How big is the cold car business earning money?

The annual summer is the peak season of cold chain logistics transportation. At the same time, it is also the off-season of ordinary freight. Since the summer continues to high temperature, the entire ordinary freight market continues to be sluggish, resulting in many car owners to plan to purchase refrigerated cars and began to participate in the cold chain logistics transportation industry. However, before entering the cold chain transport, we must have a full understanding of the cold chain logistics transportation market. Many friends ask how much refrigerated car business is good? How big is the refrigerated car make money?


1, large semi-hanging traction refrigerated car profits, risk is also large. Cold chain transportation points large long distance transportation and short-range urban distribution. The owner of the owner is generally discussed, and it is a long-distance transportation of the semi-hanging refrigerator, because its freight rate is high, profit, good money, so it attracts many car owners’ attention, but long-distance cold chain transportation Most of the high-end traction refrigerated cars, like this large semi-hanging, the front four after the cold car, the price of the whole vehicle is relatively high, the investment is large, and this type of refrigerated model has a growing trend, the risk is relatively large. Before the owner of the owner, we must fully understand the cold chain transport market, and it is necessary to adapt to it when the driver will run.

2, the small cost of the small refrigerator is low, earning money. Many people think that the opening of the refrigerator is fast, in fact, small refrigerated cars can earn money, because the rapid development of fresh e-commerce in recent years, the \”last kilometer\” of cold chain logistics transportation is small The refrigerator has brought more business opportunities. Moreover, the overall cost of small refrigerated cars is relatively inexpensive, and the vehicle investment is small. Generally, the freight is not shipped, which is a fast forward version, especially suitable for the owner of the startup.


However, how much refrigerated car is better? How much refrigerated car is better? This cannot be generalized. Engaged in cold chain transportation mainly has to look at whether the supply is sufficient, there are many mobile phone software to find the source of supply, you can decide how much refrigerated bus will be purchased according to the cold chain market and its own actual situation.

Special reminder: 1,3.5 tons of small refrigerated cars, many regions began to implement the national six emission standards, and the truck is limited, and some are limited, so they must confirm the local national policy before purchase.

多大的冷藏车生意好挣钱? 2, 4.2 meters light card refrigerator, also on the blue brand, C-card driving, most areas do not need to do business certificate (Tianjin to do), the entrance threshold is very low, you need to pay attention to overweight on the card, Turning overweight.

3, 5.2 meters yellow card refrigerator, requires operation of operation, driving licensed, and should have a region where the vehicle is overweight.

4, 6.8 meters yellow card refrigerator, you need to do operate10 tons of load, market standard model, good distribution.


5, the first four latter four models are 6.8 meters, 7.7 meters, 8.6 meters, 9.6 meters, 6.8 meters suitable for transportation, 9.6 metersSuitable for transportation of light goods is a express special vehicle, 7.7 meters and 8.6-meter car models 15 tons

6, 9.6 meters before four after eight17-18 tons, market constitutive model


7, 15 meters semi-hung by state control, only 13.5 meters and half hanging,30 tons of goods

High-speed policy impact, can not overweight, remember!!!

There are too many models, and many configurations are not necessary. Based on the transportation situation, it is best to choose the right model!!!

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