How to earn money at home (how to make money at home, don’t invest now)


After the two years of epidemics and layoffs, some people were bankrupt, some people were unemployed, some people were on the warm line.

But there is also a small number of people layout early, and the affected is very affected in this cold wave.


How do the office worker start their own secondary industry?

Be sure to know what is the secondary industry before being used.

The secondary industry refers to the increase in income in the main job, and can share the economic risks for themselves.

Not all people are suitable for the secondary industry.

For example, the newcomers who have just returned to the regular field should first put their energy at work, don’t worry about the deputy industry, because the newcomers do not have the competitiveness of the occupation, if the scattered energy to work, not only does not necessarily Success can also affect the development of the main industry. I lost my watermelon and I got sesame.

If you do your best in the main business, you have the right to speak, but this work is not high, or the sense of accomplishment and value is missing. At this time, you can try to make a secondary industry and prepare for future transitions.


How to do a good job?

First, choose the area you are good at.

International investment, Rogers said two sentences,

The first sentence is: \”If you don’t understand, you don’t invest\”.

The second sentence is: \”Only invest in the market and company you know.\”

Share Buffett started investment from 11 years old, and his current price is $ 82.5 billion, many people admire his eyes good, can earn so much money. Someone asked him, what is the secret of investment? He said, only invests in the field you are familiar with.

It is also the same reason.

Most people’s advantages are related to their work and professional.

, such as writing, education, training, knowledge sharing, female beauty, knowledge sharing, etc. …

To make a sub-business that you are familiar with yourself and easy to get started.

Try to avoid excessive investment time and excessive energy, and return the cycle slower.

The second point is to try to choose a growing thing.

Take the investment as an example.

Investment is divided into two kinds of long-term investment and short-term investment:

Doing long-term investment, using time to exchange the increase in wealth, but only choose the development potential, technical progress, market continuous development Stocks can be profitable in the expected time.

The secondary industry is also the case, should choose a growth typesideline. 普通人如何做副业赚钱? For example, as a teacher, you can learn psychological knowledge, you can also try to make a public welcoming counseling, gradually develop in psychological counseling.

Because of education and psychology, it is complementary, mastering the psychology can also promote the development of the main industry teacher, with accumulation, maybe it can develop into your secondary industry in the future, it can be described as two things.


But the secondary industry must not be greedy.

There is a principle in the investment, not putting the eggs in too many baskets. This is also the same, you have to focus on one direction and open the breakthrough.

Don’t do a lot one up.

The more you feel, the more tired, and the more you make money, because the energy is spread by multiple items.

Where is the time, where is the achievement? To focus on a limited time in one point, you can issue the strongest power.

Overall, to find a sub-model mode suitable for you.


The most important must still be a good job before the secondary industry does not make money. main job!

No matter which kind of secondary industry, the point of mind is to insist on doing it, don’t give up!

The start is very slow, and there will be more and more income.

Life is in the end, it is not luck, but perseverance!

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