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When the summer arrived, the children also had more time to contact the electronic product. Parents’ concerns also came: staring at the screen time, damage vision; indulge in play, affecting the work; more serious, will also Dedicated information from the Internet, affecting the long-term development of children. Today, we share with you 15 mobile phones to children to use \”Family Regulations\” for you to use ~

Some people say that in modern families, there are three: parents, children And mobile phones.

Do you have found that since there is a mobile phone, it is a long-term joy, and he does not speak, and the two ear will not smell the window.

It is actually unfortunate to have children, and the adult is still still no resistance to the mobile phone, not to mention children who are immature.

Some children are addicted to the mobile phone, and the source is still in their parents. Many parents are now returning home, keeping mobile phones in front of their children, and invisibly set a bad example.

Many parents make this unknown, even confiscated mobile phones, have not much role. The child is addicted to the mobile phone and has become a big problem for many parents.

These 15 family regulations are not only suitable for children using mobile phones, which reflect some of the educational concepts, but also worth learning.

Dear Son:

You are an excellent, responsible for the 13-year-old boy, which should get this gift. However, while accepting this gift, you have to comply with some rules and regulations.

Please read the following to the end from the end. I hope that you can understand that my duty is to cultivate you into a comprehensive development, physical and mental health, and a young man who is beneficial to the society, so that it can adapt to new technologies and is not left.

If you fail to abide by the following agreement, I will terminate your ownership of this phone.

First: This is my mobile phone, I spend money to buy. But I am willing to use it to you, do you feel to my heart?

Interpretation: This is a property right issue.

Parents buy things to their children, ownership still belong to parents, children should be grateful.

And our traditional family is considered: parents, children are integrated. Over time, Chinese children will have such a qualitative: parents’ property is mine.

In the long run, our children will think that parents meet their own requirements, and gratefulness is growing.

Step: I want to know the mobile phone password.

Interpretation: This is the issue of knowing the right.

With the development of the Internet, all kinds of information is smashed, and children lack distinguished abilities, and it is easy to be influenced by bad information.

So the parents must know the child’s mobile phone password, I can always understand the child’s movement.To prevent problems.

Article 3: If the phone rang, pick it up. It is just a phone call, learn to speak with the right attitude. If the \”Mom\” and \”Dad\” are displayed on the screen, they can never be ignored, and I have to remember my father’s mobile phone number.

Interpretation: This is a politeness and security issue.

The mobile phone is not only a communication tool, which involves many social etiquette. Others call must pick up (even if there is something wrong, there is also a call to the other party afterwards), this is a kind of literacy.

For parents’ phones, children can not pick up. Sometimes my parents worry about the safety of the child, I will call us, and the child can’t deliberately don’t answer the phone.

Article 4: The mobile phone will be given to the parents at 7:30 every night (9:00 weekend). It will be closed at night and open again at 7:30 in the morning. When you want to play someone else’s residential phone, don’t want the parents of the other party to answer, then don’t use your mobile phone to play or send text messages. Listen carefully and respect others because we also hope to get the same respect.

Interpretation: To respect others.

Do not want to do anything to others, do not disturb the other party, this is the most basic politeness of people.

Article 5: The phone cannot bring school. Let’s talk about friends in the mobile phone text message. This is a basic life skill. The case of schools, outing and extracurricular activities require specific analysis.

Interpretation: Don’t let your mobile phone learn to learn.

The child has a poor self-control, and most children will be completely falling.

The various information in the mobile phone lacks accurate screening ability, which may affect the development of physical and mental health.

If there must be something and classmates, it is better to communicate with its mobile phone, and the language is better than the communication.

Article 6: If it falls into the toilet, fall on the ground, or disappears in thin air, you will be responsible for replacement or repair. Please solve the maintenance costs by zero money. The mobile phone always has a day to repair, you should be prepared.

Interpretation: This involves responsibility awareness and labor acquisition.

We know that the public property should be compensated since childhood, in fact, it is necessary to compensate. The child has caused financial losses, and it is necessary to make money compensation through its own labor.

Article 7: Do not use mobile phones to deceive or fool others, hurt others.

Interpretation: Being honest and kind.

If the child likes to give such information from others, the time is long, and there will be impact on children’s personality development.

Chapter 8: If you don’t want to say something, don’t pass short messages., Email or call.

Interpretation: Direct communication is the best solution method, bravely face, don’t avoid it.

It is best to communicate with face communication. After all, sometimes the text does not correctly reflect the emotions of the parties and facial expressions, etc., it is easy to cause misunderstandings.

And directly communicating facilitates the cultivation of children’s awareness of daring face.

Article 9: In public cases: shutdown, at least mute. Especially in the restaurant, cinema, or talking to people. Are you a rude person, can’t let the mobile phone change this.

Interpretation: This is an etiquette issue in public.

The public will not affect others, this is the basic etiquette and cultivation, and the use of mobile phones is just a side.

Think about it, when you want to watch his favorite book, when you are thinking about a problem in the library, if you have just found the clue, if someone else’s ringtone is ringing, you What is the mood?

When needed, the mobile phone is mute. A small step in your fingers may be a big step in interpersonal relationships.

Article 10: Do not send or receive photos of your or any other person’s privacy. Don’t laugh, even though you feel smart enough, but one day, you will be tempting. This is dangerous, which may ruin your university and after adult life. The boundless network space is more powerful than you. Therefore, it is difficult to cover water, including a bad reputation.

Interpretation: Tell the child’s harm.

Article 11: Do not take photos and videos, you don’t have to record everything with your mobile phone. The whole body will feel life, these images will be stored in your eternal memory.

Interpretation: Don’t be a slave.

We always take the scenery to be owned, always like to collect the article, it is equal to his reading, in fact, it is more impressive than the hierarchy.

Article 12: Occasionally leave the phone at home, then rest assured to go out. It is not living nor your life’s extension, and you will have a good mobile phone.

Interpretation: Don’t be kidnapped by your phone.

In the mobile Internet era, smartphones become a tool for people’s lives, indispensable work, if they go out, they will feel severe \”insecure\”.

Nowadays, \”I can forget it, but I can’t bring my mobile phone.\” Many people go out to find that they will be anxious, even can’t work well. \”

It is time to reflect, when is it started, the little phone is so big about?

Article 13: Playing a word game, puzzle or brain tend to turn the game from time to time.

Interpretation: Entertaining.

Entertainment is human nature, mobile phone has entertainment features, while entertainment, it is helpful to help intelligence, you can have two suites.

The idea can also be used in other ways.

Article 14: Use your eyes to see the world. Observe what happened around the world: the scenery outside the window, listen to the sound of birds, taking a walk, chat with people, and send hair.

Interpretation: Don’t be a low head.

God gave us a pair of eyes, use it to discover the beauty of life, when you look up, look at the sky, you will find that life is so beautiful.

Article 15: You will also have a good time you can’t make good use of your mobile phone. I will reclaim the phone. Then, let us sit down and talk about the problems we have encountered. Let us start again, I will always stand on you, learn from experience, improvement. We are people on a boat.

Interpretation: Compact Consciousness and Family Consciousness.

This letter is more than just a mother constraint child using mobile phone, but also reflects a complete educational concept of mother.

In fact, don’t say children, say that we are adults, now most people spend time spending time with mobile phone, brushing friends circle, brushing Weibo, playing games.

We always pay attention to the status of others and outside information, but not pay attention to your side is quietly lost more valuable things.

When we bowed to play mobile phone, do you find that today’s other half is not good, how long have you not sit down and chat?

Before going to sleep every day, he held his mobile phone chat, although the same bed, he became more and more, and there was only one room in the night.

When we play mobile phones, have you found that today’s children are not happy? Or do you know that your child wants to be with yourself, but sometimes we have ignored your child. Have you found that the child is alienating with us.

Finally, I wanted to tell you the heart:

put down the mobile phone, spend more relatives and children, don’t let us become a slave, let mobile phone kidnap our lives!

Source: New Parents Online

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