How to choose the phone screen, what is the original screen?Let’s talk together

Everyone in the mobile phone screen is broken, during the selection of replacement, often encounter many kinds of screens, the mobile screen looks almost, why is the price different, why is it used to use the gap? What kind of screen is it just the original screen? Because everyone’s consultation, so we will discuss it today! First let’s talk about the quality of the screen, the mobile phone screen is one of the most cost-effective accessories, and we will pay special attention when buying your mobile phone. In the face of various names, various materials, how do you distinguish and choose? What is TFT, IPS, AMOLED, PMOLED? In fact, we just need to remember LCD and OLED. It is possible, when replacing the screen, what is: Original screen (original pressure) press screen back box, domestic screen (TFT rainbow, etc.) Customer service screen, etc. …

believe everyone I have seen it, so I still have to talk to everyone. I LED screen has the advantages of LCD screen: showing colorful and full, journey, low color gamut, light, power consumption, reaction, flexibility, flexible Can be bent, support the screen fingerprints: the life is relatively short, the structure of the burnt screen,

OLED screen is shown below


2.LCD screen relative OLED screen advantages: low cost, natural and clear picture effect, low frequency flash, shortcomings: the display effect is not as good as OLED, the dragging phenomenon, thicker and translucent

The structure of the LCD screen


The two are currently the mainstream, so there are thousands of autumn. Most high-end machines are OLEDs. As for why, maybe because the advantages of OLED are independent, as for OLED disadvantages, Both advantages are greater than the shortcomings are ignored by everyone. And other materials we don’t have to do more.

Now we return to the theme, everyone discusses on the choice of mobile phone screens, the next question may move to some maintenance of the interests of the peers …

1: What? It is the original screen of the maintenance master (after the original pressure screen)

Here you need to give you a detailed saying, each maintenance master is different from the original screen, some is called the original single screen For the original screen, some are listed as the original (this kind of professional advanced repair master),

Some of the so-called original cover of the original screen or after the inner screen The compression cover is called the original screen, which is to distinguish itself,

In fact, when we choose to change, the original single screen and disassemble is called the original, which is actually possible (of course this original and all The original of the customer service center is open, the mobile phone authorized customer service center they call the original standard is true) here will not be discussed here.Theory.


As shown 更换手机屏幕怎么选择、什么是原装屏幕?一起来聊聊

2: What is the press screen of the maintenance master

It is the back pressure of the screen cable. You can understand that the screen cable is connected (this contains the inner screen pressure ribs and non-original internal screen pressure)

Because the cable is injured in the process of the screen, it is basically a normal phenomenon, so There is a pressure rotor, the original internal screen pressure row, many maintenance masters will directly tell you the original screen, which is needed to distinguish it.


3: What is the rear frame screen

Everyone knows that the screen of the customer service center is basically the screen of the box, they all have the original screen There is no single screen, except for some special models, so it will breed a noun sales screen to sell the screen to meet the border of the screen to meet the maintenance model of the border with damage, and the maintenance required to charge the original screen sales. Master, because the trust in the general bits will be higher.

更换手机屏幕怎么选择、什么是原装屏幕?一起来聊聊 4: What is a domestic screen (TFT as an example)

The domestic screen said is not everyone. Understanding domestic screens, here is the screen that is not produced in the domestic factory, a similar screen in TFT rainbow, including the backlight and even replacing the lightbody, I don’t know here, I should understand.

更换手机屏幕怎么选择、什么是原装屏幕?一起来聊聊 5: What is the customer service screen

This is the focus of today, see you here, you should know yourself to replace the screen. If you are required, you know what screen is replaced, you will know what the original screen is on the screen,

The customer screen is actually the screen of the fixed authorized brand customer service center, you can understand Other things you can do away from the Authorized Service Center You can understand that it is non-original screen (focus: there will be a customer service screen outside, and there are many, you know, the Chinese is very smart, but you have to distinguish: you want If you replace the quality of the purchase of your mobile phone and the same screen, you can only replace the customer service screen.

So I should know what is the real original screen, I also know how to choose the screen according to my own needs

As shown in Figure

summary: a penny One point, you want to spend the least money to change the best screen, it is impossible, cheap, no good goods, good goods, so the banknotes can recognize quality. 更换手机屏幕怎么选择、什么是原装屏幕?一起来聊聊

Customer service screen is the most expensive (not bad money suggestion to authorize the customer service center, if there is a trusted non-authorization maintenance point)

So-called original screen (original Single screen) times

Original singlePenage postage and post-pressure differences

Original single screen

original single screen rear pressure rear frame

original pressure rod

domestic screen(That understanding)

and repair screen, etc. …

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