How much can I earn a single purchase?What must I have a necessary little skill?

Now the courier is generally used to send express delivery to the express station, the courier and the station is getting closer. Express delivery points mainly do express generation to send and receive business, collect a single almost earn 5 cents, who is this money? Is it a seller, platform, or a courier?

快递驿站代收一单能赚多少钱?经营代收点有什么必备小技巧? How much can I earn one can earn a single purchase? What must I have a necessary little skill?

First, the profit model of the express station

Collecting express: Express generation to earn 5 cents, take average. Generally, the express delivery station is charged, and the charge is between 0.4 yuan to 0.8 yuan, it is recommended that the majority of entrepreneurs choose a third party’s express delivery point to do business. Third-party platforms, you can divert a number of expressions such as four-way, so that the brand covered by the recipient is more, the quantity can also accommodate more, and more expressions are more resource advantages.

Send delivery: Express delivery package, single-piece profit margin is relatively large. The single piece difference is approximately 5 yuan, and if the courier station has a lot of mail every day, then the profit of the delivery and receiving express will increase a lot. Generally, the courier station will go to some online shop owners or micro-commercial cooperation so they all from the express delivery station, and the overall profit of the express delivery will increase.

Secondary Income: When I just opened the express station, I can only open a separate site. Because of the initial delivery of express delivery, it is necessary to steady. On the one hand, the delivery can earn the income of the parcel service, and on the other hand, the flow can be stabilized. The express delivery station has brought traffic, suggests that after the express service is stable, add some value-added services. It is common to open a convenience store, dry cleaning store, providing community services such as printing copy, living payment, train ticket sales, bus card recharge. Because the business contacts form a certain trust, the user is also used to patronize your express station, so that the transformation of the people is also more convenient.

Second, share the tips of the operating express station

What is the focus of express delivery? A greeting, let the customer feel warm. Maintain old customers, naturally have more supporters when you develop new business channels. For example, after your courier station has opened a period of time, you want to be a community group purchase, and it must be supported by customers. If you have a good user, you have a certain sense of trust, the customer’s order rate will be higher, your group purchase business is also easier to carry.

What should I do if I encounter difficult speech: open a courier station, always encounter some tricky problems, such as some non-understanding customers to find 茬 because of small problems. The boss of the express delivery station should do our best to do the service. It should communicate first like this. If it is a dispute, you can choose to let the courier and users will communicate. Be careful not to have a direct conflict with the user, which is unfavorable in the later business.

Long-term no people to pick up how to do: If there is a quick period of express delivery, it is necessary to classify the category to the backlog, and to process in time. Because of the limited space, the express station is best to organize the shelves regularly. The express station boss can give the backbuber to the courier and let the courier contact the recipient for processing. This can quickly clean up the express shelf, help to improve the outcome rate, avoiding complaints and fines because the courier delivery is issued.

Third, what do you pay attention to doing express delivery?

Doing express delivery, be sure to deal with interpersonal relationships, the boss of the express delivery station must maintain good feelings with the courier with your own docking, let them feel the express delivery station can have worries. In the case of customer express damage or stop loss of express delivery, there is a timely view monitoring. Don’t urgently shirk responsibility, no matter whether there is no storage system in the express delivery, you must first communicate well with our customers, and then contact the courier to handle related matters.

Although the development prospects of express delivery services are now very good, but I remember not to think about making quick money. If you just start your own funds, you will first open a separate site. Don’t think about it with a lot of workers. Because some sub-industries have certain requirements for store area, human conditions, and funding conditions. And the express station is the same as the service industry, and the quality of service is fundamentally. High quality services can improve customer trust and loyalty. If you start doing too much, it is very hard, it is easy to affect the quality of service because people don’t affected the quality of service. Therefore, the courier station operator should maintain patience, do a good job before starting the express delivery business, step by step.

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