How does the driver make money (what driver is most earnings)

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Recently, the network of the network has set off a battle, many webmarks platforms He has announced that the transfer of the servant policy attracts the driver, and the beauty of the quiet two years will take a taxi to return to the rivers and lakes.

The drivers have smelled, where to make money, have chosen a number of platforms, in this case, the driver’s income has improved, but multi-platform operations also give the webmark driver I have trouble.

Blue Whale TMT reporter interviewed a number of webmark drivers to investigate their income and platform settlement. So, what is the survival of the net approximachuse?

Small and medium platform to compete, the driver will make money

\”I was a full-time driver of a webmaster platform, but the current driver working in the platform has become mine. ‘Part-time’, \”Master Song Master Song,\” Exclusive Vehicle Driver, \”A Platform.

According to Master Song, since July, including Cao Cao travel, all small and medium-sized platforms in AA travel, \”The total calculation, the small and medium platform is more money than the big platform I have a certain amount of task. I need to be online for 9 hours a day, but I will complete this 3 single, then I can set the system into the mode of the order, pick it to other platforms Single. \”

The reporter learned that in recent years, the relevant companies engaged in the net approximation have soared. The sky-eye check information shows that there are more than 2,000 companies engaged in the network about the Internet in my country. Among them, more than 50% of the net approximation related enterprises were founded within 5 years.

Net Society E-Commerce Research Center Life Service E-commerce Analyst Chen Li Teng said that in order to obtain hundreds of mobile travel markets in obtaining webmobile platforms, it is necessary to have a drop of behavior. \”, T3 travel, the first steep car, enjoy the road, Cao Cao travel, 嘀嗒, Harbin travel, etc.

Multiple webmark drivers said that almost all platforms are \”La Newly Responsible\”, and each family has launched a preferential activity, strengthening users and capacity, and even the \”US Mission truck\” in 2019 \”App has recently launched in major app stores.

Song Master said that these platforms even hired a third-party company, \”I just met a third-party company called Fangmi (the name), which made me register AA travel, Later, I found that many of the registered AA trips are square meters. \”The reporter found that the username of the driver’s client registered by Master Song showed the name of the third party.

\”Where is the drivers to make money? In addition, the small and medium platform is relatively free, the management mechanism of the big platform is relatively complete, there are many complex regulations.. \”AA travel driver Chen said.

A number of network usually said that the reporter said that there were more platforms, and the selection of the driver was more, and one of the platforms could not pick up the order. One platform order.

From waiting for the sending order to find orders, multiple mobile phones simultaneously order

According to a mobile phone driver for 5 years, Liu Master introduced The survival of the driver of the new network is actually not good, the platform is high, and many drivers can’t pick up the black, it is difficult to achieve the ideal income level. Many webmark drivers around him have not persisted. [ 123]

Master Song said that when he was still a newbie, he was only stationed in a platform. I know that I can settle a few platforms per person, just in a platform, waiting for the dispatch, sometimes it is one-level 6 hours will not be sent. When I did it for more than half a year, the daily flowing water was about 400-500 yuan. \”

According to the reporter learned from a number of webmarks, there are currently two models, one is to join the model, and the other is a car rental mode. In the franchise model, the driver is required to have its own The car, the platform water buckle extension resilience is the driver’s income; and the driver does not need to have a car, the car can rent a bus with the webmark company, requiring a deposit of 1-1.5 million yuan, car rental platform The monthly supply of the driver will be deducted, and then some commissions will be removed. The remaining flow water is the driver.

Master Cao Cao’s travel driver said that the reporter said that the car rental mode, \”every day The platform sent to me is a constant, recently, Cao Cao travels to implement a commission policy, and the daily flowing water can have five or six hundred. \”

Many webmark drivers said to reporters that experience is from communication with other drivers.

Song Master said,\” Later I found, can’t do it, \” Holding a form, you have to find an order, talk to me in talking to other drivers, where is there a good list, when can I get a good list, and I have been touched. \”Multiple webmark drivers said to reporters that now, there are more models, the platform is more, and many drivers will settle in the three or four platforms.\” Master Song said, \”Relying on the network of the bus driver This occupation is already Not a problem, I now have about 1,000 yuan a day, but it is necessary to ensure about 14 hours a day. \”

But at the same time, it has a certain acknowledgment. According to Master Song,\” multiple platforms need multiple mobile phones, sometimes they can also receive two or three orders at the same time. Although this is a very small number of cases, I really encountered, in which case it must be canceled from it, but cancel orders sometimes affects the driver score. \”

Take the reward, like the shackle, the remote appointment order is difficult to grab,The income is difficult to break through

Ding Master said to reporters that the morning and evening peak hours, that is, from 7: 00-9: 00 and 17: 00-20: 00, Cao Cao travels to complete three subsidies 10 Money, complete 15 single subsidies in one day, complete 18 single subsidies 120 yuan, \”and basically completed 18 orders every day.\”

In addition, many webmark car platform drivers said to reporters, most The platform has a reward mechanism similar to Cao Cao.

But there are also many webmark drivers to react, and reward just like games. Master Song told reporters. In fact, the higher the reward, the more difficult to get it, the more difficult to complete the task, \”the small platform is still better, the algorithm of the big platform gives the driver’s constant restrictions, the driver is desperately running, give the driver Total water is added every day. If you complete 15 orders, you can get the corresponding high reward, then this 15th is like a clergy, it is difficult to play. \”

According to Master Song, The farther, the more the money earned, so the distance from the distance can be counted as \”good list\”. \”For example, the next night will grab the next morning’s appointment list, then from the three yuan bridge, Beiyuan or The list of Guangying to Daxing Airport is a good list. \”

But at the same time, Master Song also said that the good list is very difficult to grab,\” For example, the reservation order, in the morning, the Changping Campus of the University of Political Science and Law Daxing Airport, the five rings are 85 kilometers, and if the six rings are more than 90 kilometers, this order is about 200 people to grab, but it will eventually get this order is a person. \”

more The net approximachi said that the probability of the female driver is greater than the male driver, and the driver who uses car rental services is larger than the driver of the franchise model. \”The female driver can grab 1 single, the male driver will also grab the single 1 single, and the part of the car rental is more embarrassed (the big rate is large).\” Song Master said.

In addition, the reporter learned that each platform has a corresponding integration system, and the platform will be based on the performance of the driver, including the scriptical, order completion, and passenger score.

Song Shifang said: \”Some times I and a passenger talked a few houses in the car, but also passengers took the initiative to talk to me. When I got off the bus, I took the initiative to add my WeChat, but this was monitored. If you record it, let me learn. \”Many webmark drivers responded that the big platform is too severe to the driver, and the space of the driver is not large.

Master Liu said that if the score of the driver is very low, it will seriously affect the registration situation.

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