How teachers make money (when the teacher does not make money)

First-line teachers, on the three-foot platform, conscientious, pay their hard work and effort, and constantly promote their own growth. During the teaching process, combined with the school and its own actual, constantly study teaching, thinking about teaching, looking for methods to solve problems, and improve their teaching capabilities.


First-line teachers, to improve their teaching level, you should know the basis of teaching and learn how to conduct teaching. In the process of teaching, teachers need to understand the basis for textbooks, which is the new curriculum standard, need to use new curriculum standard to guide their teaching. The curriculum has also been revised many times. Each revision will have certain changes, especially the promulgation of the new curriculum standard, the use of new textbooks, must understand the content of the curriculum standard, know the concept of new curriculum standard, can better guide yourself. Teaching work. Learn new curriculum standards, let us understand the goals of the course, the basic ideas, teaching quality and evaluation of the teaching materials, need us to study, learn the curriculum standard, based on curriculum standards, better improve your professional level . In the learning process, you can refer to some of the results of the course reform, learn to learn from the experience of the course reform.

First-line teachers, to improve their teaching level, need to combine their own characteristics and teaching practical teaching, pay attention to improve their teaching art. In the process of teaching, learn to constantly learn, improve your professional quality, seriously participate in teaching and research activities, learn to learn from others, learn from each other, and improve their teaching level. To participate in the school’s open class and various evaluation activities, through the promotion of teaching, good at summary and discovery, in the process of continuously hone, improve your teaching and improve your teaching ability. During the teaching process, we must learn to study, good at summary and thinking, understanding the feelings, seriously preparing lessons, and enhance the art level of our lecture.

First-line teachers, to improve their teaching level, need to pay attention to their own image, be good at discovering and summarizing issues, and constantly enhance their teaching results. Teacher teaching, to consider its own image, pay attention to the teacher’s watch, to strengthen learning, pay attention to personal teaching charm, let students like their own lessons. It is necessary to pay attention to the continuous reflection in daily teaching, learn to summarize, find problems in teaching, and find ways to overcome difficulties and seek solutions. The process of teaching achievements is inseparable from their own reflection. To be a reflective teacher, be good at summing up his teaching experience, study his teaching methods, seriously organize more teaching experience, continuous improvement and improvement, forming yourself Teaching style.

In short, first-line teachers, to improve their teaching level, you need to understand new curriculum standards, clarify the tasks and objectives of teaching, and update teaching concepts, combine their own characteristics and students, and continue to sum up and Reflections, form your own teaching characteristics.

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