How does the anchor operate a quick liveliver that makes money?

In fact, many people are still in the stage of the Internet. Although this is good, but for many people, the optimal way does not necessarily do traffic.

For many companies doing MCN, the first starting is normal to choose to do panic. And it is a big IP. This is also because of the problem of starting resources.

This type of IP has no clear transients, and the belt capacity is not a bit perpendicular to the upper industry, but the amount of fans is absolutely rolling in the industry. Vertical IP. With this absolute fan, stand in the industry’s head position and form an influental efficiency.

And many times, the large head of the large headband is still not necessarily more than 100,000 fans in the industry. The big name does not necessarilypect the power of the industry. Small V is not a big name, but enough focus, in a field of sucking enhancement capacity is strong enough.

The survival logic of them is completely different, and the large Vs only rely on the famous gas, and the small V is more professional and the industry resources, in order to simult to survive.

Listening to a friend who made MCN said that this kind of very headed account is currently in advertising mode. And many companies are going to e-commerce. Especially the beauty industry is more competitive.

The mainstream way is to do a short video from the media, this is also a regional exploration shop gourmet, which is normally seen.

This type of account is also compared, and the regional merchants can be charged. This is still a comparison of primary models. Still staying in the way advertising.

For many individuals, the simplest mode of starting choices is normal. Just like regional gourmet video IP, there is a very shaped business closed loop.

The merchant has propaganda demand. At present, the food business must not rely on group purchase platform or take-out platform drainage. It is necessary to rely on the natural traffic and old customers. Originally, there is a region from the media in the public account. These regional food merchants will also choose public publicity.

Many times, this type of propaganda graphic is a more imperfect video form. The biggest video of the video is true, because the picture can be lie, but the difficulty of video deceptive is higher. So the short video is a way to go to the storefront.

For personal users, find food, not only the regional recommendation of the group purchase review app, you can also find this type of short video from the media IP content to choose, because more interesting, some people.

This type of content is not only suitable for regional cuisine, but also the place where the area can play. For example, a video is to play a place. This is a surrounding tour, as well as an extension of children’s hobbies.

This type has a comparative form in the Age, such as where weekend.Son. You can migrate from the public to the short number form this form more vivid video in the past. Because this is more in line with scenes of.

Of course, my personal judgment, a short video of this wave of development, not only for this type of account is a short video dividends, while the public is also a bonus number. Because for businesses, it could not have been his own platform by passive flow algorithm.

algorithm is more like a casino, too high uncertainty. But the number of public traffic is relatively controllable, it can be higher operational. Community, personal micro-channel weighting is higher than the number of the public.

So the industry must be more and more specialized, more whole platform.

why I say that if this era many companies still stick to a set play, may soon could not handle before. Because the rules have been changed in the middle. After struggling new media will not do a lot of business.

while the current wave of unemployment is happening in this community, but also had a lot of good industry will face restructuring.

traditional advertising business, it development companies. I see a lot of traditional advertising company originally because the current development of new media themselves had not go on, these small business owners who do not find the door in this industry, it began to sink to help companies to do the project.

programmers do not exaggeration to say that a few years ago are big hot industry, everyone says that good programmers talk about the industry, high wages, good development.

However, the current reality is that this career has begun to decline, many of the original high-paying career high welfare, unemployment is facing the dilemma of a career change to be replaced.

the whole community in the rapid development of the wave of rapid iteration, had not been optimistic about the industry might become an instant bonus industries. Let’s make this an ideal fit with the game industry’s patch, patch generation to generation really is king.

may present we are more concerned about vibrato, this is very easy to form an illusion, says that short video that is vibrato, but often different platforms have different properties. And many times the industry which hides a lot of other opportunities.

I said a lot of people think that social networking is the only electricity supplier to fight a lot, gathered shellfish shop and so on before. Micro-channel electricity supplier companies do choose to have only praise and micro Union and so on.

but many times people ignore the current population sink how powerful, even the original plan Ge public number is a way to use the hawker stalls can promote, but eventually became the best from the media ecology.

The biggest reason is definitely not small business operators impossible, but because these products are too difficult for them, learning cost is too high.

You see all used to praise mall, enterprise must have a certain scale, and has operations team supports. Personally would like to make good use of this product is very great difficulty.

but the actual situation is, too smallBusiness hawkers can’t use this product, and there is no such ability to operate such refined products. At this time, it is not like a product such as a similar part of the market, but a product such as a micro store.

I came to the next period of the micro store project. At that time, I just added a microwacy CEO, Wang Wei. At that time, the entire industry was a large number of ordinary micro business into the store. Later, I thought this product did not disappear the mainstream circle, because of the difficulty of development.

But after helping a friend to handle the microwocks store violations, his store was frozen for 1 million funds a week. This product has met from the new, this may be outside the mainstream circle, but maybe the company that makes money.

A friend told me that their company is a sully profitable, they are not active inside the mainstream media. Enterprises that are really exposed must have another purpose.

Remember a new media in Suzhou last year, Dream Jia sold more than 20 billion? In fact, this news is to come out. Of course, there are more inside those who are inconvenient.

Said this case is mainly to let everyone only stare at the most popular platform, because fires often indicate the intensity of competition.

Many may not be in mainstream media eyes, but these platforms may really make money.

At present, there is no lot to hear a lot of sounds on how to make a quick-end operation, but why I suggest that some people do it, because the two Party A companies I serve, they have been operated for half a year, now every month. With 1 million income.

What kind of case is the specific industry, these can’t say it with you, but this direction is worth trying.

When the business is advocated in the industry, it is often necessary to pay attention to a single point break, quickly form an industry barrier. Burn with money, anyway, capital payment.

However, the real business must return to the business itself, and companies that don’t make money are hard to survive. That day I asked the teacher, I said the teacher, I visited some companies in the past few days, I found that many short video entrepreneurship did not make money.

The teacher said that many such companies have effectively ignored commercial closed loops, and they did not form commercial closed loop. A company wants to survive too difficult. A company must match its own achievement according to your ability. Use core capabilities to form a commercial closed loop.

What is the essence of biological survival? The advantage of the fittest, the adaptive survival. Many times the normal business is a good currency.

Industrial upgrade, surface looks is an industry upgrade, in fact, some industries that cannot be upgraded from their own industries. China is excessive from labor-intensive countries into labor refinement countries.

The adaptation does not have this change, not only personal unemployment, but it may also be the industry’s failure.

Many times, you need to take these things to look at these things, so you can see more clearly. Which of this age is profiteering industry, property, medical, beauty, and internet.

What opportunity to challenge is this industry, this area is really changing. There is no chance to fuse with new technologies.

From the industry to see the opportunity, then change from the crisis. This is a core algorithm that people can survive better.

The above is more, the core point is to tell everyone a few key elements.

1. For most people, commercial closed loop is more important than paying attention to traffic;

2, local self-media not only only food IP, but also from the original business area from the media business model.

3, the high-speed development of society, followed by the sudden changes in the industry, there is a heart that hugs, in order to make himself more competitive;

4, the industrial change, Looking at the crisis, it is a huge opportunity to hide the crisis.

5, enterprises that are sulking and making money are really reluctant to appear in the field of public, don’t just look at the media reported by the media, and look at the industry players, maybe there is a big chance.

I found a friend in the community to share, about how to operate, because the identity is special, not open. I told me many times, this inconvenience publicity. Of course, I understand. The following is some of this sharing. Reserved a part of a friend who gave the community.

Why talk about the fast hand, my point is that this industry is not only shake, but there is a quick hand, there is a microsight. The fast hand has a non-official article writes a quick hand. Maybe it has become the largest live broadcast platform.

At present, the quick day is 160 million, and the peak is higher online. When the online time of Japan users is generally in 1 hour, the quick hand is not only good for users, and it is very good to penetrate in a second-tier city.

Fast hand is more responsible for friends, as long as you work hard, I will continue to give you some quantities, slowly help you.

The mechanism of the official platform, the following is a suggestion for the number of high powder, making money.

Official Mechanism:

Mechanism 1: Compared to explosive models, the quick hand will share more traffic to long-tailed video mechanisms.

Mechanism 2: Climbing mechanism, video upload, machine test recommendation, new number recommended by 100-200. Depending on the point of view, comment, and complete rates to determine if the content is quality.

Two calculation methods:

1, if the data exceeds a certain threshold, more traffic is matched;

2, and the video comparison released in the same period , Feedback good videoMatch more traffic. This repeatedly rolls a few rounds of flow. If the overall data is a forward cycle, it will be randomly pushed to the hot door, which is the discovery page.

Improve attention and praise skill video cover 8 Tips:

1, the cover body is clear, HD, see the character and background

2, the title does not exceed 10 I have an interactive sense

4, the cover is biased, the blue is easy to attract attention

5, the home page of the home page and the title should be more uniform

6, some people are strong than no one

7, the expression is clear

8, single-person exposed than many people

improve points 6 major themes:

1, there is positive energy warm heart: positive energy, warm video

2, contrast: ordinary shape + highlight talent

3, visual Enjoy: color value + talent

4, curious, interested: creativity, infarction and bag

5, use: practical industry skills, practical life coups

6 Combining hotspot

to create an account to get more attention:

1, clear people set

2, cover uniformity

3, specializing [ 123]

Improve the skills of live broadcast

1. Fixed time broadcast, fixed time

2, interaction is very important, so that the audience has existence.

3, booting in live broadcast

4, pay attention to differential styles, usually use or share talents when they are broadcast.

4 Tips:

1 Important, must pay attention to these two points: let algorithm read: The algorithm will identify according to image, voice, text, characteristics, then match the corresponding users to let users read: look at interest, emotionally resonate, practical

3, 2 ways to enhance account influence

1: Cover, video interaction, live external factors

2: Participate in project hot topics, shoot with frame, purchase fans headlines [123 ]

4, the platform encourages the original, but the video of the first handling other platforms will be considered original.

The above is to tell you, everything goes around your own resources to do your account closed loop. Enhance the core competitiveness in your industry. It is a better way to survive.

Finally, I wish you all a quick sign number to make money.

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