How much does it cost to open Meijia?What are the channels of learning American?

The nail has now become a new fashion, and is regularly a nail has become the habit of girls. Therefore, the Nibesty industry began to show a different vitality, so many girls chose to operate the American business to meet their own nails and accumulated the store. So how much does it cost to open a beautiful shop? A table, a set of tools, you can do your business. Therefore, the cost of the wisdom of American business is very small, especially the stall. So, how much does it cost to open a nail?


General, set a booth, 1000-2000 can be. If it is an opening, the cost is more. Take an ordinary chain brand as an example, join a nail shop, and the total cost of opening the store should include franchise fees, increase / increase, and related procedures. In the integrated market, open a small and medium-sized nail chain, the cost of the project wisdom is generally not more than 60,000 yuan. Combined with its 50% of the ultra-high development, the US project is worth choosing. If you are interested in this beautiful career, then where can you learn nails? How do you do nails at home? Where can I learn nails? Learning nails, in fact, there are many channels, the way is also more flexible, and the following four kinds of learning methods can be used for you to choose from:

1, self-study: no video, live broadcast A lot of channels in the Internet, a lot of channels, a graphic tutorial, online class, should have, of course, this way to learn nail, high-quality, perseverance, stepwise patience, and the spirit of the heart, so, The process of learning is certainly relaxed, but it is too obstacles, but if you listen to the study outline, concentrate on, then, learning is also possible.

2, Apprentices: Like haircut, baking, Menician can start from apprentices. Of course, this process is much more hard than self-study, and it is better to meet a good idea to pour a group, otherwise, not only do a lot of misions, can not learn to be true. If you want to learn a manicure, you can have a sensitive observation. After all, you can see the technician’s live operation, there is more existence than the online look, and it is time long. It will naturally be won.

3, vocational school: When the undergraduate from the regular college, specialist talents are more popular, but more popular, not only employment, but also high salary. And nails, there will be this course in many vocational schools. If you want the system, professional mastering this skill, then choose a qualified nail training institution, it is a good choice, and they will be employed. How do you do nails at home?

Girls always love beautiful, then, in addition to appointing to the nail shop, the beauty salon is a nail, can you do at home? Xiaobian’s answer is yes. So, how do you do nails at home? As long as a setThe tool is OK, of course, the tool is also divided into the foundation and professional. If you do it at home, you can choose the foundation, everyday trim, daily maintenance, you are not here.

The so-called business is not compressed, if you have a heart to master the art in this fingertip, you can start preparing now, there is a road avenue to Rome, as long as you reach the goal, the above four methods can, as long asChoose according to your actual situation!

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