How do college students make money in college and achieve financial freedom?

First, get a scholarship. Scholarships from 8,000 yuan in the national award, 5,000 yuan in Guizheng, to the school’s grade scholarship, 2000 yuan, 1500 yuan, 1000 yuan, 500 yuan, as long as learning efforts, minimum 500 pieces is not a problem.

There is also a system of people who have money, and will also carry out various selection activities. It is generally once a semester. The selection is directly hit, and this kind of selection time is very short, from Applying for money is estimated to be completed as long as two weeks.

Second, participate in various competitions to get rewards. The school-level competition, provincial competition, national-level competition, some games are rich, used to encourage students, there is no money, there is no money.

I got a bonus of a school level, and I have been issued by the company’s sponsorship, Kindle, Luggage, Gym Card, and I have a prize. Actually made money! I called the bank card sent by the school!

Also, every year, I will get the name, and I will have money according to the name I take, and I should have more than two thousand before and after. The birth of the hospital is usually directly docked directly. Alipay WeChat can collect money, sometimes trouble, will use bank cards.

The school is directly to the Sports Department and the Sports Department directly


This is The maximum amount of money received by the school Games

There is also a meeting of the school to go out, and will send a competition costume and bonus. Because it is a school, it is more regular, and I will play the bank card directly. 大学生如何在大学里挣钱,实现财务自由 Third, the workmanship and learning money. The school has a job position of work-to-learn, according to the other time outside the class, so it does not affect the normal study time of the students. There are many medium-sized types, and the assistants of the aunt, the administrator of the classroom, the assistant of the counselor … In short, it is what you choose, what you want to do, but these positions need to be appointed.

For example, the work of bicycles, the content of the work is to put the college students’ chaos, and they are in the parking line, every time noon and in the afternoon, everyone will get together For 10 minutes, no matter whether it is life or learning, it can be placed in a bicycle. The last 10 minutes will join together, and the salary of a month is more than 300. In the instructor office, the brain is active and physical activity, and the salary is high. The school will issue wages based on the actual work of workmanship.

Don’t worry if you don’t need to worry about yourself, you can’t bear this kind of classmates, but you have been able to make money when you want to make your parents. Is a very respectful and valueProud things.

When I went to work hard, we were all treating, waiting for her to pay for her salary.

There is no understanding of the part-time job outside the school.

I was taken out with a badminton teacher, 100 yuan a day, noon bag. It is a badminton competition within a company, requiring a referee, just in the badminton class, it will be brought by the teacher. The part-time job was over, the teacher gave me 100 yuan of cash, this money is the teacher’s own mat, because the company has to take a post to make money. It’s really happy to get the 100 yuan!

I have saved more than 10,000 yuan in the past. I usually give a part of the 2000 living expenses given every month. Some of the school scholarships, part of various competitions. I took more than 20,000, I used these money to reward my own new mobile phone and a tablet, and finally more than 10,000 yuan left. My securities method taught some financial management methods in the classroom, and finally earned hundreds of dollars.

The university is not just reading, or you can make money.

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