How is the hill breeding profit, there is no future?

The pheasant breeding market has been in the past ten years. It is important to objectively. The wholesale price of places reached 80 yuan.

But we track pheasant farmers to find that profit is so high, but sales are not very smooth. In other words, the demand for pheasants is not large, and the voyage fluctuations is faster, the price is high, but the fall, no one is also possible.


In the western mountain farmers broke the news, they are working with a city enterprise, which is the company we often say to the farmer, sign a contract. For farmers, prices can be stable, and can be acquired for a long time, of course, is a good choice.

However, the good view is not long, after the company acquires two batches, the third batch of chickens are late. Finally, the corporate party said that the price was rejected, but was rejected by a farmer. Later, the pheasant farmer no longer cooperated with the company and walked up the market.

It is from self-raising, as long as it gives you an order under the incubator, people will send you a hobbed chicken. However, the sales channel of the pheasant does not have the channel wide, you need to find information online, inquire, and cooperate with the surrounding wild chicken farmers. In fact, these wild chicken dealers do not have a fixed partner, and the price is always high and low. 野鸡养殖利润怎么样,到底有没有前途

After a few years, there is also a loss! When high, 80 yuan also sold, and more than 30 yuan will also sell it when it is low. Therefore, the profit is really less stable, according to normal price analysis, the gross profit of a chicken is 10-20 yuan.


The wild chicken is large, it is difficult to raise than ordinary chickens, but the ability to resist disease is strong, especially the coldness of coldness is much better than the general chickens. Market prospects, like special breeding, risk still, but the prospect is also good, sales and brand need you to explore, optimize and improve. At present, there is no big brand.

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