How much is the profit of the flower american powder, you can earn more than 1,000 nights

Nowadays, this kind of snacks will believe that everyone should have seen it, maybe there is no eating, but at least see it, the food street from the city’s night market to the mall, flower tag powder is also called The tin articles are also called Happy, that is, the flower armor adds rice nail to put it together in tasty soup and then put it in tin paper in the tin paper, so that the flower nail powder soup is delicious, but also because of the fresh flavor of the flower armor Let the taste have a lot of color, today talk about how to watch the fireworks powder, how much is the profit of a night?

How can I do it in a seemingly simple flower atripot?

In fact, it is necessary to say that the production of flower tolue is still relatively simple. One of the main factors is to handle the flower armor is clean, because the flower armor is a seafood product, no one wants to eat in the mud when they eat. It will be very bad, the business is estimated to be big, so when you do the flowerkollen powder, you must first put the flower armor in the cold water, try to make it for a while, Clean it clean, and the soup of each flower tolue is probably 300g, it needs to be prepared in advance. The production of high soup is also more important, because the taste of the soup directly affects a delicious degree of subsequent flower tolue, usually uses bulk and hen.


Ready to have a pot of almost a large size, which is probably like a bowl you give customers, it is good, and the bottom shape of the tin foil paper is posted with your pot. Place the high soup and hot water, put it together in the inside, put it out of the gas furnace and boiled it directly, and then add rice noodles, ginger, parsley and other ingredients. Add some vegetables, we are generally all the mushrooms, I don’t like it, so it is best to let customers choose, so, then, then cook for two to three minutes, you can tell it!


Pay attention to the feminism of the fire, too long, if the powder will be paste, it will be easy, the taste will not be good, Among them, some ginger and garlic have the effect of removing the smell of the smell, and it is not possible to put it less, and some of them can remove some smells, so the flowerklium powder is more delicious.

How much can you earn a night?

Doing business is to make money, before opening the store, every expense is probably, and finally give your product pricing, how much is the price of flowers? Between 12-18 yuan, this is a sales level in our side, saying that in the case of a general business situation, the number of flower toluma powder in one day is about 200 copies, then a total of a total income is around 2400-3600 yuan. For convenience of calculation, our probably benefit is calculated from 3,000.

We put a hair of the flower tolue with 65% of the cost, the raw materials are approximately 30% of the sales, so the year’s gross profitIt around 1950 yuan.

There is also some additional costs. It is usually not ignored by the way in the store business, and the rent, hydropower, artificial investment is calculated according to 500 daily, then buy a pure profit for one night.Around 1450 yuan.

花甲粉这种小吃的利润有多少,一晚上能赚1000多 The value is 200 copies. This is not very well said, the location is different, the city is different, the operation method is different.There will be an influential, here is just to calculate the number of conservative estimates, if the store is better, the taste is good, the operating strategy is proper, and the number of sales can be increased in a multiple of the way.

The above article is for your reference only.It is actually an estimate of the relevant data, not very accurate, just give you a thinking, the flower kga itself has a certain nutritional value.It is also a nice entrepreneurial project, the flower tacho snack entrepreneurship tutorial pays attention to private letter to send it to everyone

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