How to die can earn money (money is hard to earn, think about it)

Only, my wife complained that I didn’t give a job for the 70-year-old father to find a job, complaining that I didn’t give her a lot of money, I have a lot of work, I am in an instant fire, I really endure. I can’t homak her, the child is scared! Depressed, I don’t want to go home downstairs, just want to die instantly, leave this disgusting world, only to give my daughter, so small, poor! Middle-aged man’s sorrow, all the money, wife It is said that the public will give the daughter’s daughter-in-law tens of thousands of daughter, I have been taking each other, my father doesn’t have money, and it is indeed good time. I have nothing to say, let this sin are attributed to me, it is my fault, I should not be born, I shouldn’t get married! Ah! The liver hurts! But I have a heart, my husband, my father And the young daughter, this is my responsibility, so I can’t die, I can only endure like a dog like a dog, endure her insults, chattering … Always arrived at me, I will abandon my father, I don’t want to make money. Just say, I have a strong angry, then find a place to vent! This time, I am open, my child is sleeping, and I can’t stand it! In the end, it is still not possible. If I can earn 50,000 to make a quiet, I am bother, depressed! Depressed!

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