Has a cut hair to earn money?

\”Mom used to be particularly timid, afraid of black, afraid of bugs … After giving you, I am not afraid of it. Um … nor. I am afraid of you, I am afraid that you are sick, afraid you Bullying, afraid that you don’t learn … \”

\” What are you most afraid of now? \”

\” I am afraid to lose you. \”

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\”There is a kind of hungry is a parent,\”

@ 周 彤: Receive a bunch of mothers sent Ingredients, beef, mutton, pigeons, and their own marinated sausages, like us, a small bag is a small bag, each small bag is my meal. I started to send it fast, so the ice in the box didn’t. But my mother said that she is in the snow, send it to refrigerate preservation, the way, let me see the snow under this year, suddenly crying like a fool. Every child from home is the biggest concern in his parents, they are not good, they are ordinary and long-lasting.

\”There is a kind of cold, parent thinks you cold\”

@ 弘 宇: Shanghai’s winter cold wind. The courier sent to me is actually a bed and thick quilt. When I asked her, my quilt was already thick, why should I send me a bed again. The mother said that I dreamed at night, I dreamed that I went to work in a very cold weather, frozen, hit, and I went home to lying on the bed. How to sleep. So after getting up, I bought this bed quilt for me. After listening to these words, I suddenly felt a bit of nasalic acid, silently took the mobile phone screen, and suddenly I felt that my parents’ love is too beautiful, too delicate, too ubiquitous.

\”\” There is a happiness of the trouble \”

@ 思佳: Although he lived in the eyes, in the eyes of his parents, I will always be the one. Life can’t be self-careful. This is not, it’s cold, the mother’s adults will organize me in the winter. I will send it to me, and I will give it another time: \”I will take a winter clothes!\” \”There is enough clothes, don’t buy clothes!\” \”

I don’t know if other small partners are so broken by my mother, but I still like this sweet burden.

\”There is a kind of warmth is the love of parents in the four seasons.\”

@ 思 奇: Since leaving home to work in the field, he also begins to face himself The fun and sad life, but no matter where it is, it is a child who is worried by Mom and Dad, the phone greetings and video care, let me feel the warmth and love of my home, let me This cold winter is still warm.

\”There is a kind of love source parental understanding and support\”

@ 萍: Every time I reflect bad emotions in a few minutes in my friends, my parents will call me. But I will not ask me. I always say that I will return home. I want to eat it for you. Otherwise, let your mother go with you a few days … They always give me a regressive time. Power, give me the direction and hope when I desperate, give me a high and understanding when I have a collapse. Their love is understanding and respect.

I still remember that in the movie \”send you a small red flower\”, Wei Yihang’s father is a humor, more people, he specially loves children, from small to big, I didn’t move over Wei Yixi head.

However, there is a noisy, the father and son quarrel, Wei Yixhang said: \”I am not as good as death.\” Wei Dad took hands and slammed his son.


Apologize to his son, 哽 哽 得 说 说: \”Since you are sick, I will I can’t listen to ‘death’ this word … \”This scene is really too strong.

In order to treat the child, Wei Dadwei Mom is very strong and brave, and the hard work is in a few workers, and the three-haired five-piece soft minced hard bubbles, no money to eat is hungry Tummy … But these are all uncomfortable, they are only afraid of one thing: lose their children.

You see, parents, people who are the most eye-catching, is the most afraid of he has three long two short people, I can’t wait to give everything to him.


Before the PAPI sauce talked about the topic of life, the PAPI sauce had said that everyone did not dare to say: \”Life is sorted It must be: 1. You, 2. Partner, 3. Child, 4. Parents. \”

Many dads collectively choose\” children Absolutely the first \”.\” This means that you can never imagine what you have in your parents.


Just as before, someone said to Dad to Dad: \”You must want to steal me to sell money!\” The result father suddenly returned seriously. A sentence: \”If you can, you need anything on my body, I can dig it out to you.\” Let the countless people instantly tears.

Patuch still remember that in the \”My Home Nag\”, I have been 30+ but still enjoy my current life status. I felt unexpectedly, she sent out the soul of the promenade. \”Why is people get married?\” 父母不仅会偷偷爱着我们,还会悄悄老去

俊 艳 said: \”If there is no relatives to your appeal and expectation, give up what is it? But because of their expectations for you, you can’t do it.\”

Gao Yulin pensive moment, slowly saying that there is nothing to do with the problem, but it is very deep: \”Parents are between us and death One wall. \”


\” What do you mean? \”Jiao Jun Yan said that he can’t understand, and everyone outside the screen also questiond the face.

Gao Yulin explained: \”Parents, you wonder (death), this is nothing to do with age, you will not think about you 60 years old, Because there is a wall block there, you can’t see the death, the parents are not, you can see your life, you can clearly see the end of your life. \”

父母不仅会偷偷爱着我们,还会悄悄老去 [123


[ 123]


Why is the parents always remind, because they started the ultimate problem of life, starting to die, they are always afraid of their own If you can’t catch up with them, your parents will think that the days are not enough, but if you have a child, he will have a run.

And this truth Gao Yulin also realized that after the death of his father: Home talent is the bonds and hopes of this world.


父母不仅会偷偷爱着我们,还会悄悄老去 Yeah, parents are, we will always live like a child, have no age, no identity. Parents are like the monk sword of the royal family, and all the days are blocked for you.


There have been a 105-year-old video to the 74-year-old daughter, and there are countless people to be touched. 父母不仅会偷偷爱着我们,还会悄悄老去

The old mother in Jiangsu Lianyungang is 105 years old this year, although the family has already five years old, the children are also the old people aged seven or eight, but she is still every year. Send a red envelope to his children. 父母不仅会偷偷爱着我们,还会悄悄老去

Seeing the old people who have been 74 years old, they can also receive the year of money from the mother, and many people are moving. 父母不仅会偷偷爱着我们,还会悄悄老去

Although her daughter has been with ancient times, she has experienced the wind and rain of life, but as long as my mother is, even if it is 74 years old, it is still a mother who loves myself.



There have been a very warm hot search on Weibo: \”107-year-old mother gave 84-year-old daughter to eat sugar.\” This video also made us can’t help but sigh: \”There is a mother’s child like a block.\”

Henan Civil Rights County, 107-year-old grandmother and neighbors to participate in the wedding, see there is sugar on the table, she is not willing to eat, pick up Pocket.

After home, the 107-year-old mother took a crutches, one hand of the pocket under the cotton jacket, carefully touched a sugar, handed it to the 84-year-old daughter.

After the daughter received sugar, the face showed a big smile, it was the child who had, the happiest laugh.


This laugh, let the countless people outside the screen, they have a message:

\”I hope I am 80 years old When I can also eat my mother to give me a sugar. \”

\” Parents are, it will always be children. \”

\” The happiest thing, is the old name Some people promised. \”父母不仅会偷偷爱着我们,还会悄悄老去

Yeah, although she has been 84 years old, as long as the mother is still, she is still a child.

Just like Lao She said: \”Even if people live to eight or ninety years old, there is a little child who is a little child, and lost her mother in the vase, although there is also color There is a fragrance, but there is a person who has a mother. He is stable. \”

That kind, that is, even the wind and rain outside, you are all known, return home There will be a bowl of hot soup tracking all your grievances.

Do you still remember the video of the \”58-year-old mother dancing\” of the brush friends?

Dancing people are Deng Xuedong, director of the Suzhou Hospital of Nanjing Medical University, Deng Xuedong, that day, he went to the ward to visit the mother of the disease. Mother suddenly said: \”Dongdong, you danced to me.\”

Deng Xuedong, 60-year-old Deng Xuedong, is a doctor, how can you dance, but in order to make your mother happy, he is still There is a model to jump up. 父母不仅会偷偷爱着我们,还会悄悄老去

Mom saw the son of the hand dance and smiled happily, Deng Xuedong also felt like a child. At that moment, Deng Xuedong felt that he was not a chief physician, nor a doctoral tutor, he was just a mother’s child.

He said: \”Mother is, my name is a mother, my mother should speak: ‘Dongdong is coming.’ My heart is veryStruggle. If one day, my name is the mother, the surrounding, no one responds, I will be very uncomfortable.

As a child, but the parent is healthy, and the parentality is relied, even if the parents have to take care of people, this dependence is still existed.

The parents are blocked between you and the dead, let you be a child, let your life have a retreat, there is a concern. The world is hard, there is always someone for you, even if you are afraid They are old, can’t help you do anything, but you think that there are still them, you will not be afraid.

Distance Malaysia MH370 incident has been over 7 years, knowing about the Malaysian incident, there are people who have been guarding, and some people have never given up looking for the truth.

父母不仅会偷偷爱着我们,还会悄悄老去 [123

Painting sister saw a user to share such a story. On March 8, 2014, Xu Jinghong’s mother took MMS MH370 passenger aircraft, which was unknown. From that day, Xu Jinghong’s life has been rewritten

The 8-year-old son sometimes asks her: \”Mom, what did you find? \”Xu Jinghong will not stop the crash. On the day of the day, find the mother’s hopes, the new news, the news on the Internet, let her heart together.

From the teept mother , Xu Jinghong became emotional and violent, and she never smoked, she now even smoke. Husband can’t help but say: \”You are also a mother. \”Xu Jinghong said:\” But now the mother will lose their mother, she also wants her mother. \”

Later, Xu Jinghong has a plane above the arm, and the plane is falling. He said that he will return two runways in the future, so you can return safely.

Some people say that when the mother is in, I don’t think \”children\” is a honorary title, my mother is gone, I know the child in this life. Already finished, the blessings of the child in the next life don’t know if there is no qualification.

Parents are still, but also showing the dusk of life, still far away, in life In noon, we still have a lot of time to do what they want to do.

Patna remember September 2018, the songs often green Fei Yuqing announced a personal letter, announced that he will be sealed in 2019, withdraw from the entertainment circle, fans are stunned: What is the reason why he exited? 父母不仅会偷偷爱着我们,还会悄悄老去

Fei Yuqing like a dream Quantise: \”For so many years, in order to achieve a higher realm,I have been moving forward, but I also ignore the scenery that appreciates along the way. When the parents have passed away, I lost my life. I didn’t have their attention and sharing. The beautiful stage made me feel more loneliness, and the applause also fills my loss … \”

父母不仅会偷偷爱着我们,还会悄悄老去 With Gao Yalin, the life of Fu Yuqing did not run. You see, parents are in life; parents, life is only returned.


We always have time, but there is so much time, parents and children are destined to be a gradually far-sighted journey. In \”Parents left to go to 55 things you have to do\” In this book, there is a formula to poke in numerous people:

Make your parents 60 years old, the remaining life is 20 years. You didn’t live with your parents, you see the number of parents every year, probably 6 days, every day is about 11 hours. So, you can get along with your parents: 20 years × 6 days × 11 hours \u003d 1320 hours.

That is, you are with your parents. There is only 55 days left in the days …

Many people have an illusion: \”I am still young, my parents can stay with me for a long time. \”So many people are chasing their own life, often ignoring parents who have been worried about we worry about we have worried about us.

Parental With the whole, quietly stopping the rest of life, leaving happiness and beauty. They are strong, so it is easy to facilitate the difficulties and crisis of life, let us misunderstand them. Very powerful …

Mosing the life of your own life is not very good, pursuing the life you want is also normal, but whenever, please remember the time to cherish and parents More accompanying and understanding parents.

Because, the years are ruthless, never stop for anyone’s parents. 父母不仅会偷偷爱着我们,还会悄悄老去

After all, the love of parents is not You will always be there.

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