How high is the profit of liquor?

Many people know that white wine is a profiteering, but how is it specifically of a profiteering law, but everyone is unclear.

Maotai factory price 969 yuan, official guidance retail price of 1499 yuan, the real market price is more than 3,000 yuan in the first half of the year, even if it is 2,600 yuan, it is about 2,600 yuan.

What is the real cost? How much is the money? Even the best quality is about 5 yuan (ordinary sorghum is about 2 yuan, the price of bulk purchases is lower).

Even if it is 5 pounds of food, the cost of the raw material is artificial, the packaging is not a few tens of yuan, of course, the management of corporate salary, but the management of the management is not low), brand) Advertising promotion is also a small expense.

In accordance with the official announcement of financial data,, although the current stock price fell nearly 1,000 yuan compared to the highest, the market value is still in the list, the gross profit margin is as high as 91.19%, and the net profit is 53.02%.


While other listed liquor companies’s gross profit is more than 60%, of course, the net profit of other wine companies may not be as high, but it is relative to other industries. Say, in terms of profit margins, most listed companies are hit.

A best-selling brand liquor, usually with a perfect pricing system before it is factory, the general words will give the wholesaler 15%, wholesalers’ words are generally won.

The municipal agent is about 30%, the city agent generally wants to press a lot of goods, spread out a lot of goods (some will not be commented), so they must give them a high profit, their operating costs Relatively high.

白酒的利润到底有多高 If the retailer, then the profit space must be more necessary, after all, retail is mainly, basic will increase more than 30% on the basis of the pricing price. The 300% of non-brand is normal.

Generally, the factory price is about 100 yuan, the retail price is at least 300. This is also true, the factory price is 969 yuan a bottle, the market price is about 3,000 (of course, only the first half of this year).

The winery is currently more competitive, and some winery will choose to take a low price route in order to maintain market share, or they will be too high in the factory, completely sell, some agents The dealer chooses small profits but quick turnover in order to reduce the stock, and even sells.

Many wine prices are very outrageous, what 2999 yuan a bottle of wine, the actual transaction price is 29.9, this everyone is watching live, there is Very deep experience.

Of course, he will sell 29.9 yuan a bottle or will make a big profit. After all, there is a profit of 9.9 yuan, but the price of the price isWhat wine is, it is not good to say.白酒的利润到底有多高

Normally, the profit of drinking is still relatively high. Of course, I have to sell it. Anything, selling it is profit, it is money, I can’t sell it, it is a loss.

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