Have you learned from the six directions of the media earned earnings?

Hello, everyone, I am Tao Ge, yesterday, a fan friend said: Tao Ge, I am now a workplace, after get off work every day, there are many free time, can you make an extraordinary What should I start from?

It is obvious that it is Of course, in recent years, a large number of creators have poured into the self-media industry, and the short video media platform has also entered the mainstream market, attracting a lot of users.

When the user is more, the reading broadcast is naturally, in today’s headlines and short video media platforms, a lot of content is relaxed, and the platform in order to encourage more authors to continue to publish quality content. Both will be rewarded and divided into authors.

So since the media can make money from the media, let’s take a look at the rewards given from the media platform.

Take the header number as an example, the headline number is divided into two forms: video and graphic. The benefits are mainly divided into six major species:

First type: advertising revenue. The top of the headline number, the account will be reviewed, and the corresponding creative equity is opened. The message setup is checked [Place the advertising earning collection], once the advertisement is distributed in your video or graphic page, the platform will give a part of the money to the creator according to a part of the traffic.

Basic Rights 自媒体赚取收益的六个方向,你都了解了吗?

Second: User reward (live rewards and users appreciation), this is the threshold, and there is a fan base, tens of thousands.

Baishi Rights

自媒体赚取收益的六个方向,你都了解了吗? Third type: Platform Bonus (essay activity, Qing Yun Plan). The essay activity bonus, the platform will recommend the appropriate essay activity based on your account. Advancement participation activities can be made, and the quality content will receive additional bonus rewards.

Platform Bonus


自媒体赚取收益的六个方向,你都了解了吗? User Buy (pay column, headline circle) This requires the number of fans to reach 10,000+, open this function, when your content is released, If the user thinks that your content is valuable, it will pay for knowledge, which is your income.

Wan Powder Rights

Fifth: Customer Cooperation: (Content E-commerce, Soft Wen Cooperation). When you slowly accumulate fans to reach a certain number, after successful VC certification, you can attract some ads, you can attract some advertisers to earn income through e-commerce advertising or soft text implantation.

Sixth: Platform Signing: Quality Content, Original Creation, Platform Direct Signation, this will be more difficult, for individuals, you can choose skip.

When you understand the source of the income, you can start creating an account and start operating your self-media account!

It is recommended to start from the following points:

1 And the content is easy to understand (the headline does not need to have a high understanding, easy to learn to be easy to get the hand)


4, issued time law (score: three stages in the morning, 8:00-9: 00 12: 00-13: 00 18: 00-20: 00)

5 Continuous update (must not be too long, it is best to update an article or video 2-3 days)

New operation data 自媒体赚取收益的六个方向,你都了解了吗?

This is a new registration Number, only 6 days, and I don’t have updated every day, I updated 3-4 days, slowly there will be a show, if it is a trend, this means that your account is relatively large, as long as continues Update, this account will definitely slowly.

Now that the article is difficult than 19 years in 18 years, it is difficult to have more than 100,000 million explosions. It is recommended to have a certain basic fan, or the account quality is coming, the article and the video do it together, there will be a qualitative leap.

What is the problem? Welcome to leave a message in the comment area, I will answer everyone.

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