Holding a \”lying lottery\” for half a year \”earn\” million

In recent years, the joint lottery has gradually entered the public vision, and has become a good way to get rich in some people. However, if you don’t understand, you will be blindly purchased, it is easy to fall into the trap of the liar. Recently, the two women in Xitang Bridge, Haiyan County Public Security Bureau, accidentally cheated 150,000 yuan during the purchase of lottery tickets. The sea salt police made a whole effort, and eventually fell up with a company-operated fraud gang, a total of 9 suspects and frozen the capital of 500,000 yuan.

The world is not deeply deceived

Xiao Jia and Tingting are a big friend, and the two have often shared the way two after graduation. Recently, Tingting has no intention to join a WeChat group who bought a lottery ticket, and the micro-friends often say that a teacher in the group will make money, Ting Tingxin thought it was true and pulled Xiao Jia and pulled Xiaojia. After consulting the purchase, there is someone added their friends and sent a website link to the lottery ticket, and said that the teacher will make a plan for them. After winning, the teacher took 20% of the commission, and if he didn’t win, he returned the principal.

June 15th, the teacher first gave them a plan, two people funded 3,000 yuan, earned more than 400 yuan, and made 110 yuan for the teacher. Seeing that making money is so easy, the two dispel all concerns. On June 19, two people took 40,000 investments and the result failed. The teacher said that he can only continue betting, in order to get back the previous principal, the two have only to continue to make money betting. But this time, I still have to change the winning information, and the teacher continues to ask them to invest. At this time, the two are already in a text

Far busy

Afterwards, Xiao Jiahe Tingting realized that it was cheated, July 1st, two people went to the Haiyan County Public Security Bureau Xitang Police Station. The police survey found that Xiaojia and Tingting’s Alipay’s water record showed that their money was transferred to the account of men. Ling Mou is in Zhengzhou, Henan, and the location of the fraud website is also in Zhengzhou. On July 13, the police immediately rushed to Zhengzhou, and under the cooperation of the local police, I found that Ling Mou in Zhengzhou’s multi-house rent.

In the case of squatting, the police found that these houses have residents, and some people will work in these houses at 9:00 every day, and they are the staff of the fraud website. On July 18, the police implemented the arrest, and I saw a lattice office area in each room. Everyone placed a computer and multiple mobile phones, and Ling was also in the room. The police took 9 suspects in one fell swoop, and seized 10 computers on the spot, 27 mobile phones, and frozen funds of 500,000 yuan.

The role-playing circle is fast

According to Ling Mou, in the beginning of this year, he urgently needs to find moneymen road because of the business, and later, he rented a server. Buy a website to implement fraud. Due to the fire violent, Ling Mou has recruited all over the country and promises to zero my high return to draw a salesman. Ling gives each person multiple QQ, WeChat and other social platform accounts, randomly add friends, find fraud objects.

Add a friend to chat for three or four daysInitially persuade them to join the group of the lottery, there are teachers, salesmen, other buyers, etc., but they are self-guided self-directed, just let the counsel hook.Ling said that there are two ways to buy lottery tickets, a number of options, numbers, but the winning number is what I said; one is to buy lottery, there is no specific number, I decided to bet the amount and whether to win.After the event, 20% of each salesman will get the amount of fraud as a commission, and the half-year is proud of nearly 10,000 yuan.

After I joined this team, I learned that this is fraud, I also thought of exiting, but I didn’t bother to pay for money.The 23-year-old salesman Huou said.At present, 9 suspects have been criminally detained by the Haiyan County Public Security Bureau, and the case is under further handling.Police remind: there is a regular platform for purchasing lottery tickets, and you need to have a certain understanding of these platforms, cautious investment.

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