How is the live broadcast platform depends on what functional profit?

With the continuous development of the live source code, there are more and more live broadcast platforms on the market, but the functions are getting more and more rich, but they are also more fiercely because of such market competition, but still have a constant investor settled in the live broadcast. The industry is related to the powerful profitability of live broadcast platform. There is a lot of smelling people to detect their future prospects, and the live broadcast has become the most profitable industry in the past two years,

直播平台都是靠什么功能盈利? [ 123] Picture from the network, intrusion and light

There are current live platform features, interactive functions, entertainment functions, and performance, but for investors, what are the live platforms How is the most important thing, the big venue said that the investment live platform wants to make money, and the live broadcast platform has a change in the platform.

1, Mai PK

Lian Mai playing has always been one of the core functions of the live broadcast platform, and its gameplay is very simple, that is, let the anchor and the anchor Interaction, but the resulting live effect is indeed, especially its punishment mechanism, so that many viewers will be willing to reward, just to make our favorite anchor is not punished.

2, gift reward

When you watch live broadcast, we often see that there are audiences to reward gifts, and this gift is the most important source of live broadcast platform. It is also the most common gameplay of the live broadcast platform. The platform is different from different special effects according to different gifts. Of course, the more expensive gifts are more luxurious.

3, the advertising position

For most companies, advertising is the fastest way to know the name, while the live broadcast contains huge flow pool, It can be described as a win-win move, while the location of the advertising is set according to the money of the company, and the more advertising sites that the flowers will be placed at the latest position of the home page.

Picture from the network, intrusion and light

The ability to live platform is the most important investor, except for the above In addition, there are live tape, paid houses, etc. Over time, I believe that the live source code will have more performance. Finally, users who are interested in live code can pay attention to us ~

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