How does the private school eat a policy dividend?Please harvest this \”Ordinance\” interpretation assembly

The State Council officially promulgated the newly revised \”Regulations on the Implementation of the Ministry of Education of the People’s Republic of China\” (hereinafter referred to as \”Implementation Regulations), which is a further refinement of the\” People’s Republic of China, Education Promotion Law \”revised by the Standing Committee of the National People’s Congress. The basic principles and systems established by the upper law have made more targeted, feasible, and operational provisions, providing further implementation of new legal new laws and new policies in education.

From this revision, the new \”implementation Regulations\” deleted the chapter of the \”People’s Office\” chapter, increasing the \”teacher and education\” and \”management and supervision\” chapters, and will support Reward \”Change to\” Support and Reward \”chapter, a total of sixty-eight articles. At the terms, modifications and new addresses are mainly modified, and there is a large change in the structure and provisions of the \”rational return\”.

The new regulations reflect the basic idea of \u200b\u200bcurrent development of private education: on the basis of standardization, support high quality private school development. At the same time, this revision also passed five great achievements:

One is to help the holder to run school

Second, it is conducive to teacher peace of mind

Third, it is conducive to students to reassure

Fourth, it is conducive to the government’s intention of learning

5 is conducive to social care inspections


Policy orientation

1. Strengthen the party’s leadership, and ensure that private schools correctly run school

\”Implementation Regulations\” further clarify the legal status of the party organizations in private schools. From the legal level, the important role, strategic status, basic principles, development direction of private schools were established, and the important position of the party organization in the governance structure of the private school, highlighting the party organization political function, which is conducive to the party’s construction. Synchronous plan, party organization synchronization setting, party’s work synchronization, and ensure that party organizations have effectively played political core role in major issues decision-making, supervision and implementation.

2, strengthen government responsibility, grading classification specifications and support

Compared with the old version, the new version \”Implementation Regulations\” in fiscal special funds, blood measurement, purchase services, land policies, teacher preferential treatment In terms of supervision and management, it has developed a more clear, specific measures, and clarifies the requirements of the regulatory schools to regulate the management of the private schools in the compulsory education.

3, guarantee equal status, strengthening running school independent

\”Implementation Ordinance\” focus on implementing equal status of teachers and students, activating the internal life of private schools; further clarifying new construction, expanding non-profit Sexual Ministry, local people’s governments shall give land-land benefits in accordance with the same principles of public schools. At the same time, \”Implementation Ordinance\” also invested many ink in strengthening private schools, ensuring the teaching of private schoolsSovereignty, enrollment self sovereignty, employer self-sovereign and charging autonomy.

4, highlighting the establishment of school, strengthening the supervision of the law

In the case of the non-profit department, we will become the mainstream of private education, and the non-profit private school supervision measures should become a deep promotion. Key Tasks of Sex and Non-profit Private School Classification Management. The Implementation Regulations also made specific provisions on the supervision and management of strengthening private education,

\”Implementation Regulations\” to establish a system or mechanism for improving private school board, board of directors And ensure the openness of the board, the Board and the Board of Board, and ensure the public welfare of schools from the school.

Government supervision

The government has two aspects of the supervision of non-profit private schools, financial supervision and business supervision. These two aspects must be based on the supervision of the financial assets of non-profit private schools. In a certain sense, it is also a government financial funding, tax concessions, public welfare, and other public funds or public welfare assets. Characterization is supervised.

Social supervision

Social supervision is an important part of the operating system of non-profit legal persons, and is an important way to have social trust in non-profit private schools.

5, firm public welfare, leading the continuous development of private education

\”Public Welfare\” is a clear positioning of private education to give private education, and is also inherent attributes of education. Regardless of the choice of profitability or non-profit, the private school must adhere to the public welfare direction, and we must put social benefits in the first place.

\”Implementation Regulations\” focus on the long-term development of private education, increased the support of non-profit private schools in terms of financial subsidies, tax concessions, land distribution, etc., clear policy arrangements, key support connotations Construction and quality improvement, high emphasis on the protection and motivation of private schools, and put forward restrictive measures to improper disparity behaviors in the field of private education, further constructing a systematic barrier for maintaining public welfare.

6, build a sharing of health education, creating a health education ecology

High quality development of private education is inseparable from government departments, social forces, private schools and their teachers and students. \” The implementation of the Regulations suggest a series of regulations for the group’s school, related party transactions, school holders, compulsory education and high school across regional enrollment, will promote the orderly competition between public and private schools, better maintenance of education. fair. Private schools should continue to enhance their sense of social responsibility and public welfare, helping vulnerable group students to achieve growth and development, in order to have the competitiveness in the new situation, maintaining a role in school.

Special Analysis

1. Non-Camp Private Schools Priority

During the \”14th Five-Year Plan\” period, the national level will implement non-profit and profit private education classification management, and actively encourage social forces to build education in accordance with the law, and promote the continued healthy development of private education. In this, adapt to the development of the world’s private education development, carry forward the education public welfare attributes, implement differential support policies, and priority to guide social forces to organize non-profit private schools, undoubtedly the main system orientation. Implementing the non-profit-owned school-related support policies need to do the following four points:

1. Implement the priority access policy for non-profit private schools.

2. Implement the equal treatment of non-profit private schools in accordance with the law.

3. Fully guarantee that non-profit private schools have independent schools.

4. Comprehensively strengthen non-profit private school normative management.

2, comprehensively implement the legitimate rights and interests of private schools

New \”Implementation Ordinance\” promotes the construction of teachers to new heights, based on promoting private education sustainable, health The development of strategic positioning, tightly deducting the painful problem of the interests of the people’s school teachers group, specializing in the independent chapter, on how to protect the rights and interests of teachers, improve teachers’ political status, economic status, professional status, social status, etc. The equity has made breakthroughs, accurate, systemic institutional arrangements, providing a reliable rule of law of legitimate rights and interests in more than 3 million private school teachers across the country, and laid a thick system guarantee for the development of private school development. These provisions have the following highlights:

1. Strengthen economic security and implement teachers’ compensation.

2. Strengthen fairness, implement the legal identity of teachers.

3. Strengthen mechanism guarantee, implement the professional development of teachers.

4. Strengthening the system guarantee, implement teachers to participate in democratic management and supervision.

5. Strengthen government support and implement teachers’ occupational social security mechanism.

3, the Foundation Office, help build a world-class private school

Foundation to run school provides a safeguard mechanism for the sustainable development of non-profit private schools, making my country’s first-class private schools in China possible.

First, the Foundation runs in the international practice of non-profit social service institutions, and the Foundation plays an important source of funding in schools.

Secondly, the Foundation is facilitating the non-venting attributes of private schools. The Foundation’s own public welfare attribute guarantees the non-profit and asset of non-profit and assets in private schools.

Third, the public welfare of the Foundation has increased the government’s trust in private schools and the social public donation confidence, providing powerful funding for non-profit private schools.

Fourth, the Foundation’s school model is an important way to ensure self-sovereignty in private schools. Foundation and peopleThe school governance border is clear and more beneficial to protect the autonomy of the school’s school school.

Fifth, Non-Camp Private Schools need to establish an independent service in its own Development Foundation, to solve donations from huge alumni resources.

Regional Private Education Development Foundation, although it can play a role in solving the problem of fundraising difficulties, project operation, the lack of publicity resources, the publicity resources to go, but still difficult to solve individual schools Sustainable development, therefore, all schools established independent funds that support the development of the school are necessary.

4, private primary and secondary schools, need to develop and innovate in the norms

The introduction of the Implementation Regulations is that it is an impact on private primary and secondary schools, but it is better to say a promotion and Promote it, it will prompt the private education market to be purified, and the source of the Qing dynasty will open the new ecology of basic education. The appearance of the small micro school, the coming of the mixed learning age, facing the future many uncertain, private primary and secondary schools need to have the ability to educate common sense, and more need to quickly and flexibly promote the formation of the school diversification.

Without the development of vitality in private primary and secondary schools, there is no new sample of basic education development, and the vitality of private primary and secondary schools is derived from the core competitiveness of the school. The core competitiveness of the school is based on the transformation of the reconstruction of teachers and students in learning space, learning content and learning methods. The most important transformation of private schools is to let buildings, equipment facilities from visualized limited resources advantages into life enlightenment of education ideals and value, from local highlights and characteristics to create changes to strategic planning, organizational structure, cultural heritage, curriculum construction and operation System advantages and other system advantages.

5. How to implement various initiatives

The introduction of the Implementation Regulations on Promotion of Private Education provides conditions for the development and construction of various policies and systems of private education, but work The key is to implement, currently and future time, you need to do a few jobs:

First, earnestly study the implementation of the Regulations. Government management departments at all levels and private schools carefully study, widely publicized, and firmly be practiced by the maintaines and policies of private education development policies.

Second, unswervingly implement classification management. The legislative spirit that must be adhered to classification is not shaken, seize the opportunity, and establish a clear and clear, and the modern private education system system in the school.

Third, resolutely eliminate (profit) non-(profit) policies. Under the name of non-profit, this kind of thinking and behavior cannot be allowed, otherwise it will disturb the implementation of classification management, combat and damaging the enthusiasm of non-profit civil school holders.

Fourth, encourage local government policy innovation. It is necessary to fully respect and play the enthusiasm and creativity of local government policies, and improve policies.Sexuality and adaptability.

Fifth, strengthen the positive interpretation of private education laws and regulations. It is necessary to allow and encourage all kinds of opinions, but also to strengthen positive interpretation, increase positive publicity, guide the correct public opinion orientation, ensure the smooth development and implementation of policies.

The revised \”Regulations on the Implementation of the Private Education Promotion Law\” is actively responding to the focus, difficulties and key issues in practice, fully emphasizes the important force of the educational power to the development of strong countries – level The role of various kinds of private education, give full attention to the interests of all parties such as the holder, teachers, and students, eliminate misunderstandings, clarify doubts, fill blanks, and encourage social strength to actively promote high-quality private education and make their healthy development.

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