How much can I earn a baby?

How much can I earn a baby in a year? In recent years, with the rapid development of the milk tea business, a large number of investors flock to the milk tea industry, and the tea shop is covered with the streets. Some milk tea shops are very good, consumers buy milk tea often need to row. However, after the landscape behind the milk tea industry, there are also some close-door milk tea shops. How much is the milk tea shop earning for a year? Take the Queen Milk Tea as an example, take you to understand how much money can you earn a year. # 开 奶 店 # \u200b\u200b# 茶茶 钱? # # 茶 店 #


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First, we need to know the cost of opening a tea shop. If a milk tea store is about 5,000 yuan, the monthly salary of two employees is around 6,000 yuan, and the hydropower costs per month are about 1,000 yuan, which is about 12,000 yuan per month, so the moon of the tea shop. The minimum turnover needs more than 12,000 yuan is likely to be profitable, because there is still a cost of material. The profit margin of milk tea is very high, generally around 65%. A cup of 10 yuan can earn 6.5 yuan.

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If you want to open a milk tea in a small city, you need to sell at least 62 cups of drinks every day to make money. General milk tea shop can sell 100 cups one day, earn (100-62) * 6.5 * 30 * 12 \u003d 88920 yuan a year.

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In fact, it is a great relationship with the ability to make profits and store locations. The better the dairy tea shop, the greater the passenger flow, the more potential customers can sell more drinks.

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开一家奶茶店一年能赚多少钱? Good location can sell 300 cups a day, but the store is more expensive. The rent of these stores is about 10,000 yuan per month. The three employees per month of labor cost is around 10,000 yuan. Sales volume, hydropower is also increased, budget 2,000 yuan. Then the milk tea shop can earn (6.5 * 300 * 30-10000-10000-2000) * 12 \u003d 4.38,000 yuan.

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If you open a store in a commercial square in a passenger traffic, you can sell more than 500 cups over a day, the same store rent is higher, and the cost cost will also increase. Xiaobian reminds all investors, although the investment is, the more likely, the more likely, but the larger the store, the more difficult it is. Investors who do not have industry experiences do not recommend that initial investment is so big, but the entrepreneurs have gradually developed from small investment. 开一家奶茶店一年能赚多少钱?

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How much can I earn a baby? The full queen milk tea believes that the economic conditions of each city are different, and the regional rent of the milk tea shop is also different, which affects the factors in the area of \u200b\u200bthe milk tea shop. The average annual income of the milk tea shop is subject to specific statistics. The above statistics are for reference onlyTest.开一家奶茶店一年能赚多少钱?

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