How many people in investing microphes are earning money (making money on money)

There are many types of fraud in life, but no matter which type, as long as you don’t want to be greed, holding the impulse, then these fraud can’t invade.

Today, a financial fraud that is currently prevailing, sharing it to everyone, so as not to be deceived.

Scenario is: use WeChat randomly add friends, usually use a beautiful avatar, usually plus male netizens, first hooks, and let you introduce Microcanitan trading a few days later. The so-called micro-disc is only necessary to invest small amounts can participate in the financial speculative product of leverage transactions. It is different from the operation principle of A-share operation. It can be used to sell more empty, and T + 0 transactions, at any time in the trading time, you can always settle at any time. Generally, the starting amount is 100 yuan. This kind of fraud marketing staff is often a special screenshot of a large pile of customers, and the size is all, and it is a personal sunshine life show in her personal sunshine. It is a beautiful white rich. However, all fraudulents use people’s anti-reverse psychology, in such a way to attract everyone. High marketing liar will first talk to you for a few days, let you feel confidant, and you will share her life, let you have a certain feeling of her, gradually lure you to participate Microcapress; if the IQ is low, I will tell you how Microcoprog transaction can make a quick profit, then you only need to ask: Since you make money, you have earned it, why still do sales, and these earned money Where is it? She is speechless or vulnerable.

泛滥的微盘交易 —传销诈骗的变种!

Then that person said that tomorrow is the US non-agricultural announcement, there are many markets, let me increase funds. After the next day, give this money and win.

泛滥的微盘交易 —传销诈骗的变种! After another day, Chankan has made back to this money. At this time, I also suspect that it is not possible to have a technology, and then go to get off work every day, what K The knowledge of the line, average line, etc. More than 7,000, before and after, I won the full loss in it, I still lost more than 20,000. Now the debt is high, and the family is not sick. I have tried the alarm, the network police, but it is useless. . Now, I can’t face my loved ones, I am not reluctant to repay the debt, I really don’t know how to pass later.

By analyzing, the data I have operated is completely inconsistent, and the data of international futures is more contrasting, international futures is not impact on the data of each platform, they claim to The tracking, synchronization, etc. is completely deceptive, and each platform is completely its own data source. Research on what K-line, average line, etc. are completely useless.

泛滥的微盘交易 —传销诈骗的变种! Can you know that in stock is essentially a scamThe teacher shouting is earning your commission. The card point pit is even more common techniques for their pit investors, and even the platform is a commission that earns the customer’s loss. Such virtual transactions will only make you lose money. If you want to know the spot, I plan to enter the money, please dispel this thought, you will not have a profit of the unfair gambling. If you are using a transaction, please stop the operation immediately.

Sarrely, everyone can still seem to be a feeling of the micro-disc transaction. In fact, the micro-disc is the principle of trading is the principle of futures and spot trading. As long as you account in related platforms or exchanges (micro-discs have no legal basis, there is actually what legal exchanges), bind bank cards, transfer to funds You can buy more empty trading, and futures, spot, and foreign exchange. These financial markets can be carried out, no foreign visitors can participate, there is no truth, don’t expect to play these leverage financial speculations, which may be the most hard strength in the world today. And IQ games, much higher than stock trading difficulties. Futures, spot, foreign exchange, the threshold for funds is also relatively high, so some people with interested people use the WeChat platform to establish the company’s public account, recruit some network business marketing frauduers, these people have no separate, not Understand finance. Just ask a professional question, I don’t know, it is also a person who is eager to ask for a husband, gives those behind-the-scenes people act as a flyer, and there is a standardized marketing plan, and you will find it to you. The microphil’s fraudulent circle is the same or similar, and the speech is very similar. 泛滥的微盘交易 —传销诈骗的变种!

Microplastic trading temptation places where the leverage transaction, the principal is invested, and 100 yuan can also participate in speculation. And they recommend that the varieties you have made are goods in the Qing Dynasty, such as silver, iron ore, natural gas, asphalt, or even crude oil, etc. Since it is a margin trading system, you do a single, such as silver empty single, margin 100 yuan, may fluctuate in a few minutes, because the direction is right, simply say buy more or sell empty equivalent to buy big buy Small, pure electronic disk virtual transactions. Microphalis transactions are essentially electronic disk gambling, and if the platform is sufficiently black, you can also control the modification of the trend through the IT background. But temptation lies in small amounts or participate in leverage transactions, let silk experience to play the stimulation of leverage finance, and have a certain probability to earn one or two.

There are many kinds of micro-disc transactions potential profitable means, one is a high proportion of transaction fee; second, it is possible to control the backstage price trend to gamble; third, fundamental is not bank hosted but let customers turn money Entering their accounts, accumulating to a certain level of rollover away. Microcanopsis is the pyramid scheme scam in the gloss of naked leverage, unlike futures in domestic transactions, and the latter trading (spot trading illegal platform is also a wool)It is a financial market that has market value approved by the State Council or the Ministry of Commerce. I hope that I am fortunate to read this article should not be deceived.

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