, with the name of payment of consulting service fees, it is illegally posted by 9.27 million yuan.

There are industry insiders that the financing field is particularly rapidly expanding in the past few years ago.The stage, such corruption is not a new thing, but the amount of such a big amount like Chen Gang is rare.

And for why Chen Gang was finally sentenced to 15 years and Song Chong was sentenced to life imprisonment. Wang Guangze, a lawyer of Beijing Jingdo Law Firm, said that the main reason is that the main reason is that in addition to the criminals involved in the two. Shandong International Trust is a state-owned enterprise, and there is a big difference in applicable legal provisions.

As of now, many trust personnel have financing the \”eating rebate\” or paying a good disposal fee to the interpolation, including the Military General President of the Assistant President of the International Trust Original Cooperation, Hunan Trust original business Wu Qi, general manager of the Department, Li Wei, general manager of Beijing Business Headquarters, National Investment Senior Product Design Manager Chen Yujie case. In addition to the trust company, the bank as the main way for corporate financing is also involved in it, including the Bank of China, Beijing Branch, customer manager, Liu Jingpeng, financial division department, Manager Niu Min, and Minsheng Bank Nanchang Investment Bank Department Deputy General Manager Liu and so on.

According to the judgment, the relevant personnel involved in the case of the crimes, accept bribes, bribery, illegal loans, etc. .

\”Financial Consultant Fee\” How to put into pocket?

How does these shocking illegal income are \”successfully entered\” into the pocket of the relevant personnel?

The First Financial reporter gave several cases found that there were many means. The most common, such as specializing in shell, even \”Yin Yang Contracts.\”

From the perspective of case details, some companies will turn to trust financing because of high cost or do not reach ordinary bank loan qualifications, and the project handle person in charge take the initiative or passively accepting the \”benefit fee\” of the middleman. The United States has a \”financial consultant fee\”, which is mostly 0.2% -2% per year. In order to hide the eyes and ears, most money will be entered into third-party companies, and many trust practitioners will set up Shell.

Taking Hunan Trust Li Wei, Wu Qi, Li Wei Jie Yes, in 2012, the headquarters manager, who has just taken place through colleagues, established Cheng Fengda Investment Consulting Co., Ltd. (under \” \”Cheng Fengda\”), specializing in the \”investment consultant fee\” in the name of \”investment consultant fee\” by Hunan Trust. Li Wei stated that \”only government loan business\” is \”only government loan business\” on the Loudi City Finance Bureau, in the Hunan Provincial Foreign Business through Li Wei, the provincial business can do it through his friends, the standard is 0.5 of the loan amount % -0.7945%, Yang as a business and benefit as a businessman.

Among them in the first half of 2012, the cold water Jiangcheng-rural investment company had a fund-raising model to pay, but because the bank’s interest rate is high and the financing is difficult, he has met Yang Jiariang through an acquaintance. Yang is in combating cold water rivers and rural investment companies from Hunan Trust loan processIn the middle, after Li Wei, he asked the financing party to \”consultant fee\”, and signed a financial adviser agreement with the other party in the name of Chengfeng Dha. After accepting Li Wei, Knowing the practical use and contract of the loan of cold water river urban and rural investment companies, the mortgage property assessment is not approximated, and the meeting, the meeting, finally sign a 95 million yuan loan contract, Chengfeng Da Received a $ 2.2 million consultant fee. After deducting taxes and fees, a middleman received 250,000 yuan, Yang Jialiang received transfer, with a total of 1889,98 million yuan, which transferred to Li Wei account 5.7 million yuan, cash 50,000 yuan, transfer to Li Wei Friend Zhuang Yating Mother Li 300,000 yuan.

With similar mode, in Yang Jialiang, Li Wei has also promoted 199 million yuan for 2 local enterprises in Hunan and Sichuan, and the transfer and repurchase agreement, respectively, corresponding to finance The consultant fee is 41.79 million yuan, 2.4 million; in Guizhou Puding County Pudgun City urgently needed funds, and the local financing cost is higher than Hunan Trust loan interest rate, Li Wei proposed 1.8% financial consultant fee annually. The rate is significantly higher than that of the usual 0.4%, the financial consultant fee of 199 million yuan (3 years) should be charged by 10.746 million yuan. In the financial advisory contract, the aforementioned 1.8% consultant fee was split into a financial consultant fee of 1.2% / year, the project sales fee was 0.6% / year, and the loan needs to pay for a one-time day after the loan is in place. This also means that three years totaled The rate is as high as 5.4%.

In addition, Chen Yuejie served as the senior product design manager of Guofa Trust Co., Ltd. in 2012, \”two-headed\”, not only to the project Square is $ 1 million, but also accepts 200,000 yuan of funds, eventually sentenced to 6 years in prison for accepting bribes, and fined 1 million yuan.

Similar plots also happened in the molten international trust under the middle plant, but compared to Li Yiming’s eyes, \”eating rebate\”, the company is more good at using \”Yin and Yang Contracts\”.

2012-2013, Miaohui as the Assistant President of Zhongtai International Trust Same Industry Cooperation, Executive President of Zhongtai Creation, in promoting a mortgage of Zhongtai, and the borrowing entity Real estate, the main body of Beijing Xuhui Zhaoyang Company’s 50 million yuan entrusted loan (dead 24 months, financing rate 40% / year), signed 2 contracts, misleading the financing party will be 5 million yuan financing fee Its actually controlled Wantong Dako. In the two financing of the other two companies, the financing rates were 13.5% / year and 27% / year in the financing rates, Miao Gong believed that the Wantong Dakothi Incorporate 1% / year and 2% / year income of financing fees by signing 2 contracts per loan. Comprehensive calculation, the total of 3 business totals of Miaohui scored 24 million yuan.

Corruption is not only existing in trust financing

In addition to finance, there is also a \”financial consultant fee\” during the trust marketing process. In 2016, the Hunan Trust Business recommended the 10 billion yuan of trust products in Yongzhou Rural Commercial Bank, Wu Qi and others received \”financial consultation service fee\” to the other party with the name of the third party consultation company, the reason is the other party to buy trust products The post-revenue, other banks follow up leads the tight trust products, and the charge can guarantee the other party priority to purchase and get the highest annual benefit.

Not just trust, banks are no exception as the main channels of corporate financing. A decision announced in March 2019 showed that Babysi Bank Beijing Branch Financial Division Manager Niu Min, and Liu Jingpeng, the customer department manager, in 2013, to sell coal yard, Coal Sale Coal Sale Coal Sale Coal Sale Coal Field, 2013, By contacting the New Times Trust, the consulting fee is 532,000 yuan to the financing party. This will not only expose the internal corruption of the contractor bank, but also further exacerbate the risk of internal management vulnerabilities. In 2015, Liu Jingpeng was carefully reviewed by the credit rating of the same income, and the false data submitted by the credit level, the false data submitted, and did not do the real-life due diligence. In the case of approved identity and permissions, the loan is applied to the relevant departments of the bank to approval and distribute the loan, which ultimately leads to only partial interest.

It is worth noting that such corruption is also involved in regulators. In Hu Zhi, the original China Banking Regulatory Commission Anhui Supervision Bureau (hereinafter referred to as the \”Anhui Banking Regulatory Bureau\”), Hu Wei, a financing party, a single fund trust project of the Cangzhou City, the Tongchuang Construction Investment Company, Hu Yan once in the fund In the investment project loan review, \”hello\”, the project will take 1 million \”financial consultant fees\” as one of the middlemen.

The aforementioned industry pointed out that such phenomena occurred in 2018, with the continuous deepening of financial anti-corruption, coupled with the rectification of non-standard business, such corruption Agency.

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