Hefei’s restaurant uses \”savings\” marketing, 2330 million earnings, make money for you

The case brought to everyone today is that Hefei has a restaurant, boss uses \”savings\” marketing, one year earnings 2330,000.

[1] Case Background

Liu boss is 40 years old, in which the boss is willing to become a good wife, a successful successful person who has become a wife, full of wealth. Many people are very curious. How did this Liu boss be so fascinating in just a year? It’s not that I blow, what can be like this, is the restaurant who is driving.


Liu boss has been married when he is young, and the couple’s feelings are good, plus two family conditions are still good. . The hotel opened for almost ten years. The business has been red fire. Liu Bo also earned a lot of money at the time, and lives in the big flat layer of hundreds of square meters, and there is more than a million luxury cars.

But everyone knows that doing business is very busy, this Liu Boss is not in the management of the hotel every day, there is no time to go to Gu Jia. Women, they need to care, this Liu Boss can’t protect my wife, naturally someone helped him care. This is not, the boss, Liu Bo, who has been in the past few years, and his wife uses his own money and raises the outside of the male college. This is naturally an anger, and it directly brings divorce.

Originally, I will leave it away. Is there a money in my hand? I can’t get a new wife? However, this Liu boss is still a kind of love. For this matter, it is not eating every day, sleeping is not fragrant, and the body is nothing to say, even the hotel is a kind of death, although still operation, but at all If you don’t make money, you will barely maintain a livelihood. For three consecutive years, Liu Boss has always been depressed. Later, or the mother was sick, let Liu Boss re-enacts the spirit, and it is estimated that Liu Bo has already banned.

Last year, Liu Bo passed the person, I met a 28-year-old young beauty. It may be that the beauty of Liu Boss’s rebuilt fight, and the hotel has been reached, but also launched a series of activities intended. Re-come again. The result is really don’t say, this is a person, and you can do it. This is not, the restaurant is operated so much by Liu Boss, and it is 2330,000 in just one year, earning a lot of money.

合肥一家饭馆利用“节约”营销,一年盈利233万,赚钱方法给你 [2] The program introduction

Liu Boss did so many years in the catering industry, naturally a friend of many dining. Everyone saw Liu Bo Dongshan again, but also did so success, and ran to ask Liu Boss. How did this do it?

Liu Boss also knows that he has made activities in the local area. It is impossible to have a big guy. The sure is very generous, just a trick: customers go to the store to eat in 199!

I tried, if a hotel tells you, you can directly reduce the 199 yuan, will you want to go to this restaurant? Is this not a thing of the sky? Is there anyone?Will you refuse? impossible. So the problem is coming, Liu Boss’s event, how did he make money?

\”Small Recruitment\” taken in the case is part of the marketing wisdom included in this column. If you have difficulty running now, if you lack customers, if your product can’t sell it, you may wish to be in columns. Look for the industry to find the industry that is suitable for you, see how the smart people do business.

[3] Profit analysis

People who do catering business will know that the catering industry is not high, but competition is very intense. You will walk in a street, you will find a number of catering stores, then choose where to eat? It must be a store that will choose to be attractive to you.

As the boss, it is to learn to create this \”attractive\”, let customers take the initiative to spend your store. How did Liu Boss do? He launched an event: as long as the customer is eating, you can reduce the cost of 199 dollars.

Someone said, is this not a blood loss? What do you have to eat 199 dinner? What is the boss still earn?

It is not actually, because Liu Boss’s \”relief\”, it is not anyone to enjoy this benefit, but only members of the members. If the customer wants to be a member, you need to spend 199 bills to handle a wine card. Customers who hold wine card can not only get 199 bottles of beer, but also reduce the cost of 199 dollars.

合肥一家饭馆利用“节约”营销,一年盈利233万,赚钱方法给你 Seeing this, do you understand Liu Boss’s profit logic? Customers spend 199 dollars to buy wine card, and Liu Boss is here to reduce the cost of 199 yuan, this is it? Liu Boss can also earn 40% profit.

As for the 199 bottles of beer, it is a means of locking. It is used to attract customers to enter the store. After all, this beer can only drink in the store, can’t take away. Everyone thinks, customers have 199 bottles of beer in Liu Bo, which will choose to go to Liu boss when she wants to drink wine, I will choose to go to Liu Bo. After all, these beer is spending money, no one wants to waste your own money, isn’t it?

Of course, the activity (industry) case here is only a few ways, and there are more strategies, opportunities, and \”set\” on physical stores in my column. And summarized hundreds of current earnings industry and new doors. If you are interested, you can click on the item that is right for you.

Finally, Liu Bo is like this, using \”savings\” marketing, one year earnings 2330,000, earned a pot full of full.

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