How big is the dentist’s profit?Planting tooth cost is only 10 yuan?

Today, although the market is general, the stocks are not bad. I am bored, I’m bored, suddenly I saw the news that the house prepared before the listing has completed the financial information update, and the Shenzhen Exchange has resumed the review of Shenzhen Jiaokou Medical Co., Ltd. issued a listing, and sudden interest will come. I have taken it in and see.

I don’t know if you have yourself or around you have not seen the dentist. I believe that there is no in the beginning without the concept of oral hygiene. Some people will take the initiative to watch the dentist. The voices of the drill bits in your teeth, my foot finger can give a three-bedroom, a fear.

Really started to look at the dentist from being pregnant at the time, to a certain day in the late pregnancy, suddenly feel that the toothache, the bad teeth should have been very much, very deep. Oh, it is also a popular science, the teeth are like the body. I will check it out from time to time. Don’t think that it is not painful, and it is often no longer saved. It was already in the third trimester at the time, considering that the teeth should be played with anesthetic or antibiotics, I have not checked, including the latter, oral hygiene is not in place.

When I finally went tooth, I had a life in the first time I had a memory of the dentist who sat down (when I was young, my mom said it also took me to teeth, forgot) The dentist said that my teeth have broken 6 [tears]

, all require root canal treatment, and then porce into teeth.

Later, I almost watched the dentist almost every year, and there were some small problems, and one or two porcelain teeth were safe. So I am also experienced, I have an experience in watching the teeth.

Oh, my father is not good, I have a few teeth in the past few years. Although it took a lot of money, it was very painful. However, it is now that 60 people have eaten, and the body is a poor, I think it is worth it.

How much is it spent? I can’t count, I am afraid that I will suffocate [I want to be quiet] [I want to be quiet] [I want to be quiet]

I don’t know what to see the teeth, waiting for the discussions to share


is because There are more than the above background, plus the dentist is now the well-known profiteering industry, so I am very interested in seeing this article, I want to see how much this dental product is made.

The company’s prospectus showed that the company’s products can be divided into three major categories of fixed teeth, activity dentures and orthodontic products, and also distribute planting products. Among them, the fixed tooth service is the first large-income source of Jiahong oral cavity, and the revenue is more than 60%, while fixed allocarcell income accounts for more than 50%.

This fixed type denture Probably I guess I’m safe this porcelain teeth. Now all dental hospitals are the main push of this treatment, I guess this should be the most profitable, then look down, and sure enough:

from the gross margin perspective, the industry really be called oral lucrative industry. 2018-2020 years, the family hung oral main business gross profit margin was 49.74%, respectively, 47.58% and 43.21%. Although the 2020 crown by new outbreaks have an impact on gross margins still remain at 40% this high. Further, the fixed full-porcelain margins even reached 64.06%, respectively, 62.82% and 59.15%.

that this particular all-ceramic dental costs how much? Prospectus also gives the answer:

prospectus also disclosed, 2018-2020 years hung home oral fixed all-ceramic prosthesis were the average price 314.70 yuan / stars, 312.85 yuan / 309.27 yuan and particle / particle, but the unit cost were 113.12 yuan / stars, 116.33 yuan / 126.35 yuan and particle / particle.

is not seen, only the most expensive price 309, 126. However, the cost of production which is factory prices. To the dental clinic, and what price to sell it? There is a price list:

all-ceramic dental porcelain dental mouthpiece domestic full price list price (unit:)

all-ceramic crowns made: 1200 ~ 4000 + [123 ]

perfect porcelain teeth porcelain times: 1600 +

create all-ceramic dental Ireland: 1600 +

Mega-made all-ceramic dental: 3000

all imports of porcelain price braces (unit:)

DOCERAM Germany porcelain teeth: 1800 +

Dujus Germany porcelain teeth: 2000 +

Japanese all-ceramic Noritake teeth: 3000

Korean Teng Teng porcelain teeth: 3500

Wayland Germany porcelain teeth: 3200

crystal Germany porcelain teeth: 3000 [ 123]

all-ceramic dental Sirona, Germany: 3500

CERCON Germany porcelain teeth: 4800+

3MLava Lava porcelain teeth: 5000 +

watching me just say that there is no one able to combine all of the dentist to get a listing, I certainly can not buy [pull the nose]

kind of implant it? More expensive, the general dental clinics generally charge a dental implant in 2W or more. The article did not specifically explain dental implant cost, but pointing to a vague: dental implants usually cost no more than 25 Consumables% …

啥 也 啥, I seem to see the shadow of the big bull stock, at present The Hungou has been re-submitted (previously submitted the material, not in line with the retracted) prospectus, everyone pays attention to the point, buy it.


Today, the body is not too comfortable, last night didn’t rest well, the headache is powerful. The above extracted news, don’t mind.

While the market fell, the shadow stocks have a little bigger than the beauty of the United States, although this is very exciting, but I can’t help but I can’t hold it. . Ha ha ha ha.

Oh, today has operation, sell the previous double-founded fund, no reason, that is, I feel that there is too little position and not focusing on it. Take a few thousand pieces to leave a room for a house, and sign the new shares or new debts.


The big market is general, but I still look at the market, here is not deep.

Today is over, sprinkle.

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