Help illegal website brush bank flowing nearly 10 million, men are sentenced to one year

Modern Express News (Correspondent Wang Junbao East Reporter Yan Junchen) knows is a criminal act, a man still uses software to help illegal website to brush bank flow, with a amount of more than 98.7 million yuan, but also let your friends join. On December 29th, the Modern Express reporter learned that Jiangsu Qidong Court recently made a judgment of the crime of helping the information online criminal activity, sentenced to one year in prison, and penalized the rule of RMB 10,000, and returned the case. The resulting RMB 40,000, confiscated, and paying the national treasury.

At the beginning of May this year, Zhou received a call from his cousin Chen (have been handled): \”There is a business, as long as the bank card and mobile phone number, a bank card can earn more than 1,000 yuan a month Is there interest? \”Chen told him that as long as the bank card, the mobile phone card, and then transferred and brush the recharge capital of some illegal websites on the mobile phone platform, they can make money. Zhou felt this is a good way to make money, just need to have money on the phone, so I promise.

In addition to the pit, Zhou also contacted Zhu, Zhang, Ma, Liao (four people have been treated) together. Zhou handed himself to four bank cards, and the friend who was pulling a card with a card, three to four, respectively. Zhu et al, pay the bank card, mobile phone number and bank card after paying the bank card and mobile phone card, online banking login password (four-piece) gives Zhou, Zhou Mou again passed WeChat to shoot the above four sets to Chen certain. In addition, Chen also let Zhu have installed a software program and authenticator that specializes in brushing water.

In the process of giving the illegal website to brush the bank, Zhou found that the software will automatically receive the transfer, the SMS reminder, the number of SMS reminders, the amount of SMS reminder, the number of SMS reminders, Hundreds, dozens, the amount is not equal. However, Zhou Zhou did not care about it, he only cares about how much you can earn. During the period from June 20th to June 20, 2021, Zhou and Zhang, Ma, Zhu, and Liao, the bank account provided by Liao took the total RMB 9 million, Zhou Mou illegally profitable RMB 40,000.

On June 24, 2021, Zhou was arrested by the public security organs, and the criminal facts were contemplated after their belief. After the incident, items involved in bank cards, mobile phones are detained by the public security organ. During the trial of the case, Zhou’s close relatives were returned to the illegal income of 40,000 yuan and prepaid a fine of 10,000 yuan.

After the trial, the defendant Zhou Mou will help others use the information network to implement crime, and the guy with others will help the crime. The circumstances are serious, and its behavior has constituted the guidance of information network crime. It should be investigated according to law. Its criminal responsibility. At the same time, the defendant Zhou wrote not only its own bank card to help information online criminal activities, but also actively contacting other people’s expansion of criminalization, the circumstances are serious, and should not apply probation to them. In order to maintain the social management order, punish the criminal Qidong Court made the aforementioned judgment.


Article 277 of the Criminal Law stipulates that the sin of helping information online criminal activities refers to the use of information network to implement crime, and provide the Internet for its crimeTechnical support such as access, server hosting, network storage, communication transmission, or provide advertising promotion, payment settlement and other help, serious circumstances, in prison or criminal detention, or single penalty at three years

In the case, Zhou knows that he has helped illegal website to brush bank flow through tools, and even actively contact other personnel to expand the scale of crime, and its behavior has constituted help information network crime.Activities.

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