How much does it cost to open a daily department store?How is the profit?

Under the support of the country, the stalls will be fired again. Although some people put a lot of stalls, some people think that the booth is not a long time, I want to open a daily department store. How much does it cost to open a small daily necessities?

Choosing a small department store, the threshold is not high, and many entrepreneurs do not have any pressure when working with it. Compared to other projects, it is worth investing in entrepreneurs, with great development prospects, small department stores compare more costs than other entrepreneurial projects. Mainly include three funds: First, the store is selling. The second is the renovation fee. The third is the store of the store.

开个日用百货店要多少钱?利润怎么定? 1, store rent: generally difficult to unify estimates, different cities, business districts, and store rentals have a lot of difference, and the general location will have a certain transfer fee. And the rent of the store has a year, half a year, quarter, so it is necessary to make a detailed investment in the rental market before the location of the store, there is a number in the heart, and the follow-up development can be more grasped.

2, store decoration: small department stores need to design from light, audio, color, etc., but these costs are relatively small; small department stores in terms of pattern, small department stores do not need too much complex, follow-up The infrastructure such as the shelf running platform, the cashier station can avoid damage, painting, etc. in the long-term use, therefore the budget can be relatively sufficient.

3, the purchase: But also pay attention to the product to be covered with all shelves, avoiding the short-term issues in a short time in the store. The quality of the goods must also be guaranteed, which has a crucial role in the post-storement of the store and the traffic flow.

How to define the owner of the store?

Due to the difference and pricing of the store in the store, the profit is also different, and the sales volume is not the same. In general, 10 yuan is in order to seize the market, gather popularity; 10-30 yuan of goods have high profits, but sales below 10 yuan; more than 30 yuan, high profits, low sales, mainly For customers higher levels.

So, in conjunction with the product’s purchase price, it is classified into different price ranges. In the case of ensuring your own profit, it has developed product prices and obtains a profit by balancing product profits.

If earnings depend on the high and low cost of rent, labor salary, hydropower, gas and other costs, only hair profits can be profitable. The Mao Listers, the goods are different, and the gross profit of the daily necessities is about 50%.

In the process of operating department stores, there is a need for constant summary experience to make adjustments to the product ratio according to the sales situation. Want to ventilateBig bigger, it has to expand the price range of the product, priced in the ladder.

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