How difficult is this year to make money?

This year, the epidemic is flooding, for life, no longer expectation, just the hope of living.

I am running a restaurant. My lady is Hunan, and the spicy girl has a good Hunan dish, so those years are very popular.

Earn money, Zhang Luo bought a house, a domestic car, two children on the private school. The little days will still be moist.

I didn’t expect that the epidemic was coming … After the epidemic, many catering brands appeared in the cash flow crisis.

Our restaurant is no exception. It used to use the received cash flow wages to pay the rent, even with the liquidity of the restaurant, open the new restaurant.

The result is that the two restaurants suddenly have no business because the epidemic appears. There is no business, there is no cash flow, but the restaurant chef and the clerk of the clerk, our restaurant is still necessary.

Fortunately, we live in the great country.

The state gives our restaurants from paying taxes, but also gives us free vaccines for free, and retransmate (restaurants) to pay the staff Social Security Fund.

This year we make money too difficult!

My lady looked at the newspaper, suddenly, she didn’t speculate in the Hunan vegetables for a long time, pointed to see a line of words:

People’s Daily said \”You are very healthy, that is the best year!\”

Too warm! It turns out that it is not easy to make money this year!


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