How to dig the real motivation behind the user needs – Kara Cloud low cost acquisition seed user cold boot combat case

Editing the Inlation: How to dig the real needs of users, do understanding users? Maybe you need to do MVP verification, become a major user of our own products, and combine user interviews, survey, etc. to explore the true motivation of user needs. In this article, the author combines a case from 0 to 1 to get the first seed user, and make a summary and elaboration on how to dig the real motivation behind users’ needs, let’s take a look.


A excellent product manager, first of all, there is a temperature, go to your user, do not limit the weight user of its own products. As long as you do this, understand the user’s true demand is sympathy.

This year, I just made a set of to b low code development platform. This article tells how we are from zero to a real motivation behind the needs of users, so they find users real base needs, cold Launch a practical case for the first batch of seed users.

This tool originated from another project we developed. At that time, the project was just started, and new features continued to grow, and the background management system has been updated. Our people are not enough, the background has been changing, very crazy. Do we want to have a front-end component that can be dragged, database, and the API helps you pick up the tool? We only need to think about product logic, and all the dirty lives of the other front and backs are tied to help us with this tool.

found a circle and found that there was no particularly suitable tools on the market.

When you have a painful demand, it has been taken out, then it is found that there is no market possible.

This is a pseudo-demand, some of the reasons why you are currently doing, leading to development, everyone will not use. This is a true demand that is about to be hatched. It is time to do, you may pick up.

Our team discusses it, thinking that it may be a treasure.

So, is the user really this demand? We plan to spend the minimal cost verification.

1. Small range verification user needs to make small mvps, find target users, deep interviews

Our team is limited, no development resources give me, but we want Try this direction. So I used PS + FINACUT to put a video on the B station. The Kara Cloud Video Demo is still true, and it is so much like this.

This video spent nearly 30 hours, but relative to the real development time, making a video of the cost nine bull. 如何挖掘用户需求背后的真实动机——卡拉云低成本获取种子用户冷启动实战案例

The first version of the video has been raised, interested, can look at the Kara Cloud Video Demo, which is followed by the B station, still follows the fast thinking, first go online.

Then, I took this video and embark on the way to find the first wave of cold boot users.

I firstSweep all the WeChat groups of all related products and technology in WeChat, everything is familiar, unfamiliar, maybe the potential users’ WeChat friends have asked it. There is only a video demo in your hand, and it is really willing to talk to what you continue to talk.

I went to investigate the entrepreneurial company to find new financing, there is a contact information, all played it, can add WeChat to add WeChat.

Finally, go to various technical forums to find recruitment posts. Many entrepreneurial companies staying is the founder’s own contact information, call, email, add WeChat.

Crazy, collecting possible potential users, sales funnels are large enough, follow-up probability to explode seed users: P. 如何挖掘用户需求背后的真实动机——卡拉云低成本获取种子用户冷启动实战案例

Crazy added 418 users in the card in the heart of Kara Cloud users

went to interview with each friend who could continue to talk. Soon the issue of the target users began to emerge. Data security, private deployment, development efficiency, technology inheritance, rich component richness, database access type. There are also very many use scenarios, they also ran out.

To this step, it is only to collect demand in the direction we envisage. When we have not distinguished a truth, we need the first seed user to use our products to observe his behavior. 如何挖掘用户需求背后的真实动机——卡拉云低成本获取种子用户冷启动实战案例

After my big Zhangqi drum, after the face of our thoughts and Demo video, the first seed user is finally the boss of a game company. (Thanks!)

Next, the second, the third seed user will appear. The wind seems to be blown up.

Second, agile development, fast online

We use a video to exchange the size of the size of nearly 100, the user’s majority pain is very close to our own experience (becoming the weight of your own products) User), there are also many unexpected purposes (such as data manager / data analysts are used to take them, quickly set up data sheets to share them).

Holding so many needs, we feel that we can start the keyboard, so we have intended all the needs of all seed users and our own needs, abstract, probably columns, start development . 如何挖掘用户需求背后的真实动机——卡拉云低成本获取种子用户冷启动实战案例

The picture above shows the game customer service CRM, the first seed user needs, is very rough, but can be used. 如何挖掘用户需求背后的真实动机——卡拉云低成本获取种子用户冷启动实战案例

Because the target is clear, the speed is very fast, and only the tables, buttons, input boxes, text boxes, drop-down menu are several components, but the basic needs of seed users can already be overwritten. This version is full of various bugs, interface carton, prompts cannot disappear, API calls are unable to use, Tencent cloud’s mysql can pick up, but Ali Cloud’s mysql is still caught. 如何挖掘用户需求背后的真实动机——卡拉云低成本获取种子用户冷启动实战案例

The picture above shows usTry, using the API provided by Gaode Map, the local weather forecast is called, and the hand is tested. Although there is obvious bug, but it can be used, and we do not affect the potential user demonstration because of the core logic. It’s running.

I used this version, when Demo on the spot, I didn’t have a smooth full performance. Every time I demonstrate half because of the network situation, the other data is too large, and the special problem that has not been thought of. I usually ridicule a few words, then open another browser to continue.

如何挖掘用户需求背后的真实动机——卡拉云低成本获取种子用户冷启动实战案例 The user of the first wave started traffic, I am recorded in the NOTION. Severe user opened a Page written, and the demand for scattered is directly recorded below.

In this way, after the rough Demo is online, the demand for seed users is like a snow, and the amount is large, and it is true, but which one is really demand?

Third, becoming a heavy user of its own products; listening to users, but they do decide

Once the product is online, the first wave of cold start traffic comes in, the demand is like a snow film, What should I do, who listen?

In Silicon Valley, \”Eating Your Own Dog Food eats your own dog food\”, deeply means if you don’t have to develop products yourself, how can you have that kind of keen to guide your product iteration Woolen cloth?

如何挖掘用户需求背后的真实动机——卡拉云低成本获取种子用户冷启动实战案例 Remember that the user’s demand is only used to expand your thinking border, become a heavy user of our products, find a feeling, and listen to the summon. Do not fall into the trap of the data indicator, pure reading data will only take you into astray.

Let’s see a case of several kara cloud real users.

1. Requirements 1: I hope to add pictures in the form

User A uses Kara Cloud to build a set of advertising systems. During the process, he WeChat I said that I hope to add pictures in the form.

\”Add pictures in the table\” Is this true demand? Inquiry users, he actually only wants to preview advertisements directly. The Kara Cloud’s UI and the backend management of his usual use, so I said to him, I can put 4 picture components directly on the page. The picture in the corresponding table can be solved, I solved the true demand need.

如何挖掘用户需求背后的真实动机——卡拉云低成本获取种子用户冷启动实战案例 2. Demand 2: I hope I can have an upload button

User B uses Kara Cloud to make a content upload management background. He found that we have no file upload function. Receive this demand, we find that all local upload files require this feature. In addition to the content management of the applet, our other users are being taking the contract management background, HR resume management background, APP content management background,The function uploaded by local files.

This is a key requirement, high priority, and it is developed immediately.

Do you still remember the chat game when you are young? In the session, each time it passes, the information loss is 50%. Similarly, users translate emotions, expressions, behaviors, motives into text, send you through WeChat. You can pass the text, reverse restore the motivation behind the user’s demand is very limited.

In the face of functional needs, we can collect users’ sounds through a feedback form on WeChat, email or web pages. But this can only stay in demand feedback on the functional level. Users have a deep-level demand and use motivation, leaning on pure text feedback, basically unable to obtain.

This requires us to go out, go to the scene, go to meet. No longer only listening to the user, but also observed his expression, behavior and emotion, and be a temperature-free product manager, get the deepest user needs. 如何挖掘用户需求背后的真实动机——卡拉云低成本获取种子用户冷启动实战案例

4, go to the scene, discover the demand of the user in the heart

Every need of the user, the back is hidden by their motivation, we need to excavate not surface demand, but behind Motivation, how can you find this motivation?

Going to the scene, go to meet, stare at the user, listen to his expression, see his behavior, feel his emotions.

When we travel with users, the user’s eyes, limb language, behavior during use, the emotion of the product, make a text of the product demand, passed through WeChat.

This only \”product needs\” can be expressed by text, other related \”people\” itself, this temperature information, unable to pass text, and as an excellent product manager, take pin In addition to this data, users pass the temperature when using your product, feel this temperature, follow the fine-tuning.

如何挖掘用户需求背后的真实动机——卡拉云低成本获取种子用户冷启动实战案例 1. Fair watch 5 minutes, better than WeChat chatting for 2 days

Wang Boss gives us a lot of valuable opinions, such as \”code automatic completion\” \”operation log\” \”UI Too ugly \”\” It’s not good to guide it \”, but I didn’t cut my company all the data to Kara Cloud, why?

The owner of the Wang Boss met, and asked the questions he had encountered. We will open the computer directly with the card.

I am next, watching Wang boss, recording various incomplete places on the notebook, ui is not directly; guiding is not good; button hiding too deeply; form component The default area is too large, it is not allowed to be on the canvas; the components and data connection methods are more novel, and there are learning costs, etc.

Because I am a caller user of Kara Cloud, sitting next to watching the other party, anything is inconsistent with me, a place that does not match us, very awkward and obvious. Observe the user’s 5 minutes, winning 10 users to talk about 2 days.

2. Observing the behavior and emotions, find the deep motivation behind the demand

When I took the database, I saw him hesitation, although just testing the database, but it is also a valuable user Mirror data. He even gave read only permissions at the beginning.

In the process of building, we have discovered that the data in the table will disappear when you click on the form, and the data is covered by null values. Wang Bo is very shocked, this shocked expression I still remember.

I am also very shocking, the curd related function is our test focus, should not be.

After careful inspection, it was found that the system was set to \”Auto Execute\” and automatically written the null value in the INPUT component of the table. When we use it yourself, you can always change the default automatically to manual road, but users will only choose default (default auto execution) without familiarity.

Wang Boss said that Kara Cloud is great, I need to use, and I still have a lot of demand. But why didn’t he use Kara Cloud to completely replace it? The answer has already come out of the water because the first edition of Kara Cloud is not worried. 如何挖掘用户需求背后的真实动机——卡拉云低成本获取种子用户冷启动实战案例

\”You don’t have these functions, it must be unstable. If you change the UI, there is code automatically make up, operate log, multi-rights management, these advanced features are all, then I should be relieved. Used. \”

Wang Boss did not say,\” Your first version of the system is unstable, so I don’t have to \”.\” This is the deep motivation that excellent product managers should be able to grasp the deep motivation, which is also sitting in the office to see data, see feedback, can’t see, and these places are the most important part.

If we really want to engage in front-end UI design, the code is automatically completed, operates logs these functions, and ultimately does not resolve trust in Kara Cloud. These are demand, but not the most fundamental needs.

As a multi-source fusion, the tool platform for building front-end operations, \”Data Security\” four words should be hung on the company wall, \”Data Security\” is the foundation that the tool can exist.

After this, data security is the basic philosophy and direction of our development, and the safety is higher than all priorities. Although the first version of our code is very solid, but in order to save some code, we also re-comploate the logic of all products, the code editor has made a major update, when the programmer typed Updata et al. When commands, unless user intervention, it will be enforced to be manually executed.

Now that users can find out security issues from our system, we will send big red envelopes to users. Welcome everyone to test the problem, have a big red envelope waiting for you.

After the new version is online, until today, there is no user to discover any security issues, so I didn’t send a red envelope.

This thrilling discovery process, can’t sit in the office, talk through the text by WeChat. Need you to go to the scene, go to meet, watch your users with your products. Discover the motivation behind the demand.

Bread uses the user authentication system built by Kara Cloud, and the user enters the data of its own account in the gold data. The kara cloud calls the gold data API to read the data, and then found in the bread multi-database through the user ID. The corresponding user information, the front desk is presented to the operation review.

Five, a large number of visits, fast collection, agile iteration, online feedback

I started to set foot on the traveler of the seed user, as long as I am willing to see two words in Beijing, I I went to visit the first time. Every time you meet each other, I will return to an interview with a list of interviews. Between later. I have organized a 10 largest 50, extremely efficient meet Demo, quickly grabbed the user, get the most critical information.

如何挖掘用户需求背后的真实动机——卡拉云低成本获取种子用户冷启动实战案例 I barely invited a circle, but I was densely launched during this time. As long as I meet this time, I will send a circle. Let more potential users in WeChat friends see that the user will continue to meet the needs of users.

Time, the feedback information of Kara Cloud seed users instantly explode, I met the collection of information on the spot, go back to the team to discuss, iterative development. Continue to find new seed users trial new version, collect information, team discussion, iterative development. High-strength, efficient and fast iteration, with now Kara Cloud.

The picture above shows the case of Kara Cloud Seed User Some Cases

A local network of online receipts uses Kara Clouds to build a \”webmark car driver identity audit system\”; bread use Kara Cloud to build \”user audit Certification system \”; a small program e-commerce company uses Kara Cloud to build\” Multi-payment channel financial note system \”; an app uses Kara Cloud to build\” User Rights Management System \”; a pet chain uses Kara Cloud to build\” online coupons Offline verification system \”; a data product manager uses Kara Cloud to build a\” team data analysis sharing \”. 如何挖掘用户需求背后的真实动机——卡拉云低成本获取种子用户冷启动实战案例 Karaun now does not cover full demand, but the routine backend background development tasks, product managers / data analysts take the needs of sharing boards, Kara Clouds are already better.

I look forward to your users, iterates the kara cloud together, look at it together.

如何挖掘用户需求背后的真实动机——卡拉云低成本获取种子用户冷启动实战案例 Six, summary

summarize, how should we get the real needs of users?

1. Small range verification user needs

MVP with the smallest cost, can be a virtual App interface diagram, a video or smallThe tool is easy to interact, so that the user can feel the same, listen to their feedback, please imagine how to use your MVP to solve the problems they have encountered. 如何挖掘用户需求背后的真实动机——卡拉云低成本获取种子用户冷启动实战案例

2. Agile development, fast online

calls minimal development resources, develop the most basic feature, please operate. Seeing the user emotions, behavior combines his operation, discovering the true motivation behind the user needs.

3. Become a heavy user of its products; listening to the user, but he does decide

When the snow-like demand is coming, how can you determine what is true? As long as you are a heavy user of our own products, it is easy to find and determine where the entire product should go.

Remember that the user’s demand is only used to expand your thinking border, and become a heavy user of our products, find the feeling, listen to the summons in the heart. Do not fall into the trap of data indicators, pure reading data will only make the product to seven sins, but that is not true value. Do a temperature product manager, feel your heart.

4. Going to the scene, discovering the demand in the inner depth of the user

When communicating with this picture text, it will lose a lot of information. Go to your typical users, go to see if he uses your product to solve his problem, use your keen heart to feel the meaning of the user’s words, discover the real motivation behind the demand.

5. Large visits, fast collection, agile iteration, online feedback

After the basic logic running, a large number of visits, observe the user using scenarios, discuss feedback, technical team follow-up development. I will take the next version to repeat this action until your new product / new function is on the right track.

Reference: Central partition map reference HENRIK Kniberg’s comic ideas, according to the content of the article.

: Jiangchuan, Kara Cloud Joint founder, B-terminal product manager; public number: inspiration practice

This article is published by @ Jiangchuan originally, it is product manager, unreasonable Licensing, reprinting.

The question map comes from Unsplash, based on the CC0 protocol.

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